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  1. The Giga Speculation Thread

    Do we all forget that some of Intamin's pre-fab coasters were knocking on the door to 200 ft including Colossos, El Toro and T-Express? And those were right after SOB was built. It could have been done again a while ago, its just no one offered a chance for Intamin to do so, and those are the more reliable of Intamin's rides.
  2. What ride did KI make the biggest mistake in getting ride of

    Phantom Theater, Flying Eagles/Tiques, and KCKC.
  3. RMC throughout Cedar Fair?

    Intamin has also kind of gone stale as of late. They haven't come up with anything new in quite a while and are focused in the Asian market at the moment. Most other companies can now play the 'me too' game with Intamin on top of continuing with churning out new innovations while also having better ROI and reliability.
  4. RMC throughout Cedar Fair?

    With Knott's new coaster, I wouldn't count out Gerstlauer either.
  5. Coasterstock 2018

    This will be my first Coasterstock as well. I want to get an opinion on something. Is there more to get out of going both days or is going one day or the other pretty evened out? I don't think I could hack it 2 days of such length at Kings Island, even if its only in May when its still cooler out.
  6. With Backlot, they also did a lot of ground work when they built it. That area wasn't so hilly initially.
  7. You Know It's the Off Season When...

    When white death cometh.
  8. Dufunctland: Son of Beast

    Its not available now since the webpage is expired, but I've read the forensics report of the 2006 accident, and it was pretty scathing in the closing remarks, so much so that I'm surprised it even reopened in 2007 at all. Sigh...if only Paramount would have waited a few years when Intamin had its pre-fab wooden coaster ready to go. Not sure if they would have done the loop, but they definitely could have made a hyper woodie seeing that El Toro isnt too far off.
  9. The Giga Speculation Thread

    ^Considering all the other 300+ ft attractions at Kings Island, I don't think that'd be too much of an issue to shoehorn a giga in the park.
  10. Cedar Point Opening day

    ^Not enough for me to take 2 to the face on Magnum and Raptor. Apparently hitting one at only 72 mph doesn't leave a cut. I hope they don't hang out a lot near Steel Vengeance...
  11. So tuition wasn't as much as I thought, so I should be able to finance this trip a-okay, including being able to handle the pricier hotels.
  12. Best B&M Invert

    I've only been on a handful of B&M inverts- 1. Banshee 2. Raptor 3. Great Bear 4. Batman: The Ride (NJFTP)
  13. January trip to California

    This actually sounds more sane than your usual trips. You actually have lodging for this trip and you're flying.
  14. Official: WinterFest 2017

    This guy and Goble should never touch. The universe and the space time continuum might implode.
  15. Official: WinterFest 2017

    Decent weather (for December standards) certainly helps. Haven't had a real bad snow storm yet.