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  1. This entire discussion led me to think of the KI of my youth and how my standard rotation was: Cobra, Racer, Vortex, Beast. All different, all very fun. In these days I heard tales of the Magnum up north and obviously wished we had one of that caliber. Nowadays, kids can run that same circuit (minus KC) with the addition of Banshee, DB, FoF and MT--same deal-all very different, and all within your grasp as long as you can snag a ride up to Mason. The sentiment that since KI has the room it somehow deserves to have coasters that surpass CP ignores that fact that because CP has less room, they necessarily need to fit as much coaster into every available acre. It also ignores the fact that visiting CP is an event for pretty much everyone who goes through the gates, as opposed to the regular summertime hangout spot that KI is for so many in this area. So I don't begrudge the powers that be from giving us a minor mega-coaster and preserving some of CP's aura. Quality is subjective anyway, and CP doesn't have anything like the newest handful that have gone into KI.
  2. While those are cool to look at, the majority are vomit-machines for me personally. I'd be all over the tower ones though.
  3. Twin launch, destination coaster. One station in Action Zone, one in rivertown, each one a 'portal' to the other side of the park. Blast off, fly by the tower and over IS, and land in your destination. All acceleration & airtime. That's my dream-but to answer your question, I can't really say until I've ridden the new one-but I do love TTD.
  4. Fair point. Just seems that if they opened that space up there would be more than enough room to move those games as well as develop the area:
  5. Sorry if it's been mentioned, but wouldn't it make sense to axe those dumb games by the Coke free-style and create another X base entrance by AE? That area is already a key crossroads of the park, and there is plenty of room back there for some flats and to develop X base and improve traffic. If not, it seems like the X base entrance by zephyr will be a constant logjam.
  6. I'm no expert, but in my experience those other ones are fast and smooth enough to be forceful without banging your body head around like Vortex or Rougarou
  7. That's so cool-Had never seen the promo. And MF is my favorite coaster ever.
  8. Exactly-I went up last year and had my 1st experience of a dive and winged coasters. While they were both unique and awesome in their own way, they simply do not provide the 'WTF was that?!?' feeling of SV, MF, or TTD. Here's hoping that our new one is in a league with those last 3.
  9. I'm reserving all judgement until I ride it. Maverick, for example, looks like nothing even when you stand next to it, but is an amazing ride. I do hope is that it is designed to create a different ride experience than the current coasters and is not simply DB 2.0
  10. So I guess it isn't going to be one big huge Xbase bathroom after all
  11. I'm in-and I'd love to see an Xbase expansion go along with an Octoberfest update. In terms of flats, a screaming swing would be very nice. Besides being very enjoyable, they look awesome and would add some needed ambiance.
  12. Can't we have both? If it was up to me we'd have Millennium Force through the trees-which is both tall and forceful (I know it's going to be a B&M)
  13. Sorry to hijack, but where can I get info on the house inside the fort?
  14. It was Coney a few weeks back. My wife & I split up since we each have meal plans on our passes. She and my son got BBQ, she ate--then came to check on my daughter and I at Subway, took my spot in line (at this point my sandwich had been sitting in the pile for a few minutes)...I went back to BBQ, ate some BBQ-then she finally made it back. Essentially, in the time they'd been served BBQ and 2 adults had eaten, we finally got out 6 inch sub!
  15. It was really a sitch that could have been remedied with decent training. The crew was working-quick-they just had no good process in place. I'd mentioned it before, but they were making the sandwiches, wrapping and bagging them--then throwing them in a pile for the cashier to open back up-find the right sandwich, and then ring the guest up! Horribly inefficient but totally correctable.
  16. Does this mean that it will take less than 45 minutes to get a sandwich from Subway? Woo Hoo!
  17. Memories through the years: -Having the '1st ride of the day' be the tram ride from the parking lot -Those bright, cold fruit-shaped drink bottles -The rainbow lights leading into the Enchanted Voyage and the big snail (now at Jungle Jim's) telling us to 'Have a H-Happy Day!' -Thinking The Beastie was huge -Roving HB characters -The '2 log flumes' when KCKC was there -Vague memories of The Bat -The Festhaus being German and a show including 'Oh Holy Night' at Winterfest -The Flying Dutchman -The gasoline smell of the original tiques -Bringing lunch and leaving it in the picnic area (by the front or between WW and HB) -Lining up at the ivy tunnel to get 1st train on The Beast -Baseball cards and hats from that shop that's by the IS bathrooms..esp. the cool 'new' black White Sox hats -Pounding an Icee in The Beast line between the concession stand and the station -Speakers in The Beast line blasting The Who and They Might be Giants -Flirting with girls in my class while ice skating and riding the train on an 8th grade trip -One time in 7th-8th grade getting a ride out there in the AM and my aunt was to pick us up at 6. As we were heading out to leave through the front gates, my dad catches us as he came down from the International Restaurant. Turns out he and my mom had decided last minute to see the Moody Blues @ Timberwolf-which meant we had another 4+ hours of night rides! Crazy how we made stuff happen before cell phones. -Wearing my Reds hat fall of '90 and passing an age/weight opp who yelled to me: "Reds in 6!!" ...only took them 4 to sweep the A's -MTV The Grind and finally kissing my HS crush out by the front gates afterwards -Pounding out 138 rides during DB's maiden season (a small feet by your guys' standards, but a lot for me) -Getting to ride Beast, Vortex, Drop Tower, The Bat and Mystic Timbers with my son who just turned 48' (this was just a few weeks ago lol)
  18. They realized their mistake in branding it as a Pittsburgh Squeelers coaster and want to bail out while they can
  19. Sign me up...I love Intamins
  20. I don't see why simple=underwhelming. As mentioned, TTD would look pretty boring schematically. My dream concept is a twin destination launch coaster that shoots you to the other side of the park with a massive dosage of acceleration and air time. It would look like 2 stations and 2 straight lines on a blueprint. The simpler the layout, the more opportunity for orbital airtime which is fine by me.
  21. I figured...was surprised to discover Steel Dragon was only 2. I just love the exposed feel of a skinny track and nothing on one side or the other.
  22. Whatever the name, layout, or color scheme--I hope the trains are the traditional 2 seats wide
  23. After years finally decided to get a meal plan. Since the kids wanted different things, my daughter and I went to Subway and wife and son to Coney BBQ. In the time that my wife and son had been through the CBQ line and eaten most of their food, we were still in the Subway line. They were making the sandwiches, bagging them up, tossing them in a pile for the cashier to re-open/find the correct one and eventually ring the guest up. The line seriously did not move at all. It's one thing to just be slow--but this was the most inefficient assembly line I've ever seen. My wife suggested they write the guests' names on the wrapped sandwiches lol.
  24. Not for an adult, but my 7 year old who just made 48'' was pretty spooked by all the MT theming. We rode it at night last week and the fake security monitors, music, and shed all legitimately affected him. He is a total daredevil and will ride anything and everything-but he also has a cinematic imagination. Sure it's not Disney caliber, but a little goes a long way with kids who are just barely tall enough.
  25. ^ Yep...and although it was before Paramount, I kinda feel the same way about Adventure Express, although in hindsight enjoy it as a quality mine ride. The Paramount tendencies were rough for me having enjoyed Beast, Vortex, and King Cobra as a kid and then riding the big ones at Cedar Point (If they can fit those behemoths on that skinny little peninsula-why do we get chincey half-coasters when we have a million acres to work with?!?!!) I have always really liked FoF though and Tomb Raider was truly an experience. Wild to see the different iterations of park identity. If they want to stay this course of ambiance, nostalgia, and huge coasters-that's fine with me!
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