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  1. An update- https://www.phillyvoice.com/el-toro-six-flags-closed-roller-coaster-great-adventure-malfunction-injuries/
  2. My Skyline did something similar as they're by a HS where they close at 10 pm every day including weekends because of teens, but also because they don't spend much for the time and effort it takes putting up with them. Maybe CF has similar thoughts. Teens don't spend much in the park aside from entry fee, right? (I could be mistaken but it seems plausible)
  3. 1. KK has a height restriction due to proximity to the airport 2. KK's area to build taller things is literally a line that's in the back section, all the tall coasters they've built past and present were in that line
  4. If we're repainting Diamondback- black supports please.
  5. ^The first 2 coasters to hit 100 mph (Superman: The Escape and Tower of Terror) use(d) and were the first to use LSM's.
  6. I think they stick with Intamin or convince someone like Premier to go LSM's. Less moving parts, more widely used, a little more energy conservative. I also think its highly likely it'll lose height and speed in order to accommodate a more dynamic layout. They'd need a LOT of track to burn off 120 mph safely, either with a spread out low turn or some sort of mammoth second element, at least in keeping it at 420 ft.
  7. On the somewhat likely chance CP is getting Intamin to do this, I imagine they'll be standing over them with one of those canes they use to yank people off stage if they screw anything up. If they intend to keep most of what made TTD itself, I only really see Intamin or S&S be used as they're the only 2 companies to top 100 mph.
  8. TTD used a hydraulic launch system, never converted to LSMs.
  9. Toledo, Akron, or Cleveland aren't exactly close to Cedar Point where I'd consider them 'locals' and Sandusky and surrounding towns are pretty small. CP almost exclusively relies on out of town visitors compared to pretty much every other seasonal park.
  10. ^But people here are trying to shoehorn in Vortex's plot as Rivertown. That's Coney Mall to me. That spot is likely getting a coaster all things considered. Also, there's no lake going there. That's all a big hill going down towards and beyond Beast. The amount of land work needed for a lake would be colossal. As for actual Rivertown, its a bit landlocked as is unless they finally decide to remove the big steel box, which, would open some land around Diamondback to use. The area around DB's splash could be utilized as well for some flats/theming.
  11. ^^I disagree, Knotts has one and they're comparable to KI in size and attendance. I'd take an Infinity Coaster in a heartbeat. Slap one with 5-6 inversions with a good lighting package in Vortex's spot (that's actually my new preference for The Vortex spot over a RMC now). I for one want some variety, even at the cost of a little capacity. Capacity isn't everything. There are several coasters I'd like to see KI get that aren't on B&M levels of capacity. Heck, CP is getting a spinning wild mouse.
  12. So even with other track designs, large wooden coasters aren't the best way to go.
  13. ^They just re-tracked it after an incident where a wheel came out and part of the train shredded 2000-3000 ft of track. That wasn't even the 1st time it was re-tracked. I'm going with Intamin design flaw.
  14. Yeah, only about half of Voyage is a terrain coaster.
  15. Here's the thread in all its glory. Many, many inside jokes and shenanigans involved. silver2005, crossthreading and shenanigans-ing
  16. Does Starbucks still sell overpriced tea inside the park? Also, @jcgoble3 (if you're still lurking), you still have that jacket? I know @malem is clever with a camera. For reasons....
  17. Let's be honest, the solutions to qualm the fights and such were going to make someone mad. I'm guessing it's becoming such a problem that SIX had to make a drastic measure.
  18. I say keep the Slingshot area vacant to create a good Banshee photo op spot.
  19. Since SFGAdv made their floorless coaster Medusa again, I'd like it to go back to its original paint scheme. Also, make Tatsu any other better color combination.
  20. Dollywood is essentially a well themed European park that's in the US. There are bits of theming between the individual rides that make it all blend together. They also do well in making it all look good in the sense that its not easy seeing behind the scenes areas. The park also has tons of trees mostly everywhere which helps with the setting. This is part of a laundry list of reasons why Dollywood is my favorite park (even over the likes of the Disney parks I've been to, CP, HW, HP, KI, and Carowinds). Also, I don't get the argument with the new coaster that it doesn't have much else to look at. How many other Dollywood coasters do? Thunderhead, Eagle, Tennessee Tornado, Lightning Rod- outside the queue and stations on those are all just tree clearings that happen to be on hills. I'm sure the entry plaze, the queue and station on the new ride will be at Dollywood's standards. I also think with the way Dollywood has expanded, if you look at the train route, I believe the goal is to expand the park to the other loop and create a second station, so stuff around the new coaster may be filled in for the future. Mystery Mine used to literally sit all by itself before other things got added. Dollywood plans ahead very well, as evidenced IMO by the way they made the park a full loop in the first place (Thunderhead Gap and Tennessee Tornado used to be dead ends). I trust in whatever avenue they go with. EDIT: I also want to add this since people often midjudge what the park is because its named after Dolly Parton. Speaking as a music history buff, she has one of the greatest stories among any musician ever and she's one of the few country music artists I'll gladly listen to (and she has some serious music award hardware to boot, heck she's the type of person to initially decline a R&RHOF nomination). Her story is very well woven into the park. She's also done a ton for the surrounding area including helping out financially with the fire damage.
  21. I believe Intamin can hit 120 on LSMs now as a possible option, but the reputation of Intamin still lingers.
  22. ^That's what I just said in the quote, you just reframed it. And pre-retrack, it did stop often on the first lift to wait for the block to clear.
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