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  1. HandsUp

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    Exactly. Most of the infrastructure is still there and that's the hard part when creating this sort of ambiance. Love to see them take advantage.
  2. HandsUp

    Things KI Can Do For Money

    Speaking of- What is the consensus on the Iron Dragon VR at CP? When I went up this year the line was too long for an unknown quantity (whereas I night time ride on MF is always a win). Seems like it could be awesome if done well.
  3. HandsUp

    Newly Themed Area?

    They should make the whole area Octoberfest/Black Forest. Action Zone doesn't have the shade or ambiance as it stands, but that could be changed. I'd love to see Drop Tower painted with Bavarian diamonds like a gigantic maypole.
  4. HandsUp

    Things KI Can Do For Money

    I'd pay an up-charge for a super-immersive, low capacity VR ride. Along with your massage idea, a flavored oxygen bar would be pretty cool.
  5. HandsUp

    Oktoberfest Discussion

    This should be a major priority. There needs to be an increased amount of Gemütlichkeit throughout the entire area. With more mature trees and shade, this is totally doable. As mentioned, re-Germanize the Festhaus and lakeside beer garden. More German food options. Roving bands..at very least German music on the speakers. Sling Shot can go-and use the area behind it. Oktoberfest should be a refuge where you can relax either in the shade or in the AC of the Festhaus and grab a bite and a beer and enjoy some music in a comfortable, beautiful setting. I'd turn the food and beer operations of Festhaus and the beer garden totally over to Hoffbrahaus if they'd do it.
  6. HandsUp

    International Street Discussion

    It could use some updates, but keep the trees
  7. HandsUp

    Rename the Rides!

    I will always call it The Beastie..that's what my 6 and 4 year old call it too
  8. HandsUp

    Biggest Cosmetic Change

    Action Zone and how Diamondback transformed the lake by The Beast line
  9. HandsUp

    The Beast vs Mystic Timbers

    Ride experience is debatable, but the expansive layout/footprint of The Beast, plus 2 lift hills is what makes Beast an absolute classic.
  10. HandsUp

    What really BUGS me.

    Nah..CF has given us 2 awesome coasters...I'll roll with them. Bugs never bother me at CP and we're fortunate to have that park only a few hours north. I don't go to parks to eat, and if I have to there's no shortage of passable fair.
  11. HandsUp

    Things Paramount got right/wrong

    @Joshua Valid points. I guess it all just felt a bit forced. The movie cliches are fine...the idea of the old haunted timber company or some other mythology are great. I love the backstory of Steel Vengeance/Maverick, etc. Just always seemed like with Paramount the movies forced very specific theming. I'll also admit, a huge part of my frustration with IJ was the botched opening. Waited in line forever, then they said I needed a special ticket, then they said no more tickets would be given out that day..it was horrible. Then several visits later when I finally rode it, I was mad at myself for getting all worked up over a marginal ride. I realize that my personal gripes will likely keep me from giving Paramount any due credit-but that's just how it struck me at the time.
  12. HandsUp

    Things Paramount got right/wrong

    Just personal opinion, but I felt the movie theming cheapened everything. Themed rides and areas of the park should stand on their own-not be based on some separate universe. Also hated all the TVs in the queues. While FoF was (and still is) great, the SoB was a mess. To me, the Italian Job summed up the PKI era: A wonky eyesore that disrupted the feel of the park with an obnoxious amount of movie themed fluff for a ride that is underwhelming. MTVs The Grind was epic though-I'll give them that
  13. HandsUp

    Haunt Expectations

    Saturday was the most crowded I've ever seen the park
  14. HandsUp

    By 2035 Kings Island Will Have What?

    The legacy of The Beast and the SoB will be built upon with 2 huge new additions: -A ground up RMC that is everything the SoB was supposed to be. -A metal giga that snakes through the woods, has 2 lift hills, fits into the natural terrain, and whose track is largely hidden from sight
  15. HandsUp

    No Day At Kings Island Is Complete Without...

    Visiting the Don Quixote statue