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  1. I then vote for Mondial Top Scan (the type of ride Carowinds' Electro-Spin is) in Area 72. That would look amazing against the backdrop of Orion's lighting package at night. Anyone still make Top Spins out there?
  2. I went up to Kings Island tonight expecting rain to quell the crowds. Alas, that didn't occur until later and the rain only served to close the park slightly early. Got a full round of rides on the big coasters sans Backlot and grabbed a few rides on Drop Tower and Delirium to boot. I seriously need to ride Delirium more. Its such a great flat, especially at night seeing all the colors of the park fly by at various angles. Rain did help in the wooden coaster department. Got my first taste of Racer in the rain with the re-tracking, and oh boy is it so, so, so goooooood. For Beast, I knocked off a bucket list item in getting to ride it during a thunderstorm. 2 cells had just enough space to allow the last 2 trains of the night to dispatch, I got LROTN, and it is something out of the RL Stine novel. Completely insane and awesome. One of my favorite night rides I've ever had. Planned on 1-1, but decided on 4-2 instead, which, not only protected me from the rain a bit, but I also got to see the train silhouetted against the 2nd tunnel via lightning, which is the most epic Beast moment ever. I also got my first night rides on Orion, and it delivered pretty well. Good lighting package, and the first drop feels like it takes forever and feels like you're dropping into a big black void. Also helps that it, Banshee and Bat were hauling a** tonight. Bat in particular had an extra dose of intensity to it. Also, also, I miss Vortex.
  3. Lines not bad tonight yet. Beginning to pick up though. Edit- crews not named Orion are dragging tonight, especially Banshee's.
  4. I find towards the middle of the train is the most consistently comfortable ride on Invertigo. You go towards the front/back if you want a bit more intensity (on top of what it already has). Also, if you want to try to avoid grey/black outs, focus on breathing. silver2005, who thinks Boomerangs of any variety are fairly underrated and wishes Vekoma would design Invertigo coaster restraints like they do their normal Boomerangs.
  5. My preference for a new flat ride for KI would be either a S&S Screaming Swing or whatever make and model Carowinds' Electro-Spin is.
  6. ^That's the midway. The queue is towards WindSeeker around and under the rear spike.
  7. Woodstock Express for me, especially in the back.
  8. ^Same with Rougarou's colors when it was Mantis (keep the floorless trains though).
  9. Iron Dragon- Red track, light grey/white supports.
  10. Stand ups also have slow load times due to the seat adjustments. Even Vortex at Carowinds with only 24 riders/train took a while to dispatch.
  11. Like to get in? Pretty sure you can't buy extra tickets. You'd have to acquire them through P&G (my dad worked there 20+ years).
  12. Not a KI dream, but I dreamed I was at SFGAm of all places (never been to that park), and for some reason, half the park was in a dome, BTR had a different layout and was grey and yellow, and Volcano that ran completely different (still inverted Intamin with LIMs) from KD was there.
  13. I think people around here just associate September with the buyouts at the park with how long they've done it.
  14. 2 aspects of certain lift hills I like- the sound of Arrow lifts, and the sound off wooden lifts in addition to the smell of them when freshly greased.
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