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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. One of my friends who briefly did tech support at KI though a co-op at UC told me one of the reasons Firehawk was down so much is that it ran on Vista.
  2. ^I think most of the rides that have computers run on them as well.
  3. This is KK trying to think what HW is thinking about them.
  4. Is it even reasonable to think vaccines will be distributed that much to the relevant demographics by then?
  5. I still think Mack or RMC are the way to go because one thing I think also needs to be in play, even if this an inversion centered coaster, is that it should keep Vortex's 48" height requirement. I think Vortex more or less worked as a stepping stone coaster for people who were too short for Banshee and Diamondback.
  6. I'm also guessing they likely also chose GG for the fact they're significantly closer than the GCI team (pandemic stuffs and all).
  7. With all this covid-ness happening, I've been concentrating on getting better on sax as well. I've taken online lessons on alto to really push the horn to its limits as well as, basically, being able to play any piece of music you can put in front of me. As seen in the random photo thread, I've also taken up the soprano sax, and after getting some minor work done to get it playing at its best, I'm ready to get really serious and try to get as good on soprano as I am on alto by the time any of my bands come back to play. I'm also looking into recording covers of songs for fun. Been transp
  8. Isn't there kind of a long term rumor going around that B&M possibly made the wing coasters as a step to one-up S&S's 4D coasters? I'm talking something like X2, not the compact versions. I'd also like to see them dabble in water coasters.
  9. ^What's your basis for B&M rides being in decline? Because you don't like them?
  10. That's all the parks needs the GP (their target demographic) to see.
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