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  1. This is why I basically trust no one and will be staying away from crowded public places AMAP. I'm glad my kids' summer camp is running because we need the care-but as long as i can camp and play golf I'm going to chill for a bit.
  2. It'll be tough but at least it is something. I am still going to minimize contact whenever possible so would be have no problem scheduling an appointment and coming up just to do Orion then going right back home.
  3. Reminds me of my 1st trip to CP back in the 90s. I was wearing a shirt for my friend's restaurant featuring their annual oyster fest...the back had the slogan, "shuck me, suck me, eat me raw" Never even gave it a 2nd thought TBH, but those CP guys were on me right at the gate. I just turned it inside out and it was no big deal-I get it...was just amazed at how vigilant they were. Funny, I'm offended by plenty of stuff I see people wear that is totally fine by the dress code--political idiocy, religious fanaticism, state worship, Steeler fandom, etc...but I guess you have to have some standards!
  4. I totally agree. Same with going to the beach, bars, ballgames, etc. I simply won't be able to enjoy my time there unless I have some very real assurances that the environment is safe. Those are my chances to unwind and not worry about anything. Of course they are-but being tired of something doesn't change the situation. You can't will normalcy into existence. I'm sick and tired of all of this. I love concerts, sports, golf, and amusement parks-and they have all been taken away. But at this point I've invested far too much into staying safe to jeopardize it by being around a bunch of people who haven't made that same investment.
  5. Hope you're right...but as long as every passing day is another 9/11's worth of American deaths, I'm good with waiting.
  6. Amid all the projections I don't see how they factor in people's willingness to go to the park. Sure you have some that don't see this virus as real at all and I'm sure they'll be there...then those that think careful distancing is enough, etc...but there are plenty (myself included) who have simply invested too much into staying safe at this point to risk it all for a few fun hours at the park. I just don't see how, short of a massive leap in medical assurances, they can project how many would show up if they open any time soon.
  7. Lol at some of these posts. There are no 'sides' to this-there is reality, fiction, and the collective struggle to determine which is which. This is uncharted territory and our leaders (some more than others) are doing what they can to mitigate an awful disease. It is an extreme luxury to be able to dismiss the advice/warnings of experts-it means that you have been spared the worst of it...and that you likely WERE spared the worst because of these 'overeactive' measures. I long for carefree days at the park, taking in afternoon ballgames with huge crowds, etc...but none of that will happen until the general public feels safe enough to make that happen. WE are the economy, and you don't just flip a switch and start things back up.
  8. 3 syllables or less is shot enough to just use it's full name. The only one I shorten at KI is 'Mystic' because that's 4 syllables.
  9. I'd love a more old-timey theme to fit the area. But the ride itself is really not bad at all. It's just a little weird because it's not a super-intense thrill ride, but not a kiddie ride either. Its innocent look betrays its speed and force.
  10. There is a massive amount of real estate back there. Seems like the main gateway would be to open up the area around SOB's station into a larger access point (if they were to put more back there). Mentioned it before, but I could also see losing the games by Racer (where Skylab was) and having that be an access point to Area 72 and points east/north
  11. Wow-Did not know this. The motion was indeed grand, sweeping, and very unique.
  12. Can't watch the whole video now-but maybe someone can answer: Were there issues with both the theming degrading AND the ride itself slowly tearing itself apart? The theming issues were evident and I figured that was just a symptom of Paramount being out of the picture....but I'd assumed that the mechanics of the ride were sound as it was basically an indoor version of a standard ride. I never entertained the idea that the equipment may have been 'misused' In its prime, the pre-ride was scary and the ride itself was disorienting and very cool. Hanging over that bubbling lava water was quite an experience.
  13. That ride was a mainstay as a tween when Racer, Vortex, Beast and the Cobra were the only coasters. Looking at that video reminds me how small the cars were compared to the big bulky B&M cars. Although the selling point was 'upside down, standing up'--for me the drop was the real draw. You just felt so exposed standing and it made the drop real intense. Also loved the outward bank towards the end. Such a classic-RIP.
  14. Pretty sure my son's scout troop is going then-I'll be there!
  15. I love The Bat for several reasons. But once it reaches the end, that spot would be great for an RMC (better than Vortex's spot IMO)
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