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  1. Things that KI can improve on

    There is one thing I've been forgetting to add- Kings Island, Cedar Fair, please, please, please rehab Racer. Even the good seats are getting towards the uncomfortable side and it looks so barren without the chaser lights strung all the way down the layout.
  2. Makes sense that KI has a large season pass base- it has few competing parks, its very close to its main market city (Cincinnati) as well as withing decent driving distance from many others (C-bus, Indy, Dayton, L'ville, Lexington) as well as large suburban growth very close by (West Chester, Liberty Township, Mason). I could see KI being the only seasonal park in the chain without a Pre-K pass.
  3. The Amusement Park Railroad Thread

    Does Busch Gardens Tampa just have this massive collection of amusement park train equipment or something?
  4. Kings Island Music

    I have a few songs to add- Heard on I-Street- ET Theme (Adventures on Earth)- John Williams Ride of the Valkyries- Richard Wagner On the Carousel- John Phillip Sousa- Semper Fidelis
  5. Will Diamondback always be the tallest at KI?

    ^Other way around for Mack. They have a few hypers, but have yet to go for a giga.
  6. Anyone else reminded of SIX's team up with RCT2 by this?
  7. Why do B&Ms click at the bottom of the hill

    ^They don't roar nor click when entering the lift though. The question of the OP was for the base of the lift.
  8. All Season Fast Lane Available at Kings Island in 2018

    I do maybe 1-2 gung ho ride marathon days at KI a season, usually 1 using FLP, and that's it. I sometimes don't mind going slower or even waiting in line, especially for KIC meet ups, plus I spread out my visits. I think I would get tired and kind of spoiled of the park if every visit was with FLP. If you go through my TR's, I pay a lot of attention to park atmosphere (even at KI, I love any and all spontaneity during visits), and being a psych major, I like to people watch as well, not to mention taking in a few shows (coughOffTheChartsHornSectioncough). In short, I definitely wouldn't go for this.
  9. TBF, they may have the NTAG incident on their minds.
  10. Cedar Fair additions 2018

    ^Both CA parks announced coasters on the same day though.
  11. Cedar Fair additions 2018

    I just realized that KI must really be going cheap since CF even convinced Knott's to announce the same time as the rest of the chain. Knott's usually does its own thing and announces kinda separate from the eastern parks. I was pulling for that Boomerang to go to MIA though. Also disappointed Dorney didn't get anything either (more so since I'm going there next season).
  12. Cedar Fair additions 2018

    Out of left field, Knott's is getting a Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster called Hangtime, something similar to Smiler at Alton Towers but with a third of the inversions (5). 150 ft, 57 mph, a holding brake at a 60 degree angle, 96 degree drop. Similar trains to Smiler (4 cars, 4 across). Still waiting on renderings as they didn't show them on the live stream via Facebook. Its light aqua blue track (think Invertigo's track) with white supports. EDIT: Here it is. https://www.knotts.com/explore/hangtime
  13. What could 2018 bring KI

    Cue Goble melt down in 3, 2, 1...
  14. Mystic Timbers and Twisted Timbers connection

    But its never been done at 2 separate parks before...I think.
  15. Mystic Timbers and Twisted Timbers connection

    ^So we now have sequel rides? silver2005, asking questions.