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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Yeah, I'll be going cheap in Charlotte since its only 2 nights. I may go a bit nicer for a hotel in TN. This isn't a terribly expensive trip if I go super cheap, so I have room to splurge on things including nicer hotels and even go FLP at Carowinds if I want to go nuts. Most of the Gatlinburg/PF stuff I want to do is on the cheap side or even free, I have Platinum from 2020 for Carowinds. Dollywood is the only big expense outside hotels. Would like suggestions for a good Carolina style BBQ joint in Charlotte (outside of Carowinds). May venture downtown depending on what time I ge
  2. The one thing I need to do early at Carowinds is Vortex, mainly as stand ups turn my legs to Jell-O if I ride them later in the day.
  3. ^Dollywood just completed the loop between Thunderhead and Tennessee Tornado the last time I was there. I've been there 3 times and know enough what I am doing there, even with the new stuff. I also know what I want to do in G-burg/PF. This will be my first time to Carowinds. The itinerary as of now is leave for Charlotte on a Sunday, Carowinds on a Monday, travel to Gatlinburg on a Tuesday and wing it the rest of the day there, and spend Wednesday-Friday in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge (one day for tourist-y stuffs, one day for Dollywood, one day for GSMNP). I am going to try and g
  4. What would be the better day of the week to visit Dollywood- Wednesday, Thursday or Friday? Think mid-July.
  5. Anything and everything from the Off the Charts band.
  6. Capacity is overrated in terms of helping KI get rides truly unique to the area.
  7. For example, while most of the coaster lovin' world clamors over Skyrush and Mavrick, I find both to be highly overrated.
  8. ^Make sure to invite @Hawaiian Coasters 325.
  9. So, I've been thinking about a possible trip this year, and I feel my options are a bit limited due to how parks have been functioning due to covid issues. I feel the best course of action is to do my initially planned SE trip and trimming it down to just Carowinds and Dollywood with a few days in Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge thrown in. There is only a slight possibility I'll throw in KD, but I won't be doing BGW. I am trying to go on a bit of a budget since I am saving for bigger life things for 2022. There's also a chance I may do short trips to CP and/or KK in there as well. I'm mostl
  10. I would love to know how you would even be in the know that Formula Rossa runs consistently unless you somehow live in Abu Dhabi and work at Ferrari World without our knowledge. Also, it spends a fraction of a second at 149.9 as it launches into brakes. Kinda lame (also a problem I have with Maverick, launching to 70 mph right into trims). If you're gonna go that fast, let it do something with that speed.
  11. From my encounters with the GP, they adore GateKeeper and Valravn as much as the Intamins, maybe even more so concerning Valravn.
  12. So, I got part 1 of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday. I have a auto-immune programmed immune system, just without the organ my body was auto-immuning, so it hits viruses and the like pretty hard from the get go. As expected for me, I did get a little sick, but only mild achiness and head grogginess. If I had to work today, I probably would have. Just throwing this out there in case anyone here has someone affected by auto immune disorders and wants to know how they may affect them, albeit anecdotally.
  13. B&M flyers also have awful restraints, particularly with the legs.
  14. 1. Steel Vengeance 2. Nitro 3. Magnum XL-200 4. Diamondback 5. Millennium Force 6. Orion 7. Bizarro (SFGAdv) 8. Banshee 9. Rougarou 10. Storm Runner 11. Phantom's Revenge 12. Talon 13. Hydra 14. Volcano The Blast Coaster 15. Maverick
  15. You die hard Intamin fan boys really drive me to think Intamin is overrated despite the fact I have 4 in my top 15 favorite steel coasters and that I do think Intamin has contributed to the industry in some good ways despite their problems.
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