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  1. Does anything confirm what the building is between FoF and Racer?
  2. Good to see the River City Band back in action.
  3. I remember early 90's KI, but mostly HB Land. I don't think I ever rode the monorail or ventured much in the adult side unless it was watching my dad ride King Cobra and Vortex. I got scared on a few of the rides, like Beastie and Enchanted Voyage. Really didn't like coasters and dark rides for a while in the early days. Riding the KIMVRR made up for it and I could handle both the log flumes a-okay. A lot of good memories on the original Tiques as well. Beast was incredibly horrific to me on my first ride as I got taller and I also didn't take a liking to Adventure Express. I also was iffy on Racer (both woodies still had buzz bars at that time), though I made it okay and I only rode forwards at first. Then I discovered Top Gun. I was hooked instantly and I eventually conquered my fears of the other big coasters. I got my first Vortex ride and first Beast night ride (which was my 2nd ride overall on Beast) back to back on one of the 11 pm closings during the PKI days. That was easily my favorite KI visit. Back in those days since there were less rides, The Vortex queue would stretch past Dodgems and Beast would wind its way past the Rivertown side of Tiques (about as far back as the Backlot launch track). Flight of Fear was routinely 90 minutes-2 hours long. KC had quite the waits, too. I also miss the Cool Zone in The Beast queue.
  4. Because HUSS rides (who make Top Spins) are notoriously laden with downtime.
  5. I honestly don't have a preference for Bat, though, I will say I'm more willing to wait 3-4 trains to ride the front seat a couple times a season than about any other coaster in the park sans Beast.
  6. I feel this thread is starting to go into a mobius loop, just people repeating the same points over and over.
  7. I've been on a few other wood coasters recently that had small amounts of recent re-tracking at the time I rode them that had that vibrating noise at those sections (Shivering Timbers and Legend), but I imagine there was more of a physical vibration earlier in the season because I got to both later those respective summers and those portions were fine. Maybe give Racer's re-tracking a chance to break in?
  8. Whenever I've been to other CF parks, I always try to wear KI gear and I usually get comments from staff and just talk about differences between the parks from the perspective of having KI as my home park. I've also noticed those ops tend to make more of an impression on re-rides. I had some fun experiences with the MIA Corkscrew crew last time I was up in Muskegon. When I go as a single rider, whenever I try to put items in the bin myself (at least when I used to have to carry a backpack for medical stuffs), the groups behind me at the loading gates take my seat. I want to help ops in that regard, but I don't trust the guests from pulling a fast one on me. When seat belts have to be tied over the restraints like on MT and the HW woodies, I try to mimic it so it goes faster for them as well. They're really appreciative of it at the later.
  9. Maybe that's the record- longest transfer track on a coaster.
  10. Unfortunately, HP construction doesn't have a lot of updates across the interwebs, so I have no idea how things are going on their end.
  11. The fact they still actively chose Racer as a Coasterstock tour this particular year makes me think they're letting enthusiasts and the GP do most of the heavy lifting for promoting this new coaster since the park hasn't said a peep yet. Maybe they'll have some epic build up to the announcement. It is weird they're not even pouring concrete yet though considering it's likely a scaled up Diamondback.
  12. What's with Diamondback lately? It was down a few times yesterday, and I've seen it down a few times today watching the webcams.
  13. ^I noticed a lot of the school group kids cutting through that area yesterday.
  14. I would ballpark the average wait times between 20-40 minutes.
  15. Starting to pick up now. There are 6 1/2 rows of buses in the parking lot.
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