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  1. Don performing a sweeping broadside with those shots fired.
  2. Beast is a bit smoother when one rides in the 2nd row of each car, aka, the non-wheel seats. I've ridden as far back as the 2nd to last row since that qualifies and got good rides on it.
  3. Most fans of wooden coasters not named El Toro, T-Express or Balder are more than okay with someone saying they're someone's least favorite given the nature of older ones. I can understand why someone could have them as a least favorite.
  4. Favorite- Beast- Love wooden coasters over steel, long and unique layout, great helix finale, my favorite night ride on any coaster ever Least Favorite- Xtreme Skyflyer- does have a good free fall once you release yourself from the lift wire, but otherwise, a giant pay-per-ride swing
  5. - Got my first ride on Vortex and my first Beast night ride on the same night - Lots of memories with my family from the mid-90's through early 2000's, particularly with my grandparents on the Tiques, water rides, and the smaller Coney flats - Old school Waterworks with the family (especially with the Beach Boys music they used to play) - Riding Vortex 6 times in a row at night without leaving my seat on one of the P&G buyouts (in 6-2 for those curious) - My first time riding Top Gun/Bat (at night no less). I went on a mad marathon of that when I first rode it, like 7-9 times, its the ride that really got me more comfortable with roller coasters (I wasn't a fan of them when I was much younger) - As much as I wasn't a fan of the ride overall, my first time on SOB during a rescheduled Gold Pass holder event was a great experience (rescheduled due to the construction delays) - The anticipation and build up to Banshee, attending the announcement (my first coaster announcement in person), and it all culminating in a 4 hour and 20 minute wait for it on opening day in 2014 and the start of one of my favorite seasons ever (also my first season meeting up with KICers, most of whom I'm still good friends with today), also being present and trying to attain being Banshee's 2,000,000th rider on closing day (probably rode it 7-10 times in a row) - @malem and I doing a Coney flat marathon, wiped us both out - My 2nd ride on DB on opening day in 2010 after having to take 2 seasons off due to my surgeries, more so my first ride on Firehawk that same day since my surgeries were on my abdomen - The original QTV, lots of 90s music brings back fond memories of my earlier KI ventures (or PKI as it were)
  6. Another thought is along with upgrades to Soak City, the park could use a new water ride in the main park.
  7. Also not making a hill go above 80 ft after the first is 200. My problem was more being thrown forward at the crests of hills. Currently, Skyrush is my least favorite hyper coaster. Also, as I found on El Toro, there are some occurrences due to weather/humidity where it doesn't go through the course as fast and you won't get the mass ejector air most people clamor on about. My rides were pretty mediocre when I went a few years ago.
  8. I kind of want it renamed back to Waterworks entirely for that cool sign that used to be above the lazy river. Most of the old Waterworks signage are among my favorite theme park logos.
  9. In terms of theming on Millennium Force, I still get pumped hearing its station music along with the station design and those sleek trains cycling before being hauled up the first hill. Plus, seeing the ride fly around you as it finishes is cool enough for me.
  10. Conversely, the 1% are dependent on the 99% to not do things to make things worse. Speaking as a 1%-er.
  11. Of the ones I've ridden on that list, I'd put 5 of them above DB if I had to rank wood with steel.
  12. SDL is such a classic. I might be more sad that its closed over Storm Runner. I consider that a staple for the night rides I go with at HP when I end the day, on a list including GB and Comet. I got a huge soft spot for SDL.
  13. I wonder if Vekoma can make a train with better restraints like they have with their other Boomerangs, granted Invertigo's train is more unique. I'd even take a new train that would get rid of the face-to-face seating. The new trains make a HUGE difference on the normal Boomerangs.
  14. Hopefully not a long term problem. Storm Runner is my favorite steel coaster at HP and my favorite launch coaster.
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