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  1. Ok all sucked but I know some star trek stuff and I dont think Sponge Bob Squarier Pants convention would fly...
  2. Universal City walk, the best place I have ever been to expirience "the night life" as they say. I would be probono on the whole testing out the idea if KI needed a test group.
  3. Can we stop arguing, smokers will be smokers and non-smokers will be non-smokers to oppose on either persons rights is wrong and just rude.
  4. Hey guys click "New for 2005" it says "Gold Passholder experience this interactive stunt ride like no one else with VIP benefits including early ride times and a Gold Pass Speed Lane ride reservation system"
  5. I request to close this topic before we all kill each other? Just my request. I know how heated this topic is, its not right for either side to attack each other on this argument we all have our point of views which lean either way. Doesn't matter that were people also?!?! Think before you speak, Danny is a person as much as you are CombatStupendous... so uhmm back off!
  6. The Troika is what I want to ride even though it makes me nauseated... Honestly backwards racer. I'm kinda missing the park.
  7. My guess would be that they will probably put them near the bathrooms and/or restaurants
  8. I've been on both sides of the fence. Smokers indoors are rude, and I am a on and off currently off smoker and i can personally say it makes me sick to sit in the smoking section. I am all for smoking outdoors as long as you stomp out and pick up your butts. Smokey the Bear will come and shove them up your A$$ if you dont. What else... smokers just can't be rude thats the point... non-smokers need to be thinking about their health if they don't like it and are bothered by cigarette smoke then dont be around smokers. I see no problem with a smoking ban as long as it doesn't cut into outdoo
  9. emonun


    You know they give a fresh coat the baby every once in awhile. I am an expert at painting the coaster.
  10. Not as rough as your dad was last night ;-)! haha! I'm just teasing ben. Honestly I think it is by far the roughest coaster i've ever ridden on and thats saying a lot.
  11. Ryan have you heard of The HolyLand Expirience, its in Kissimmee Fl, near Orlando and did you know that it is themed to the Bible, I went there as a little girl and even then it seemed kind of different. If your really looking for the biblical theme park you should check it out!
  12. emonun


    Uhmmm why? I mean its sad, last night at RGK I had to tell brad to shut it, but nobody gets it, Eagles is gone and sadly, its kinda getting annoying, I got knocked down by the eagles the only time I rode it! So hence Eagles aren't that great, think of all the little kids. But I will miss bell ringing contest with you guys dont get me wrong but now I can compete with IJST for something or anther.
  13. I say JCSS because well its hilarious and somewhat offensive, but it would never be done because it is not politically correct!
  14. Ecology is an even better dept. You can still talk to people and mess with them and you get paid more, just a suggestion.
  15. Best crew... we all rocked in our own way. I was the best crew though . Uhmmm just to make it clear and say what we all thought this summer, WEIRDO!
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