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  1. So I was torn about what kind of trip I want to do this summer. I've been putting a Canadian trip on the back burner for some time now, but I've ultimately decided I want to see the ocean again, so I'm settling for a Virginia based trip. The 3 parks I know for sure as of this post are Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Kings Dominion, and Six Flags America. I want to include a 4th park, and its a complete coin flip between Carowinds and Hersheypark. I'm leaning to HP as they have 2 new credits for me whereas Carowinds wouldn't add any, but Fury 325 and Afterburn are hard to pass up, especially because I can finally ride them at night. For beach going, a day at Virginia Beach is likely in order. I won't pass up advice on the VA parks, but I am pretty comfortable kind of just winging it as I've been to Kings Dominion before back in 2004. I've heard a lot of weird stuff about SFA so any prior knowledge of that park going in would be helpful. I'd like to know what I'm getting into with that. No advice needed for Carowinds or HP. Other than that, hopefully I get to KI more this year than the past 3 years, a CP trip is in the works (possibly with Waldameer), a KK day trip is a possibility, and a very big maybe is a HW day trip (if you consider a 3 hour drive past a time zone change a day trip and your name's not @malem).
  2. Pretty much every smaller park would like to disagree.
  3. Obviously, we need snow plows on the front of coaster trains. Now I want to see a train just plow through snow covered track, I'll settle for a stall, but just to see the snow explode off the track.
  4. The real question is would we have seen @malem wear a jacket that night if the park were open? silver2005, asking the hard hitting questions.
  5. I hope Soak City gets some love and a new name.
  6. I've done SOB and Diamondback at sub-50 before and pretty sure I had a numb face afterwards.
  7. Bat just to have those tarps under the trains that normally collect rain water to dump snow on riders.
  8. I'm still not even trying out of distrust.
  9. Diamondback would give the last few rows hypothermia on snowy days.
  10. ^I figured Paramount would have scrubbed any trace of the Outer Limits name after it got changed. Guessed they weren't diligent enough.
  11. Do you mean the original where it mentions the original ride name, Outer Limits? There's no way that video exists on the internet.
  12. How about one of those drive thru places where you can load up on snacks and drinks? Also a combo Skyline/LaRosa's/Graeters.
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