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  1. CW also had to partially dismantle Vortex to start Yukon construction.
  2. What are the actual opening years for the relocated Coney Island rides (Monster, Scrambler, RFYLCB, etc)?
  3. And since when does Soak City have a big wooden fence on its entire perimeter?
  4. Knott's comes to mind for me. Its a really diverse line up with some decent theming and models you don't see a lot of in the rest of the United States, probably due to their niche in the SoCal market.
  5. Heck of a storm going through KI right now. Horizontal rain and hail on the webcams.
  6. I'd like to see Sally or someone do something with Boo Blasters before anything is done with the Crypt building if we're talking dark rides.
  7. I think the default with B&M sit down looping coasters is to automatically upgrade them to floorless since they haven't been hired to build a sit down looper in decades (LZ was their last build of that model).
  8. I would like to express appreciation in that the staff here is more transparent and thorough in explanations than other coaster fan sites.
  9. I think the 'hiding' of information is more due to the park catering to their bigger demographic in the GP. The GP aren't all that interested in the park during the off season. Sure, the park does utilize social media, but that's part of the PR department's job in an era where the internet is a HUGE part of the way society functions. Most news outlets don't cover anything about the park until within a month before the park opens (probably closer to a week or two before opening day). There's really not that much demand this year since the park's additions and upgrades aren't on par with a year where they add a new coaster. Like, really, is the rest of the tri-state area really clamoring for this information right now, especially right now during one of the biggest sports months for the area both with March Madness and Reds Opening Day (aka, Cincinnati's own holiday) coming up? Also, how much money are you guys dumping into getting few pictures via airplane? Is it really worth all that? It seems like going extraordinarily out of your way just to say you're that guy who got the information first.
  10. I will say the hills around DB's splash could use some touch up on the paint.
  11. IIRC, there was a season or 2 where Vortex's paint was worn away down to the primer, which is a pretty good indicator that it wasn't painted every other year. KC's paint quality left a lot to be desired, too, for most seasons at least. And let's not even get started on Racer. That probably hasn't been touched up since the KECO days.
  12. For B&M flyers, I've only ridden Superman: Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great Adventure, which currently is my least favorite B&M, but I'm willing to hold reservation on judging them as a whole since I haven't been on the bigger and/or more elaborate designs like Manta or Tatsu (the later has some other features outside the flying design which look appealing to me). On the other hand, I really liked Firehawk, though, I preferred sitting on the brake run and going up the lift on the B&M version than the Vekoma version. My only complaint on the B&M flyer restraints are the leg restraints, mainly as I'm not a fan of any form of leg/shin restraints. In terms of other models, I think a B&M floorless is entirely plausible, too.
  13. There's no way that top piece on Drop Tower is 51 ft above where the ride vehicle stops (if you guys are saying the dropping point is at 264 ft and the tower is 315 ft tall).
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