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  1. ^I could see that considering there are 0 RMC's in that region. I had heard rumblings about a GCI, but that'd be kinda stupid considering the GCI captial of the world is an hour in one direction (all of HP's are running stellar), 2 of the best ranked woodies another 90 minutes away in Elysburg, and El Toro another hour away. I could see Eurofighter as well with CF working with Gerstlauer at Knott's.
  2. Dorney has been rumored to get a coaster soon for quite a while with Stinger's removal. However, I'll believe it when I see it.
  3. I wish Flight of Fear got the MTV treatment that Paramount was supposed to utilize. Then, we could have a music themed area.
  4. And that cold makes it harder to work on extensive outdoor plumbing- ergo, the fountain may have been behind schedule.
  5. I wonder what these videos would look like if done today. Also, how pointless is a Flight of Fear POV?
  6. How about an X-Base re-theme?
  7. ^Also remember that week we had around and below 0 F for the high this winter.
  8. I'd also like to add that they didn't have since October like a normal off season. They had to start after Winterfest, and add on to that the fact that SW Ohio had a brutal winter and its honestly amazing they got I-Street as good looking as it is with all that extensive paint work and tile work in that amount of time. The fountain's gonna be a bit more complicated than sprucing up a few buildings, especially since they can't test out the water until its relatively warm (March was pretty cold).
  9. Most parks are geared to not be in 'full operation mode' until Memorial Day. Obviously, they find some benefit in keeping open through May, but the real meat of their business comes between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Its not uncommon for parks to delay thing until then. Six Flags is notorious for opening their new things around then. Thus, this whole thing about the fountain not being finished isn't that surprising to me. KI also doesn't really play up their opening day unless there's a new big coaster or thrill ride. Not everyone can do an opening day like the Reds do. KI's business doesn't completely hinge on having a good opening day or not. If you go into KI's opening day expecting the park to be on par in operations as they are mid-July, you're kidding yourself.
  10. ^Went on Friday. Even if the systems were in place correctly, I just come to expect training woes on opening weekend.
  11. The onion rings are pretty solid at the Brewhouse, too. I like the batter they used for those and the cod. The register personnel were a bit slow since they were training, but the food came out lickety split.
  12. I'll reserve judgement on the fountains until after Memorial Day when they are allegedly going to be working the way they're supposed to. With the current set up, there is a lot of potential, especially if they can work in some unique water jet patterns with some movement, something that catches the eye. I do hope they put lights actually in the fountain as before though.
  13. The group I was with had a bit of a slow experience getting through the Brewhouse line, but once we ordered our food, it came out very quickly.
  14. ^That's totally Photoshopped.
  15. It does look a bit bare now, but I imagine it'll start to look even better when all the foliage starts to grow in. Also a very minor tidbit- I wish they would have gone with a bit of a Victorian design for the station like its predecessor, but otherwise, it still all looks great as is.
  16. BTW, went by the Crypt building tonight- no changes, even on the parts you can't see on the webcam. Also, the clearing by X-Base/Racer pretty much confirms the 2020 focus in on the opposite side of the park. @Cedar Fair Fanboy Your intent doesn't matter- its your actions/posts that are showing you to be that way. If you want us to think differently of you- stop edging us on. If you have evidence- present it. If you have none, then you don't have an argument. Its even more obvious what you're doing to us by dismissing our suggestions and trying to get us to focus on this bogus Vekoma Madhouse spiel and acting like you're some sort of know-it-all, like you have this alleged information and are just keeping it from us for your own pleasure. That attitude is present through nearly the entirety of your posting history. I will be hard on you about this because clearly, you don't understand or don't care the consequences of what you're doing in posting the kind of information you are posting on a site that has connections to the park itself and is a place that many others come and look for information regarding Kings Island.
  17. I think there is a little more clearing behind The Racer turnaround that connects what you see from the Tower to the fireworks area. I think I caught some when riding Beast off to the left as you curve into the brake shed.
  18. Went by the Crypt building tonight, no activity.
  19. Knowing past events, I imagine a decoding thread will arise if there are things to be found.
  20. Having been to nearly 20 Riverfests, most other fireworks shows, including Kings Island's, are kind of meh to me. Rozzi's sets such a high bar for fireworks shows.
  21. @Cedar Fair Fanboy Even in the extremely unlikely event you are correct, you are still looking like a jerk for edging us on like this about it with no evidence. Each post you're making like you have been, you're just digging a bigger hole dude.
  22. If you guys really want to see what Rozzi's can do, get yourself to Riverfest along the Ohio River on Labor Day Sunday. Its like the Kings Island fireworks on steroids. 6 full barges of TNT all synced to music with an all out finale. Its pretty great stuff, if you're willing to wade through the crowd of course.
  23. Could be Rozzi's testing equipment or something. This stuff's gotta last until September.
  24. ^You know we can see the Crypt building on the webcams, right? I see 0 changes. They also wouldn't keep up the Mystic Timbers cam if they were working on it.
  25. ^I'd say it depends on what you want to do. If you want to ride a little more, go Friday. If you want to just take your time and are willing to get through the crowds, go Saturday. It is supposed to rain and be on the cooler side this weekend which will likely thin crowds out, so it could be good either way. I've always found that opening days that don't have a major thrill ride, whether it'd be a coaster or a large flat like Delirium, they aren't too bad. There will be, of course, some trial and error with the staff and the rides, but that comes with the territory of going to a park on opening day.
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