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  1. The only way I see GL surviving is if SIX never purchased them and overbuilt there to keep it as a small niche park, and even that's a stretch.
  2. I only rode SOB in 1-1 and 1-2 most of the time as they were slightly more comfortable. It was mostly just jarring jackhammering on the helices and that last bit before the final brakes. The pre-lift and the few straighter drops it had (the first drop, the drop off the MCBR and the drop before the final brakes) weren't bad, but just forceless due to being drawn out. I'd put it above Voyage and Mean Streak for sure on the roughness scale. The Rose Bowl felt like riding a coaster attached to a jackhammer. The second helix was basically the lite version of the first but still awful. The Pr
  3. ^I think another reason it was stretched out was so they could give it the length to be the 2nd longest wooden coaster in the world (both the length and the use of helices were inspired by the father). I just don't get how you put in so few elements in a coaster that's over 7000 ft long. Most steel hypers aren't that long and have more meat to their layouts than Son of Beast did.
  4. While I used to work at Coaster-Net, I did an editorial on Son of Beast after stumbling on the forensics report from the 2006 accident (the comments by the forensics person were scathing in combination with the evidence, both physical evidence and SOB's maintenance history) and learning more about the 2009 accident to piece together its history more. After that, I can't bring myself to miss it even though I somewhat enjoyed it in my early teens (I was 13 when it opened). To me, its a ride that shouldn't have opened in the condition it did and is a stain on Paramount's legacy that I won't for
  5. You could hear the train cresting the lift from the parking tolls.
  6. I'm thinking it was before 2002 as I don't see the Tomb Raider building.
  7. All the elements were drawn out so there was no sense of airtime to be had. Mostly positive G's, which is a bad sign on a wooden coaster. The helices were where most of the harsher roughness lied. The first drop was alright, though it needed drive tires to actually get over the crest of the swoop. The loop was smooth due to it being steel. Only got worse with switching out the Premier trains with the Gerstlauers. It felt like it likely would have stalled in high winds. Tis why you don't let engineers who primarily design steel coasters to design wooden ones. Even if RMC cou
  8. I think Timberwolf's future needs to be addressed as well.
  9. Soak City and Action Zone specifically are in desperate need of more shade.
  10. I'd love to ride me one of these. Kind of a Top Spin meets tower. The programable part is intriguing. I wonder how they plan on that since most 4D tech involves either free spinning or the 4 rail design of early 4D coasters like X2.
  11. Beast is definitely my favorite in the park, especially with the movie stylized lettering, the symmetry, and how the park went out of their way to give The Beast arms definition on the sign. I always imagine that image when its going into the helix tunnels, especially the first time around. It looks like a movie poster.
  12. I liked the original Outer Limits: Flight of Fear logo. Kept in style with the ride (especially if you were around for the build up to it when it opened). Has a lot of a Star Wars look with a bit of creepiness with the coloring and the speed-style letters of Flight of Fear. The video in the building is a nice kind of transition from the hype around then to actually riding the thing, particularly with this being the world's introduction to LIM technology and the kind of things it could mean for coasters (we got the first 100 mph coasters a year later with LSM technology). The 80s and
  13. They probably don't have it yet because they were anticipating no Haunt due to COVID-19. No Haunt=no Vortex tombstone.
  14. This is actually one of my favorite small parks now and is very underrated. Its an easy park to just take your time and enjoy things. The ride line up isn't too shabby either and some of the architecture kind of gives it its own character, especially the arcade by the lake and the Dodgems building. Also, Shivering Timbers is amazing in the front seat. Corkscrew is actually kind of fun as well for what it is. Wolverine Wildcat is a simple re-tracking away from being good. silver2005, who hopes to return next year along side a trip to Sandusky and possibly Erie.
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