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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. ^Probably, but the current issue is they aren't offering reservations to the dates I want yet. I'm going in mid-July and their reservations only go through June. I'll probably pounce on the day(s) I want when they become available though. I'm also planning on bringing a decent camera as well, particularly for the day I spend in GSMNP. Going to try and get some decent trail walking in. If anyone had to narrow down 2-3 alpine coasters, which are the ones to go with?
  2. So apparently, I have to wait to reserve a date for Dollywood since they only go a month or so. Carowinds I can reserve anytime. Kinda sucks with the former since, with me being in the area 3 days, I would like some flexibility due to weather (I understand why I can't though). Glad I'm likely going in the middle of the week at least. At least I'm finding decent hotels in my price range on the G-burg strip.
  3. To me, coasters are a form of art that, as previously stated, is subjective, like music, movies, paintings and sculptures. It's an art form that involves the sense of touch and our nervous systems are all wired differently. Enthusiasts need to heed that when learning of others' perspective when giving opinions and need to know the difference between opinions and facts. It's a lovely community when that comes together. Unfortunately, the more obnoxious ones such as the Intamin fanboys ruin conversations. As I've said on another thread, I've yet to meet a huge fan of Intamin who wasn't obno
  4. @coaster sally you don't speak for all GP or enthusiasts, so quit pretending you're an authority of how people think of B&Ms and Intamins. You may have your own opinion, but don't project it as some unanimous opinion.
  5. I think the noise of a ride can add a bit to the experience as well, which is why I like that tell-tale GCI growl that you get on everything GCI re-tracks (true on Legend as well).
  6. The park is closing at 3 pm today. Glad I went yesterday. Hopefully next Sunday has better weather. https://www.facebook.com/visitkingsisland/photos/a.226729858367/10160776366743368/
  7. ^I recall him referring to Wicked Twister's spikes as twisty French fries.
  8. There was an ennthusiast in line for DB trying to explain enthusiast language to the GP and it was hilarious, glazed look from the GP and he just kept going.
  9. Racer radio is more awesome for sure. Edit- welcome back to awesomeness Racer! Gonna be great once the track breaks in.
  10. Go further, define 'filler coaster'. A random 'example' isn't enough. Both of those were expensive record breaking coasters. And why is Orion one and why should anyone care? I legitimately don't know what that even means.
  11. I think he did that to rule out KI as the likely candidate, which, I agree with. It ain't coming to Mason.
  12. I'm thinking I'll be booking everything soon, especially with both Carowinds and Dollywood requiring reservations (more concerned with the later).
  13. So most of my visits to the park in 2004 were post-cicada invasion so I'm not privy on riding things with them. Anyone who remembers that year have any tips on riding with bugs hurling by at 50-90 mph? 'Not riding' is not a valid tip.
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