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  1. Park Nitpicks

    Glad I waited until preview night to add the drink plan.
  2. Green boarding passes

    A lot of the worst medical conditions are the ones you don't see or aren't obvious. People do what they need to to cope with everyday life and fit in. Just remember that everyone has something they're going through in one way or another. I'm happy KI has a system like that in place.
  3. I'm going with a bit more detail than that. Element by element, this doesn't have anything that RMC hasn't done before. Even the transitions aren't atypical for RMC. And its not like they haven't built anything this scale in terms of height and speed before either (see Goliath which isn't too far off in those particular stats). I'm leaning to something new with the trains.
  4. As I've been hinting around the site, I'm planning probably my biggest trip ever next summer,, likely in early June. Its a week long excursion through eastern PA and NJ with 5 parks in one go. The parks are as follows- Waldameer Knoebel's Dorney Park Hersheypark Six Flags Great Adventrure (NJFTP) The first 3 parks will be first time visits. I doubt I will need much advice on this trip concerning in-park details as the first 3 are small, I've been to HP a few times before, and I've received enough info about NJFTP over the years to know what I'm getting into along with having been there in 2000. The placing of NJFTP within the itinerary will be heavily dependent on the weather since I hear SIX weather policies aren't stellar. Also of note, I will be reaching my 100th credit on this trip. Since the NJFTP visit will determine which order the parks go, I have the coaster picked at each park of what 100 will be- Knoebel's- coin flip between Phoenix and Twister Dorney- coin flip between Hydra and Steel Force HP- Skyrush (the only 2 new credits to me there are that and Laff Trakk) NJFTP- Nitro (only new credits are any coasters built after 2000) I'll be doing Waldameer en route to the hotel, so its exempt from being the spot of reaching the century mark. I am looking or ways around the turnpike though, at least for going between Knoebel's, DP and HP. I'm aiming for a hotel around Dorney since that looks to be kind of the center point, though, it all looks pricey ATM. I am also looking into doing Flash Pass for NJFTP.
  5. The Giga Speculation Thread

    EDIT: Edited out claims about other coaster sites in light of the thread about that being deleted.
  6. The Giga Speculation Thread

    I just thought of one possible snafu about putting a giga in the area most of you are going for. I wonder if Kings High School would have any issues with a giga heading out too far in that direction with noise concerns. There's also a bit of housing not too far from that either. The giga I envision (if KI gets one) would start in Action Zone and most likely involve removing Timberwolf, Congo Falls, or both for the station and queue area, and take it past The Bat and into the area around the greenhouse/old camp grounds, out behind GWL. They could also relocate the Blackout building and use that area for the station/queue.
  7. I wonder what changed about these new sets of trains or if its something in the layout that made them go for 52" instead of 48". I think every other RMC is a 48" requirement.
  8. Sorry, unless you're Bruce Willis and start yelling 'yippee ki yay (insert expletive which I can't say because of the TOS here) everywhere you go, then it doesn't count.
  9. I'm kind of working out what I'm going to do on my off day, and one thing I'm considering along with visiting downtown Philly and/or cruising through Allentown is doing either HP's or DP's water park. I plan on leaving Erie pretty early so I can get to Allentown in the early afternoon. Thoughts on both? I know HP's is getting new slides this year, but DP is closer to where I'm staying and wouldn't involve paying extra for admission. Any other suggestions of neat things to do would be welcome, preferably within an 45-60 minutes of Allentown. I'm not doing Gettysburg since I've been there twice with my family already. Oh, and what are the restraints like on Superman: Ultimate Flight and Joker? I'm particularly concerned if there's anything solid that you lay your stomach against. I'll have to ride them early if its too odd (has to do with my medical condition, I'll probably get both early anyhow due to their low capacity and Joker being a spinning coaster).
  10. Expand X-Base?

