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  1. Seeing the drink carts full of these iced down--one of the many sights and sounds of childhood KI
  2. Rage all the 48' rides with my son who just grew that tall over the winter. Get to the waterpark early enough one day to actually enjoy the it-as opposed to enjoy the crowds, concrete, and understaffed slides
  3. If you're looking to save $$ and like camping, there is a KOA right there. Avoid weekends like the plague. Millennium Force at sunset is a spiritual experience.
  4. Yeah I figured it would be very hard to stick around in any of the main areas. Still a lot of shrubs/slightly wooded areas that I wondered if they swept or had infared.
  5. What measures are in place to ensure that people (guests) don't spend the night in the park? Seems as if there are countless nooks and crannies and I can imagine folks trying to do it just to do it.
  6. Absolutely love the Bavarian Beetle and Keelboat Canal pins....that old script with the 'I' that looks like a '7' takes be way back. Always confused me as a kid.
  7. You measure your kid every week or so to make sure he's going to hit a legit 48 inches by opening day!
  8. Wouldn't the pedestals prevent any sort of dancing water Bellagio-like fountain displays? Not saying which is better, but it seems that if they are going for dynamic water displays, they may be gone for good.
  9. Always happy to see more good beer. Craft beer may be trendy, but it is a good trend. Food sounds amazing but I see (taste) better than I hear. Glad that they are keeping it a sit down bat area. Hopefully they will still have the Reds games on at least.
  10. Heard a rumor that the Reds HOF Grille was closing or being repurposed. Is this correct? Would be disappointed if true...always nice to sit and take in a few innings.
  11. So awesome...I love old-school copywriting. What an amazing place it must have seemed.
  12. I doubt it...they were big. Be nice to have them in Action Zone as well.
  13. Yep, I like meals to be relaxed and comfortable. I can go to the mexican place or the skyline by the north entrance and have AC and a server for much less than in the park with none of the hassle. I'm still all for improving in-park meal options--but the only one I'd visit would be sit-down restaurants-and that would mainly be if it were just my wife and I. I'm admittedly a BBQ snob because I do my own, but just walking by the Coney BBQ it just reeked of over-cooked chicken..kinda off-putting.
  14. Could even have it vaguely geographically accurate: Paris/Western Europe (I street)->Octoberfest (Germany), then head farther 'east' into the deep dark Romanian/Transylvanian forrest
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