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  1. Looks steep AF! I don't know about the other elements but that first drop into the huge wave turn will be off the chain.
  2. I'd always been salty about the long wait, but I love the ride itself. It's a bit rough, but great for a once or twice per visit ride. I especially love where it rips around the perimeter low and fast.
  3. Sure they do-But much of the sentiment from the GP on social media when they announced it was in the veins of: 'No loops-lame!' 'Just like Diamondback-boooring' 'I hate roller coasters, they need more family rides' 'No way I'd wait 5 hours to ride that thing' etc., etc. With social media coverage you open yourself up for criticism as much as promoting your project. If I was KI, I'd sit back and let the actual ride knock people's socks off when it arrives.
  4. No offense, but 'opportunity' for what? The GP doesn't care until the thing is operational, and after the lukewarm excitement from enthusiasts and GP alike at the announcement of a mega-project, the last thing I'd care about is providing footage of every minute of construction.
  5. Given the top secret theming of Orion, I'd say a missing cam is pretty much on-brand. Plus, maybe they want to keep some elements of the new area under wraps.
  6. Amazing work. I love the park now still-but back then it really exuded an other-worldliness that has since faded. The overall classiness and details was next level stuff. I can't imagine maintaining all those food options-and that ice cream shop-WoW! I know American tastes are boring and basic these days but I would love to see a revival of truly international flair (at least re-do Octoberfest!)
  7. Bill Monroe, Grisman/Garcia, Old & In the Way
  8. I'd love something other than B&M--for variety if nothing else. We'll already have 3. Never ridden a Mack launch-but something that resembled that or Maverick would look really cool in that spot and still be the 'pit of twisted metal' that makes Vortex look so sweet. Obviously, if they wanted to do a ground up RMC and call it 'Nephew of Beast' or whatever it would totally fit in that area as well.
  9. I've had fantasies about owning the Bengals and having the single-minded focus of championships while smashing the Steelers into irrelevance. Kinda like Jerry Jones except I'd bring in the best football minds to run the actual team...become the best community partner ever, etc. This thread makes me realize that I would love to forge KI in my own vision as well.
  10. This is what I remember...and by that time I'd ridden Mantis-so I knew that stand up coasters could be much bigger/better
  11. My wife still fumes about the Eagles--at least we have the kiddie version. I loved the Cobra and KKKC, as well as the original Tiques. I saw the removal of all of them as simply parts of Paramount's plot to destroy my childhood wonderland so I was not happy.
  12. I have plenty of sentimentality and memories tied up in Vortex...and my son (7) absolutely loves it. I'll be sure to get a last ride in, but let's be honest: It is way cooler to look at than to ride these days. I can't remember the last time there was a line for it (which is one of the reasons my son loves it)-so I'm sure it was a simple numbers decision...if there's any ride I want preserved as long as possible, it's The Beast. When I was young, we had the Cobra, Racer, Beast and Vortex were it as far as coasters. Now the lineup is much better and I have faith that they'll populate the area with something of substance.
  13. The area is so perfect for displaying a coaster--I really hope they put in another picturesque one. I would be totally fine with it turning into the 'Beast District' with another Beast/Rivertown/Mystic/Maverick themed RMC
  14. Something like Maverick or an RMC (Trex or Ibox)
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