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  1. For me, this was already the smoothest non-suspended Arrow I've been on, so I can't imagine how it'll get better than that. Its a really fun and beautiful ride for as simple it is.
  2. That's been there since forever. I recall seeing it used as early as the early 90s, probably late KECO era.
  3. So they can't both hide I-Street and give the front gate a much needed modern facelift? silver2005, asking questions.
  4. I have an idea from a Mack based ride currently being built. Europa Park in Germany is building Voltron, a multi-launch 7 inversion Mack with a launch as part of one of the inversions and a relatively compact layout, at least something in the realm that could fit in The Vortex field. https://rcdb.com/7121.htm
  5. The only kids/family coaster I can think of with good capacity are those Zierer figure 8 designs that have those super long trains, which, I wouldn't mind if KI got one of those. Also, the ride crews at any parks' kids area leaves a lot to be desired, even at parks with better staff.
  6. Is the entire kids area being relabeled as Camp Snoopy or is it apart of the overall Planet Snoopy? Either way, its a much needed update to that area. I'm hoping for a bit more shade in that area to come as well.
  7. TT2 going 120 mph makes it go to 420 ft, so only 19 mph less should make it go up a pretty good chunk of the 420 ft reverse spike. I just hope the reverse launch is comfortable. I rode Pantheon recently, and after experiencing its similar launch mechanics to TT2, I could definitely see a point where a reverse launch could be too extreme. It should be re-entering the reverse launch at least at 65-70 mph or so and TT2 has a pretty long launch track, but the restraints will definitely make or break the reverse launch. I like the new paint scheme, especially keeping the red striped track. I don't think the name is a big deal considering most normal guests are still going to keep calling it Dragster for short. Overall, I'm glad they're at least keeping it. Granted its a one trick pony coaster, but I rather like its one trick. I'm also hoping they kinda keep the old launch sequence with the engine noises and the red, yellow, and green racing lights it had at track level and on the tower, and while unlikely, I hope Republica is rocking in the station again.
  8. ^Didn't someone find socks somewhere earlier this season, too? Worst new attraction hints ever.
  9. Also, I think KD has the better top to bottom ride collection over Carowinds' top heavy lineup.
  10. ^That's also when Hershey was in the midst of their deal with Intamin building Storm Runner, Fahrenheit and Skyrush in a relatively short period, not to mention SFGAdv blowing up in size under Snyder.
  11. I feel Dorney has to be very selective with a new coaster. Between Hershey and SFGAdv, the two have a pretty diverse collection between them, and DP has to fall in that niche to keep them diversified and relevant. Could we see another Zamperla of some sort?
  12. I say bring back the south parking entrance. I'm not a fan of them funneling both exits off I-71 into one place.
  13. I'm guessing if its a coaster its a smaller one since I didn't see any signs of construction there a few weeks ago.
  14. I went on a slow Monday and they I never saw them not race.
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