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  1. The 2 flat rides should take maybe a few days tops to put together. Most flats of that size go up quick. The only thing I see not being open once the season starts is Adventure Express depending on the extent they are sprucing it up.
  2. So I was torn about what kind of trip I want to do this summer. I've been putting a Canadian trip on the back burner for some time now, but I've ultimately decided I want to see the ocean again, so I'm settling for a Virginia based trip. The 3 parks I know for sure as of this post are Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Kings Dominion, and Six Flags America. I want to include a 4th park, and its a complete coin flip between Carowinds and Hersheypark. I'm leaning to HP as they have 2 new credits for me whereas Carowinds wouldn't add any, but Fury 325 and Afterburn are hard to pass up, especially because I can finally ride them at night. For beach going, a day at Virginia Beach is likely in order. I won't pass up advice on the VA parks, but I am pretty comfortable kind of just winging it as I've been to Kings Dominion before back in 2004. I've heard a lot of weird stuff about SFA so any prior knowledge of that park going in would be helpful. I'd like to know what I'm getting into with that. No advice needed for Carowinds or HP. Other than that, hopefully I get to KI more this year than the past 3 years, a CP trip is in the works (possibly with Waldameer), a KK day trip is a possibility, and a very big maybe is a HW day trip (if you consider a 3 hour drive past a time zone change a day trip and your name's not @malem).
  3. Pretty much every smaller park would like to disagree.
  4. Obviously, we need snow plows on the front of coaster trains. Now I want to see a train just plow through snow covered track, I'll settle for a stall, but just to see the snow explode off the track.
  5. The real question is would we have seen @malem wear a jacket that night if the park were open? silver2005, asking the hard hitting questions.
  6. I hope Soak City gets some love and a new name.
  7. I've done SOB and Diamondback at sub-50 before and pretty sure I had a numb face afterwards.
  8. Bat just to have those tarps under the trains that normally collect rain water to dump snow on riders.
  9. I'm still not even trying out of distrust.
  10. Diamondback would give the last few rows hypothermia on snowy days.
  11. ^I figured Paramount would have scrubbed any trace of the Outer Limits name after it got changed. Guessed they weren't diligent enough.
  12. Do you mean the original where it mentions the original ride name, Outer Limits? There's no way that video exists on the internet.
  13. How about one of those drive thru places where you can load up on snacks and drinks? Also a combo Skyline/LaRosa's/Graeters.
  14. A few come to mind- - I wasn't too keen on riding coasters when I was younger, but I eventually worked up the courage and started small and went bigger, the coaster that got me on track was, then, Top Gun. When I first discovered it, it looked and sounded so different than the other louder coasters and just something about it gravitated me to it, I rode it about 6-7 times in a row that night - As I started to get more courage, I eventually got to try Vortex for the first time at nght. A year or 2 prior, I did get pretty scared on my first Beast ride, but after the first Vortex ride, I got my first Beast night ride and loved the 2 from that point on - I have a LOT of good memories with my family at, then, Water Works (I hope they go back to that name honestly with the facade over the lazy river, that logo always looked so cool to me) - my first ride on SOB was on a preview night they had to postpone due to SoB doing SoB things, I think I rode with Don (it was a larger park official that looked like him), despite my hate of it, that ride was really unique and sticks out being a wooden coaster that big and the loop was pretty cool doing it for the first time on a modern wooden coaster, also at night - finally getting to be tall enough to ride King Cobra before it was taken down, even got a 1-1 ride on it - during a P&G Dividend Day, I got to ride on Vortex in 6-1 6 times in a row without leaving the seat - being on Beast during the fireworks when it was allowed to run, they often stopped the trains on the respective lifts to let riders watch from that vantage point - my first ride on Diamondback which was in between the few surgeries I had, then coming back in 2010 with the first season pass I had in a few years and riding the crap out of DB, felt great FINALLY getting a B&M coaster and also overcoming my medical condition to get back to enjoying the park at the same time (row 3-2 on the green train is where I first rode it and I love getting to get that seat when I can for the nostalgia trip) - my first KIC meet up at the Banshee announcement (which was the apex of the most awesome decoding thread in site history) - the first few KIC Haunt meet ups I went to, especially 2014 and 2015, made me always try to get a Haunt rain trip - being at closing day in 2014 to attempt to get to be the 2 millionth rider on Banshee, probably rode it a dozen times that day, most of it near close obviously
  15. Most rides I had on it, particularly the blue side, they were off anyways. It's got some decent laterals now when it happens.
  16. ^Not all the other CF parks' sites have that list. The only ones that have it are KD, Carowinds, CGA and Knotts.
  17. silver2005


    I wonder of he did some weird math with the price KI paid for Vortex updated for inflation and divided the track piece length from ~3800 ft.
  18. If anyone here remembers the Fahrenheit announcement and build up, this is nothing new to how HP announces things. Also, they're totally jacking UCs branding with the red and black claw marks. (/sarcasm)- edit
  19. They are only loading the first 2 cars and it's barely making it over the helix today.
  20. Going off my coaster rankings- Steel (out of 95)- 6. Diamondback, 7. Orion, 10. Banshee, 30. Vortex (defunct), 39. Flight of Fear, 45. Bat, 46. Firehawk (defunct), 50. Adventure Express, 65. Invertigo, 82. King Cobra (defunct) 87. Backlot Wood (out of 34)- 2. Beast, 6. Mystic Timbers, 11. Racer, 31. Woodstock Express, 33. SoB w/loop (defunct), 34. SoB w/o loop (defunct) I only put Woodstock just to show how bad I think SOB was.
  21. The big thing for me about Haunt this year is the awful music selection. To me, the use of music really sets the tone for Haunt and adds huge amounts to the overall atmosphere. The death metal at rope drop and basically using standard music used in the summer made it feel less like Haunt and more like it feeling like a typical night at the park that just happened to have Haunt elements which didn't blend.
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