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  1. A couple advil, a big breakfast, and tons of hydration do the trick for me--still, sometimes you just need to space out the rides.
  2. Yesterday I set it off, presumably with my altoids tin, belt, and phone---the attendant didn't stop me at all and was mainly concerned that I got the 'code of conduct' business card.
  3. In my experience, the Haunt is always massively crowded (depending on weather)--I doubt if increasing demand is needed. I would like a rating system for the mazes, etc. though
  4. I would 100% go by what the kid wants to do. Mine are 9 and 7. My son just hit 54'' and will do whatever he can (he and I just did front row Orion yesterday-epic). My daughter, on the other hand, wanted to hold off on Banshee even though she's 52''...up until now she's done everything. I've always felt like pressing them to do too much, or trusting your own safety guidelines over engineers' expertise is misguided. It's supposed to be fun--if he rides and doesn't like it, no biggee.
  5. Kids these days will just be playing with their phones I'm sure The duration and frequency of this current event makes it a lot different than The Grind--can't see too many coming out of the woodwork just for this.
  6. The Friday night dance parties in the mid-90s were 'MTV's The Grind' which was a dance party TV show and I'm assuming MTV was owned by Paramount. It was in the waterpark right by what's now Rendezvous Run...I want to say it ran from 8pm-1am on Fridays. I think they had reduced admission after 4 or 5 to draw the crowds. It was an absolute blast to be quite honest. It was the cool place to go for a wide range of teens and had an awesome club vibe that the <18 crowd wasn't used to. For those who had loved KI as a child, it was another reason to still love the place once puberty kicked in. It also made KI a destination for kids who would otherwise be too cool for amusement parks. Skaters, hip-hop kids, J-Lo wannabes, etc. It was where I 1st kissed a massive crush from HS, so that era makes up some of my best KI memories. In retrospect, I'm amazed that they pulled it off as long as they did without major problems or public outcry. I'm sure there were fights, but before camera phones and viral videos it wasn't that big of a deal. Since it was in the waterpark, it was technically OK for girls to just wear bikini tops (ridiculous) and as mentioned, there was plenty of age-inappropriate behavior (sorry for partying). Overall though, the majority who went behaved themselves and had a great time without causing problems. It was the one time that KI drew people who wouldn't normally go to the park and was personally the best thing about the Paramount era.
  7. Seems like a perfect storm of events. It was massively crowded in part due to bussed in kids with no supervision in end of school year mania mode. It was clear as of last week that this crowded environment with passive and overwhelmed staff leads to a lawless situation where guests realize they can more or less get away with anything. Just in a few hours last week I saw multiple instances of vaping both nicotine and reefer (this doesn't bother me), but I also smelled cigs all over the place. There was also rampant line jumping which isn't cool at all-but what is a law-abiding guest going to do? It's not our job to police bad behavior-it is the park's job-and that was not happening. I was a kid in the 80s and 90s and believe me-kids were just as bad then as they are now. So all this pearl-clutching about 'kids these days and the fall of society' is mis-placed. If this had happened in '89, it would have been witnessed by few, spread as a rumor for a time, and then forgotten. This doesn't excuse the act, but we could use some perspective. It definitely doesn't warrant a chaperone policy which will just punish the innocent. As mentioned, being a teen/pre-teen and free to roam in KI is absolutely awesome. It has motivated me to share the park with my own kids. If the sole priority is to get as many people as possible into the park(via cheap passes, group discounts, etc.), there is going to be a point of negative returns in the form of both extreme incidents like this as well as the overall guest experience.
  8. When it went in, it was smooth as glass. For years after that it was a KI institution and in my youth, when the only coasters were Racer, Cobra, Vortex and Beast it was a favorite for sure. But over time it got super rough to the point where it simply wasn't that pleasant to ride. So while I'm not sad that they got rid of it, I'll always think very highly of it.
  9. Any new coaster that is not mostly in the woods is a horrendous misuse of KI's geography MTV the Grind was KI's cultural apex
  10. The bluegrass versions of pop songs are kind of cool TBH. Personally, I'd like 90s pop, 80s new wave and pop, classic rock and jammy stuff like the Grateful Dead and Allmans...but that is just me. Also, 'Bittersweet Symphony' should always be played at closing time.
  11. Booked 3 nights at a Lighthouse Point cottage for August...can't wait. Kids have never been and should hopefully be at least 52'' by then!
  12. Thanks--Looks like that promo isn't good for the Lighthouse Point cabins but that's OK....still basically a wash for upgrading to Platinum vs. getting the package that's probably what we'll do. Appreciate it!
  13. Not to hijack--but I have a similar question. The family and I are planning a trip to CP to stay on-site (cottage). We have KI Gold Passes and it looks like it may be a wash to upgrade to Platinum and just pay for our lodging. About how much is it to upgrade (what I saw was ~$80--does that sound right? Also, when booking lodging at CP, is there any discount if you are a passholder? Thanks!!
  14. It's really hard to enjoy yourself there TBH. Every time there it has been extremely crowded which is made worse by not running the slides at full capacity. Add in the criminal lack of shade and it makes me typically skip the whole place. I don't really have a solution, and I'd love for it to be an enjoyable water park, but compared to places like HW it is night and day.
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