    I could ride Flight of Fear all day, but I'm picky when it comes to riding Firehawk. If the loading procedure, lift and brake run weren't so annoying with laying down, it'd be a bit better, even though it has the coolest loop in the park when it comes to G forces IMO. silver2005, who will get to see how B&M flyers compare to Vekomas this summer.
  11. Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    The real test will be if they can keep that up consistently, or at least do so on weekends while also adjusting with much slower weekday shifts. I'll get my turn this Friday.
  12. The Giga Speculation Thread

    Unless you have some before and after pictures that are close enough to pinpoint the trees' species, all you have is hearsay to go on.
  13. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    malem and I witnessed The Beast crew stopping the train at the base of the lift to get riders to store their phones away. However, unless KI goes full SIX and goes nothing at all on riders, some are going to find cracks in the system. Just look at all the illegal POV's on YouTube for evidence of that. Disclaimer- I'm not advocating for people to use cameras on rides and I'm fully against it unless someone has the park's permission and does so in a safe matter therein, I'm just mentioning them as an example of people being stupid.
  14. Looking for Kings Island food models

    ^Welcome to KICentral!
  15. I had to use it at least once. I had my fun now.
  16. Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Question- why are the parking spots nearest to the marquee sign on the southern lot blocked off?
  17. BTW, how likely are rollbacks on Kingda Ka? Its kind of an abstract goal of mine to get a rollback on either TTD or Kingda Ka.
  18. Dorney Park?

    Well, it's also strange because, as weird as some of Six Flags' practices are, they still throw their small parks some bones a bit more often then Cedar Fair does for parks like Dorney, WOF, Valleyfair, and MIA. Heck, SIX is even starting to pay attention more to La Ronde and SFM now. Great Escape even got a new flat this year.
  19. Oktoberfest Area Facelift?

    Didn't Adventure Express' tunnels have a bit more going on than they currently do? I know they each had different themes, but what exactly went on?
  20. The Giga Speculation Thread

    If they were prepping for a giga for 2019, they'd have footings in the ground already. Diamondback and Banshee were already pouring concrete on the opening days of 2008 and 2013 respectively.
  21. One habit I had when I visited a lot of the parks I've been to for the first time was visiting them the year before they built something awesome. Some of these parks I've remedied getting those credits, others I haven't. Here's the list- Universal Studios in 1998- year before Islands of Adventure opened Cedar Point in 1999- year before Millennium Force Six Flags Great Adventure in 2000- year before Nitro Hersheypark in 2003- year before Storm Runner Dollywood in 2006- year before Mystery Mine Cedar Point last year- year before SteVe
  22. The Giga Speculation Thread

    You know guys, pretty much every park including the bigger parks have at least a few rides that are a bit under capacity. If parks focused entirely on capacity, the variety of coasters you'd see at big parks would be quite small and boring. You guys act as if parks should always sacrifice variety for capacity. There are so many rides at parks that wouldn't exist if they kept to that line of thought.
  23. Dorney Park?

    It always seemed weird to me that CF would invest in such big rides like Steel Force, Talon, and Hydra in somewhat even intervals in terms of the time span, and then just stop altogether with anything substantial aside from 3 re-locations, one of which is currently getting recycled.
  24. The Giga Speculation Thread

    Coaster-Net is not a reliable source of information, speaking as a former staff member myself. They often run with a lot of 'information' without double checking their sources or going off of hearsay a lot and jump to conclusions for the sake of getting hits. I've been in meetings with the current staff, its a sad practice. BTW, that's BB1 in the video. And I kid you not, he's a staff member there. And don't get me started on the management. silver2005, who has a laundry list of problems with Coaster-Net.
  25. I just realized that the week I picked in July is the week I may be going to Sandusky with malem, and since I'm gonna miss a concert regardless of the 2 sets of dates in June and get longer hours with the last week in June, I'm gonna stick to my original schedule. The Kentucky Kingdom visit I am planning will likely be something spontaneous since I can day trip to Louisville and back easily. I may try to pick a later date and set up a meet up for that. The main reason I'm going back is because Thunder Run got a new train. Also, any excuse to get back to riding Lightning Run and Storm Chaser again is always welcome.