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    I am a resident of Cincinnati, about 40 minutes from Kings Island, which, I try to visit 5-10 times a year. Big fan of coasters and amusement parks in general. I currently attend the University of Cincinnati seeking a degree in psychology. I was a 9 year member of the Bearcat Bands playing alto and tenor saxophone and I still try to play with the UC Community Band and other groups. I'm a big time music nut. I'm a bit of a sports fan, I get into most movies, and little bits of about everything. I am now a current employee at the Delhi Township Skyline.

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  1. BTW, here is the group that plays Off The Charts. https://www.rivercitycincinnati.com/
  2. I saw the 90's show in the Festhaus for the first time, and I have mixed feelings. Some of the singers are genuinely good, but most of them can't hit intervals and miss key changes while there's a lot of clashing going on in the vocal chords (music chords, not the muscle). Also, Madonna's Vogue in a family theme park? Really? (which, they butcher, it was grating hearing the female singer perform it so over-dramatically, its a much smoother performance from Madonna on that song). Also, if you can't get the singers to sing up certain octaves that drastically change the chord structures by having them down the octave, cut the song please. They also didn't really get the vocal stylings all that well either. Off The Charts was refreshing to listen to after hearing that show in the Festhaus.
  3. So I have a question- why does KI hold auditions for instrument players when the Off the Charts band is third party?
  4. I saw the first Kentucky Kingdom billboard in Cincy. It's on the west side of town near the I-74 interchange with North Bend Road (visible on North Bend Road going south).
  5. On the line length discussion- Vortex is one of the best line chewers in the park, up there with Banshee, Beast and Diamondback. A wait out to the queue entrance is probably only 20 minutes. I sure don't hear this discussion when Banshee is a walk on during weekdays.
  6. If you guys ever want to see what Rozzi's is really capable of, get down the the WEBN Fireworks on Labor Day Sunday in Cincy on the Ohio River. They have a wide array of colors, shapes, precise timing to the soundtrack, and goes on for about 20 minutes, way more than they show at Kings Island.
  7. Today started like a normal evening summer visit, then ended up as a rainy Haunt visit. I'm more soaked than 5 rides on WWC with the rain that poured mid-ERT. Had a fun time regardless.
  8. I'll be up in a bit. malem, I'll text you when I get there.
  9. If it isn't a wash out tonight (going by the forecast), I may show up. Won't decide until after work.
  10. I wouldn't call it roughness that bothers me about Voyage, but it has too many positive g's for a woodie. Yes, it does have some decent air time, but all those 90 degree turns and tight corners really takes a toll with it being over 6,000 ft long. I thought it was a tad too intense coupled with that length. In addition, on the return journey, I thought it could have used a few bigger camel back hills instead of all those smaller hills. The MCBR serves as a bit of a breather, but the triple dip just turns up the intensity again. There's another way I want to describe it. The best way I can put it is that it runs too hard on the rails, in a way that the positive g's along with even slight deviations in the track just wore me out, probably because the trains' wheels are very snug on the rails, much like B&M and Intamin steel coasters. I think it needs a bit of bounce as it traverses the track. It's like Gravity Group was designing it to try and do what a steel coaster can do. Heartlining and having the wheels so tightly gripping the track are things that PTC's aren't really meant to do. They're better off when they have wiggle room to bounce around. Raven and Legend had a bit of a welcome rattle and shimmy by comparison. They felt more loose and comfortable with the way they tracked.
  11. One thing I've noticed with riding in the 2 bench PTC trains is that the front row of each car is smoother than the back row. Row 6-1 on Voyage is my favorite seat on it.
  12. ^It's the internet. Dealing with posters on any form of social media is an adventure in and of itself. You just gotta roll with it. Fighting it is like fighting the ocean. If you really want to see some concentrated crazy posts, try YouTube.
  13. Just out of curiosity, how are the Soak City crowds during the later part of the day on weekdays (like after 6)? Thinking of going after work this week.
  14. I imagine VR is significantly cheaper than adding physical special effects.
  15. During my visit, Iron Dragon consistently had the longest wait (I only rode it twice during my visit) even when VR wasn't running and I think it has to do with the VR sign the put in front and guests don't read the VR times and got in line out of curiosity. It greatly surprised me. I can imagine the same thing happening with other rides.