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  1. I say keep the Slingshot area vacant to create a good Banshee photo op spot.
  2. Since SFGAdv made their floorless coaster Medusa again, I'd like it to go back to its original paint scheme. Also, make Tatsu any other better color combination.
  3. Dollywood is essentially a well themed European park that's in the US. There are bits of theming between the individual rides that make it all blend together. They also do well in making it all look good in the sense that its not easy seeing behind the scenes areas. The park also has tons of trees mostly everywhere which helps with the setting. This is part of a laundry list of reasons why Dollywood is my favorite park (even over the likes of the Disney parks I've been to, CP, HW, HP, KI, and Carowinds). Also, I don't get the argument with the new coaster that it doesn't have much else to look at. How many other Dollywood coasters do? Thunderhead, Eagle, Tennessee Tornado, Lightning Rod- outside the queue and stations on those are all just tree clearings that happen to be on hills. I'm sure the entry plaze, the queue and station on the new ride will be at Dollywood's standards. I also think with the way Dollywood has expanded, if you look at the train route, I believe the goal is to expand the park to the other loop and create a second station, so stuff around the new coaster may be filled in for the future. Mystery Mine used to literally sit all by itself before other things got added. Dollywood plans ahead very well, as evidenced IMO by the way they made the park a full loop in the first place (Thunderhead Gap and Tennessee Tornado used to be dead ends). I trust in whatever avenue they go with. EDIT: I also want to add this since people often midjudge what the park is because its named after Dolly Parton. Speaking as a music history buff, she has one of the greatest stories among any musician ever and she's one of the few country music artists I'll gladly listen to (and she has some serious music award hardware to boot, heck she's the type of person to initially decline a R&RHOF nomination). Her story is very well woven into the park. She's also done a ton for the surrounding area including helping out financially with the fire damage.
  4. I believe Intamin can hit 120 on LSMs now as a possible option, but the reputation of Intamin still lingers.
  5. ^That's what I just said in the quote, you just reframed it. And pre-retrack, it did stop often on the first lift to wait for the block to clear.
  6. Its also to save wear and tear on the lift system. Having to stop and start constantly with a multi-ton chain does a number on the chain and motor.
  7. ^You're really going to risk the park's reputation by forcing out those type of companies, subtly or otherwise? They use those events for a lot of reasons- recruiting, retaining employees, international relations (ESPECIALLY in P&G's case), etc. Also, a lot of people in those companies are KI's main season pass buyers and spend tons of money those weekends. They get some ridiculous discounts for passes those weekends.
  8. Well, I can at least do a REALLY good trip next season potentially. Might revive my plans for a Missouri trip (SDC, WoF, SFStL), I've also got a VA trip in mind (KD, SFA, BGW with Carowinds and/or HP as possible additions), and I'm actually contemplating a Canada trip now as well (CW and La Ronde). I also want to try and do CP annually.
  9. So, I had to cancel this trip at the last second. I developed a tooth abscess and unfortunately, I'm between dentists due to insurance and I have to wait until Monday to get work done. Today was supposed to be my day at IB. I can at least save up for a really nice vacation next year.
  10. Well duh, you have to use coded language and you have to provide a calligraphy pen. Showing up as someone who runs a park/coaster fan site is doomed for failure.
  11. ^^Another aspect of Orion I like over DB is how the 2nd and 3rd hills combined height and steepness make you lose sight of the horizon, which are nice disorienting moments along with the weightlessness thrown in for good measure. I wish Orion had more lower elements with quicker transitions while its still doing 80+ mph to let it use that speed a bit more and was a tad longer, which is why I prefer MF and Fury to Orion as well. Fury has some really quick hills and s-curves after the first overbank and MF has some nice drawn out parts where you skim the ground through the trees at high speed.
  12. ^Which is only 1 ft taller and 300 ft longer and otherwise a clone of Jersey Devil at NJFTP.
  13. So I will likely be scheduling a IB day trip next year to get the Schwarzkopf at this point. Also, any downtown Cleveland tips are welcome.
  14. I flat out like DB over Orion, feels a bit more aggressive.
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