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    I am a resident of Cincinnati, about 40 minutes from Kings Island, which, I try to visit 5-10 times a year. Big fan of coasters and amusement parks in general. I currently attend the University of Cincinnati seeking a degree in psychology. I was a 9 year member of the Bearcat Bands playing alto and tenor saxophone and I still try to play with the UC Community Band and other groups. I'm a big time music nut. I'm a bit of a sports fan, I get into most movies, and little bits of about everything. I am now a current employee at the Delhi Township Skyline.

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  1. I'm sure I've heard this before at the park and I hope it comes back eventually. Great midway music this is. Baby Elephant Walk- Henry Mancini
  2. ^Actually, I could see KD getting it. CF wasn't underneath sending one to Carowinds after all.
  3. ^What, you don't want to see CF copy the SFNE model of slapping two Boomerang style rides in the same park? Also, CP and KD don't have a Boomerang model.
  4. Was the Emporium split up into so many shops back then or was that set of buildings still one big store? Also interesting to see that what is now a store just to the right of the entrance used to be a lost and found.
  5. I think I still call it Amazon Falls from time to time.
  6. Speaking of Vekoma, I think a CF park (or at least some park) may be getting a Boomerang seeing that Knott's is taking theirs down piece by piece instead of being violent in taking it down.
  7. I kind of given this some thought, but I think KI is going for a bit of a pseudo-Beast vibe with Mr T. Once all those trees grow in, it will be difficult to see the layout from the midway with nothing but the first 2 hills in sight. Obviously you'll see it well from the WWC queue, the flume and the train, but it still has a bit of that aura about it without it seeming to have too much in common with Beast in terms of aesthetics.
  8. ^Notice that B&M's design starts you in flight mode and spends little time where the riders are on their backs. That's what Vekoma needed to do.
  9. ^Will Ride of the Valkyries or pirate music be involved?
  10. ^That's still a shot against Vekoma and their ability (or lack thereof) in improving the design and show that they can make it reliable.
  11. ^Firehawk and Nighthawk are notorious for downtime issues.
  12. I find reactions to Vekoma's to be a bit of an over reaction when they're given a negative light. I have had a few headbanging rides on Invertigo, but I've also had pretty smooth rides on it. I agree about the Disney Vekoma's being smooth (I've only done BTMR). Hershey's Sidewinder, a traditional boomerang, wasn't too bad, even with its original train. T3 was funky in how didn't have consistent forces, but I liked the layout. My thing about Vekoma is I wish they did more custom work. It seems most of their resume are their standard designs. While useful for newer and smaller parks, they don't really have much to offer for bigger parks. Their flyers and all their inverted boomerang models are quite unreliable on top of that.
  13. I imagine that early queue will look even better once those trees grow in.
  14. ^Yeah, the point being that I thought this was more of a way to update, modernize, and give new coasters new life, thus spreading out the lines. Putting VR on coasters already immensely popular seems kind of unnecessary and arbitrary.
  15. Without breaking the 11th commandment of course.