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  1. I think a wheel should be separated from the Eiffel Tower a bit so it kinda has its own place in the park skyline.
  2. I wish they would give Sling Shot and Skyflyer a lighting package. Skyflyer's was awesome in the 90s.
  3. I will say that 16 year old me wouldn't have been dreaming much because when this thread was started. Paramount was adding pretty cool stuff year after year, though, it was before some of us knew what crappy stuff Paramount pulled with a lot of their additions back then.
  4. The fact that this site is 20+ years old is mind boggling enough. I'm from the era when all the once numerous and prominent coaster fan sites were just being born.
  5. Is Racer being all done this off season or will it take multiple? I have to imagine a wood coaster takes significantly longer to paint than a steel coaster, especially a pair with nearly 7000 ft of track.
  6. The Racer queue, the Tiques queues, and the Carousel have/had some of my favorite architecture and theming in the park, too. Also- Racer Radio in the lower queue please.
  7. One thing I hope they do with Racer also is completely revamp the queue. Keep the style, but remove half the queue not used and put in some plants or something, spruce it up. Then do the same for old man Beast when it turns 50.
  8. CP's only way to survive is as a destination park. They don't have the luxury of being all that close to a major city like Kings Island is, thus they need to build shinier things than KI to attract people there. Cincinnati is also at a kind of crossroads where a lot of traffic and people flow through unlike Sandusky, which is much more isolated geographically.
  9. I feel compelled to post this even though its completely out of context. Also, ACE is pretty much irrelevant anymore. silver2005, who has no idea what is over.
  10. ^Considering the amount of work done on the Coney Island Cyclone and it still has one, doubtful on the removal of the ACE plaque.
  11. I've had coins fall on me on both SOB and Vortex on loops. I've also caught a scarf on Diamondback's first drop before.
  12. Your screen name is Chuck Norris and you didn't solve the problem with a roundhouse kick?
  13. Didn't you already set aside your Car Wash ERT budget?
  14. ^What would the incentive of the drone operator be if the park announced the re-tracking ahead of a single piece of wood being removed and then providing pics of the work before the drones could? And yes, the park should adapt to that stuff. That's what a good PR staff is for. They're letting the drone operators walk all over them otherwise.
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