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  1. Can't watch the whole video now-but maybe someone can answer: Were there issues with both the theming degrading AND the ride itself slowly tearing itself apart? The theming issues were evident and I figured that was just a symptom of Paramount being out of the picture....but I'd assumed that the mechanics of the ride were sound as it was basically an indoor version of a standard ride. I never entertained the idea that the equipment may have been 'misused' In its prime, the pre-ride was scary and the ride itself was disorienting and very cool. Hanging over that bubbling lava water was quite an experience.
  2. That ride was a mainstay as a tween when Racer, Vortex, Beast and the Cobra were the only coasters. Looking at that video reminds me how small the cars were compared to the big bulky B&M cars. Although the selling point was 'upside down, standing up'--for me the drop was the real draw. You just felt so exposed standing and it made the drop real intense. Also loved the outward bank towards the end. Such a classic-RIP.
  3. Pretty sure my son's scout troop is going then-I'll be there!
  4. I love The Bat for several reasons. But once it reaches the end, that spot would be great for an RMC (better than Vortex's spot IMO)
  5. I doubt if it is a KI policy. I'm sure the park would love to have big rock acts like those knocking down their doors. With the rise of streaming-no one really pays for music anymore. You don't pay $15 for a CD of one band anymore- you pay $10/month to have the music of every band at your fingertips. So live music ticket sales have instead become a primary revenue stream-this has built up the cartel of promotion companies, ticket distributors, and venues. My guess is that CF/KI hasn't put forth the necessary effort to become a preferred venue (for a variety of reasons) and because of that they're simply passed over.
  6. Dead Heads FTW--Weir still everywhere! Have never seen a single show at Timber Wolf. Would love to but they never book anyone lol. But my best memory related to the place was late 80s/early 90s when my brother and I had passes but could not drive. It was all about figuring out rides-we always wanted to stay all day but rids are that's what would dictate our days at the park. One day we had been there since morning and had a ride scheduled to pick us up at passenger pickup ~4 or 5 (think it was my aunt). So we're walking down I-street on the way out, kinda bummed we have to leave. As we are just about to pass out the gate, our dad comes bounding down the steps to the International Restaurant! Turns out that he and my mom decided last minute to see the Moody Blues @ Timber Wolf that night so that meant we could stay for another 5-6 hours! (Beast at night woo hoo!) No cell phones or anything, they just kept a look out of the window when they knew we'd be heading out and caught us before we left. To this day it is one of my best memories of the park-and of an era where everything wasn't so organized and digitized.
  7. @KingDingDong..I totally understand and would never see it as purely transactional. Still, it is a pretty open invitation and a very cool gesture.
  8. I really don't care if I'm on the first train. My question is: If I raise $150 do I get 3 hrs of rides?
  9. It's all relative. Pizza tastes better at the park when you're starving. Beer tastes better on a hot day at the ball park (which is why you'll pay $10 for one), etc. Personally, La Rosa's doesn't really do it for me that much anymore in the park or from a store (the novelty of super-sweet sauce wore off for me years ago). But for many, LaRosa's is just as much as part of the park as blue ice cream etc. and no lack of quality will change their preference.
  10. I'd support any and all cross promotion among local teams but I'd say the Reds may be the most universally accepted among the local teams in terms of the KI attendees. Cincy folks are weird towards OSU--even though KI is well on the way to Cbus. Even without the Bengals recent suckage, I always see Browns, Colts and Squeeler gear at KI as well. The Clones and FCC are great but I wouldn't call them regional presences. TLDR: I'd love to see more of this but KI populace =/= Cincy sports fans
  11. It was awesome. My son barely missed 48'' at the tail-end of 2018, but was good to go by spring. It totally re-invented our park trips and he fell in love with Vortex especially but it was great to ride Beast with him for the 40th as well as the others--he even does Drop Tower which is impressive for a 7 year old IMO. In August, we went to Holiday World even though I was a little hesitant since my daughter wasn't 48'' yet. A little creative footwear and some friendly measuring got her 48'' which means we could all ride together as a family. We went right to The Voyage and that ended up being her first big coaster--and she loved it! Had an amazing few days there and enjoyed the rest of the year at KI with both kids being able to ride. My last ride on The Vortex was my daughter's first (and only) which was a poetic way to close the book on that ride.
  12. Preaching to the choir my dude--100% onboard with this. Soak City could use love too-but IMHO would need a massive re-do to make it attractive. Huge crowds, acres upon acres of scorching pavement, and massive lines because they don't open every slides even with the water on.
  13. I believe the point is that 'giga' is a simplified statistical category that several coasters qualify for-while in reality every coaster is unique. Orion will be a ride experience unlike any other coaster anywhere--Dippin Dots taste the same here as they do anywhere.
  14. I'm in. Going to take some time and tree growth to shape into the shady charm of the existing area but this is a great start. In addition to re-themes of existing rides, I'd love some more flats (esp. a screaming swing) and more shady comfortable spaces to chill and have food and beer. That whole tented area could be a semi-enclosed bier garden with a mini-bandstand. There'd need to be cream puffs as well.
  15. Crazy, I thought it might be SBNO for a bit
  16. Blue & orange, and classy AF--definitely a 'retro' space age feel
  17. The older I get, the more I value the theming. And yes, I'll blame Paramount for the wholesale de-theming. I-street is still awesome, and I'd say coney mall has held up well. Rivertown could use some sprucing up-and Octoberfest definitely needs an infusion.
  18. Recently re-discovered this ride with my kids hitting 48'' this year. Gotta say I love the setting and the ride itself. It's unique and great for kids and that first sequence is pretty intense if it's your first ride of the day. I hope it hangs around for a while. All that said, that terrain back there would be perfect for a Beast-like RMC if they wanted to re-purpose the station.
  19. Looks steep AF! I don't know about the other elements but that first drop into the huge wave turn will be off the chain.
  20. I'd always been salty about the long wait, but I love the ride itself. It's a bit rough, but great for a once or twice per visit ride. I especially love where it rips around the perimeter low and fast.
  21. Sure they do-But much of the sentiment from the GP on social media when they announced it was in the veins of: 'No loops-lame!' 'Just like Diamondback-boooring' 'I hate roller coasters, they need more family rides' 'No way I'd wait 5 hours to ride that thing' etc., etc. With social media coverage you open yourself up for criticism as much as promoting your project. If I was KI, I'd sit back and let the actual ride knock people's socks off when it arrives.
  22. No offense, but 'opportunity' for what? The GP doesn't care until the thing is operational, and after the lukewarm excitement from enthusiasts and GP alike at the announcement of a mega-project, the last thing I'd care about is providing footage of every minute of construction.
  23. Given the top secret theming of Orion, I'd say a missing cam is pretty much on-brand. Plus, maybe they want to keep some elements of the new area under wraps.
  24. Amazing work. I love the park now still-but back then it really exuded an other-worldliness that has since faded. The overall classiness and details was next level stuff. I can't imagine maintaining all those food options-and that ice cream shop-WoW! I know American tastes are boring and basic these days but I would love to see a revival of truly international flair (at least re-do Octoberfest!)
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