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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. It's really hard to enjoy yourself there TBH. Every time there it has been extremely crowded which is made worse by not running the slides at full capacity. Add in the criminal lack of shade and it makes me typically skip the whole place. I don't really have a solution, and I'd love for it to be an enjoyable water park, but compared to places like HW it is night and day.
  2. Exactly--it's all about the volume of shared air. Masks decrease the amount of shared airborne particles.
  3. Favorite-Beast is truly a one of a kind, a huge part of my childhood, and always an amazing ride. Least-Invertigo..rough and nearly unrideable IMO
  4. So how are the actual queues going to be handled distance wise? All the cleaning, etc. is great-but the primary way this is transmitted is through breathing other people's air (hence the masks)--and cases have shown that what it can take up to 15 min. of being in close proximity to someone to be exposed--which is exactly what happens when waiting in line. Just curious how they'll get around this
  5. Exactly. The problem is that unless people see this as an actual issue (not just a bunch of annoying rules), the guidelines won't work. If we want to move on with life, then we all need to do our part to stifle the spread--especially if we want to gather at amusement parks, etc.
  6. Only in America does encouraging the public to contribute to public health get condemned as 'virtue signaling' ..lord I hate that word. Let's face it-we're a young and immature nation with very little sense of civic responsibility because we've never known true desperation (famine, war on our own soil, military oppression, etc.) Of course people don't want to wear masks-why would they? Amusement parks are a luxury-not a right. If KI is serious about guest safety, they'll have a zero tolerance policy. Someone gets caught without a mask-the park gets shut down. Positive peer pressure FTW.
  7. True that-But a big part is supporting the actual parishes communities...many would feel like KI is ripping off spiritual practice for their own gains.
  8. More people would resume their normal routine if other people didn't see public health measures as affront to their 'personal freedom'. The people that are going back to restaurants, etc. now are the ones who never thought this was a real issue to begin with-so there's no masks, no distance, etc...which will in turn keep cautious people from even wanting to mess with it. While outdoor parks should be safer-I'm still not sure if I'm going to KI this year. The park can implement whatever policy it wants, but if guests see it all as just a big annoyance and not a real thing, then no measures will
  9. I get it about a lack of IP. Plus, Cedar Fair seems to be more about thrill rides in general. That said, I would love an addition or a re-design of Boo Blasters. I'd really like a dark ride that was straight up scary. I was really impressed with Gobbler Getaway at Holiday World--It was a lot of fun for everyone with a great narrative that was easy to follow.
  10. This is why I basically trust no one and will be staying away from crowded public places AMAP. I'm glad my kids' summer camp is running because we need the care-but as long as i can camp and play golf I'm going to chill for a bit.
  11. It'll be tough but at least it is something. I am still going to minimize contact whenever possible so would be have no problem scheduling an appointment and coming up just to do Orion then going right back home.
  12. Reminds me of my 1st trip to CP back in the 90s. I was wearing a shirt for my friend's restaurant featuring their annual oyster fest...the back had the slogan, "shuck me, suck me, eat me raw" Never even gave it a 2nd thought TBH, but those CP guys were on me right at the gate. I just turned it inside out and it was no big deal-I get it...was just amazed at how vigilant they were. Funny, I'm offended by plenty of stuff I see people wear that is totally fine by the dress code--political idiocy, religious fanaticism, state worship, Steeler fandom, etc...but I guess you have to have some sta
  13. I totally agree. Same with going to the beach, bars, ballgames, etc. I simply won't be able to enjoy my time there unless I have some very real assurances that the environment is safe. Those are my chances to unwind and not worry about anything. Of course they are-but being tired of something doesn't change the situation. You can't will normalcy into existence. I'm sick and tired of all of this. I love concerts, sports, golf, and amusement parks-and they have all been taken away. But at this point I've invested far too much into staying safe to jeopardize it by being around a bunch of
  14. Hope you're right...but as long as every passing day is another 9/11's worth of American deaths, I'm good with waiting.
  15. Amid all the projections I don't see how they factor in people's willingness to go to the park. Sure you have some that don't see this virus as real at all and I'm sure they'll be there...then those that think careful distancing is enough, etc...but there are plenty (myself included) who have simply invested too much into staying safe at this point to risk it all for a few fun hours at the park. I just don't see how, short of a massive leap in medical assurances, they can project how many would show up if they open any time soon.
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