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  1. I went yesterday, and unless KI found the best construction crew available to get the towers up overnight, Sling Shot is still gonzo.
  2. Guys, we've been riding coasters wrong the whole time. We must ride with our eyes open according to a few boys I rode with on Orion.
  3. Not really, maybe a bit for a Monday, but still, that's pretty bad for a ride with long dispatch intervals. Dispatches have been slow overall with at least one person training at nearly all the bigger rides.
  4. For some reason Beast has been dispatching half empty trains when it has a 40+ minute wait.
  5. ^Overrated? Yes, but, its still my favorites among chain parks. Only a hair above KI IMO, mainly due to better ride ops and ride variety (sans wooden coasters), especially in the non-coaster department. Also, I love me some Lake Erie. Also also IMO- SteVe is currently my favorite steel coaster, Magnum>DB, Millennium Force>Orion, GateKeeper, Raptor, and Rougarou are top notch (yep, I like Rougarou), Maverick, also overrated IMO, is still really good, and I even have soft spots for the rest of their line up. The only coaster I have slight negative notions to is Corkscrew due to how confined the trains feel, but even it makes up for it with the simple layout and iconic midway corkscrews. Gemini and Iron Dragon are criminally underrated. CCMR is still fun despite being smaller, and Blue Streak is a classic. Valravn is a bit boring aside from the 2 vertical drops, but its nice to look at. EDIT: Another one of my goals is to explore downtown Port Clinton a bit more. Seems like a pleasant place just to walk around and relax. Getting an early start out of Ft Wayne so I can get some R&R in before 2 days at CP and a downtown Cleveland excursion.
  6. ^Maybe they pasted in the CW Bat wait time...
  7. Still active in looking for the new IB coaster updates, and going by what limited info I've come across, there's a slim chance I may get to ride it, but I'm still not hopeful.
  8. Hurler isn't all that rough, its just drawn out and boring.
  9. If anything, most CF park entrance redesigns have made them smaller.
  10. ^Try riding a stand up, even a smaller one, after a full day walking through a park and you'll understand. Also, designs for the 'seat' may be disadvantageous to the men out there. Standing up also doesn't allow for you to brace against the restraints very well either. Its a very rigid way to ride a coaster.
  11. Just out of curiosity, any weird snafus at Cedar Point this season aside from the 420 ft paperweight? Also, I'm pretty much writing off riding the Schwarzkopf at IB, at least going by updates I'm reading. Maybe I'll get lucky?
  12. Mondial Top Scan, S&S Screamin' Swing, or a smaller HUSS Top Spin please.
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