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  1. They just added the blue train today.
  2. Nope. Other issues. Dont ask.......
  3. The manager that was up there with me wanted to send another full train of people. I went over his head and said no. I had to respond to that train out in the readies. It was my call to put the empty on the lift and bring them into the station (the only logical decision). The manager that was up there that was supposed to be the "decision maker" went and hyperventalated (sp?) in the drive box. My crew did awesome and they deserve more credit than the credit they got. Not trying to be cocky or anything on the decision making btw, just telling you what really went down up there. And no E-S
  4. I bet it will open this season. Oh and I just want to comment on some earlier posts. There was ABSOLUTLY NOTHING we could have done to prevent the accident that happened last year. I was up there for it and it just came out of nowhere. E-Stop would'nt have helped in this situation at all. In fact, given the circumstance, it could have made the situation worse............... Bad day to be an SOB supervisor
  5. They dont do anything special. Just give them your card at the tolls and they scan it.
  6. They should have "done it right" the first time around..........
  7. Rotating track, pretty cool. I personally loved Firehawk. Waited about 45 mins for it which is the shortest time I've waited for it (ki and gl). I was pleased.
  8. It just E-Stopped itself. Happens
  9. Firehawk: Has been tested and cycled, made it around the first time they sent the train out. Possibly going to open up with a one train operation. They are just working out some electrical issues with the ride. Those trains are very high tech. Son of Beast: Trains are not on the track. They were being modified and are possibly still working on them. Believe me, once they do get the trains on the track, some heavy testing will be in place.
  10. Ok. Im new to season passes. I bought a Maxx pass last Sunday. Is it automatcically upgraded to gold or do I have to do something in order to get that. Because from what I heard, ALL passes were upgraded to gold before that deadline but my pass is red. I dont get it.
  11. Im the one who started this whole thing actually. Thank you
  12. There ya go theres your proof.
  13. Maybe they keep the cranes until the offseaon is over
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