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  1. silver2005

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    Dinosaurs Alive was pulling in 5 figures a day for quite a while.
  2. silver2005

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    ^The fact that a new coaster going into X-Base would increase foot traffic and might be enough to warrant adding a restroom.
  3. silver2005

    Kings Island Confirms removal of Coaster

    I just thought of another reason for wanting Firehawk over Vortex- attention in X-Base which may result in our long awaited restrooms!
  4. silver2005

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    With all the arguments made against Firehawk, I think I'm leaning towards Firehawk being the more likely ride to leave. Along with the downtime issues and cost of maintenance, I feel the GP just flat out like Vortex more than Firehawk.
  5. silver2005

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    The MIA fan in me hopes if Firehawk is leaving, it ends up in Muskegon. C'mon Cedar Fair, its time to throw them a bone they're way overdue for.
  6. silver2005

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    ^^Realize this is the same park that didn't tear down Son of Beast until they were ready to make way for Banshee.
  7. silver2005

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    Would there be any signs of said coaster being torn down (i.e. construction markers)?
  8. silver2005

    Kings Island Removing an Attraction?

    I would completely rule out Invertigo with the now confirmed B&M for 2020. It's gonna be something bigger to accommodate the bigger space needed for a B&M. Vortex or Firehawk would be my first guesses (the fact the sign has you facing Vortex leads me to believe the former).
  9. silver2005

    Which RMC?

    The 4D Free Spin option isn't something RMC makes. That is S&S or Intamin.
  10. silver2005

    Coney Mall Concept 2022

    How about slapping 2 pairs of Millennium Flyers on Racer so we can bring back recaR (GCI confirmed they can go backwards)? Also, re-track the pre-lift section so the trains actually meet evenly at the lifts. Red always seems to beat blue to the chain.
  11. silver2005

    JavaScript breakage

    A live look at the fixing of the forums. FINALLY got to use this!
  12. That view is gonna take some getting used to.
  13. silver2005

    SIX 2019

    The annual Six Flags announcements are tomorrow (8/30). Not sure what time, though I imagine it'll be before or around noon-ish. The only thing I've heard is that SFMM will possibly hitting the 20 coaster mark. I didn't see anything happening on my trip to NJFTP. No RMC conversion rumors that I've heard either.
  14. silver2005

    Labor day crowds- how bad?

    Was that Congo Falls line with the switchbacks open? Good googly moogly.
  15. silver2005

    Guests Say The Darnest Things

    ^That's a fairly common question that I got a lot when I worked there. Also got a few questions about how to find Cedar Point coasters at KI.
  16. silver2005

    Ask Kings Island a Question

    ^Beast doesn't go 88 mph.
  17. The recent set of announcements along with Boss avoiding another potential round of RMC'ing convinced me already to go with my SE trip for next summer. Park list is as follows- Kings Dominion Busch Gardens Williamsburg Carowinds (If I don't go with KICers in March) Dollywood KD and Busch Gardens will be back to back. If I stop in Charlotte, it'll be quick, but I do want to spend at least 2-3 days in Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg when I do Dollywood. I actually don't need a lot of suggestions on this trip because 1) I've been to KD and Dollywood already 2) I have made multiple trips to PF/Gatlinburg, and 3) I've learned enough to get by from friends regarding BGW and Carowinds. Lodging will be a concern for the Tennessee portion though. The way they parks are listed is the likely route I'll be taking (leaving my favorite park for last). I'll also be doing my first Holiwood Nights next summer as well, mainly to get more laps on Raven, especially at night. My last trip to HW was rather unlucky in that I only got 1 lap on Raven and it closed for 2 days thereafter. May squeeze in KK for that as well.
  18. silver2005

    The love for Son of Beast

    That's probably more spot on with the movie comparisons as, like SOB, Sharknado has a cult following, unlike the Jaws sequels.
  19. Updated Park List Kings Island Coney Island Cedar Point Walt Disney World- Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Universal Studios Florida Dollywood Kings Dominion Hersheypark Six Flags Great Adventure Holiday World Kentucky Kingdom Kennywood Michigan's Adventure Waldameer Dorney Park Knoebels
  20. silver2005

    Dorney Park?

    To me, Dorney is a very niche park. It is sightly cheaper than Hersheypark and NJFTP and has a more modern ride collection than Knoebels. I found it one of the more relaxing parks I've been to, even over HP, so its not like they're completely irrelevant. Its the kind of park where if you're in the area, have some extra time and a Platinum Pass, go and indulge, but its also slightly forgettable for those reasons as well. I do side with most Dorney fans in that they should get a GCI next in the space once occupied by Laser. Any sort of attention to the area around Steel Force would be welcome. Most of the crowds stayed near the front. After you got passed Dominator, they dropped of exponentially. For example, Talon and Hydra had decent waits while Possessed and Steel Force were walk ons.
  21. It looks like CF knew about the potential for Carowinds to get a Flight of Fear clone during the potential Paramount Parks' ride rotation and gave Mack an order to produce something as compact. Its surprisingly compact for what it has. I'm not the biggest fan of the dull color pallet, but the ride should make up for it with what looks to be some decent theming. I'm glad both CF is starting to pair up with Mack for their newer stuff. I think Mack is going to make a nice enough splash in the market to fill in for Intamin's departure from the US market(the Busch and SEAS parks not withstanding).
  22. silver2005

    SIX 2019

    Well, its obvious S&S is doing Maxx Force as they're the only ones to use compressed air for their launches. S&S coaster launches are unbelievably strong and fast. I remember on Hypersonic XLC that it was like one second you were stopped, and by the time your brain registered you were moving, you were already going really fast. Combine that with an intense layout as SFGAm is going for and it should be a sweet ride. For SFMM, it boggles the mind that a single park has 20 coasters. Granted some of them are kids coasters, but that's still a ton. Also, their claim for having the world's first racing launched coaster is bogus as there is one already in Dubai in the form of Fiorano GT Challenge that's also multi-launch. Does seem weird for SFMM to be adding back-to-back racing coasters, but when you have that many, I guess some creativity goes a long way. It does appear to be Premier though with the 3 bench cars. The rest don't surprise me. SIX has been focusing on diversifying their flat line up as it was a big criticism for a while, and they're continuing that trend. Also, how about SIX's answer to CF's Winterfests? EDIT: Oops.
  23. silver2005

    SIX 2019

    ^I would claim the opposite. SIX seems to have more diversity, especially in how many designers they've been going with along with more out of the box designs. Also, SIX still manages to show some TLC to their smaller parks more than CF does, even on the parks they just added. Say what you want about each chain, but I feel the momentum is with SIX at the moment.
  24. silver2005

    SIX 2019

    Ta da!
  25. silver2005

    SIX 2019

    ^S&S has been making launch coasters like that overseas for a while, mostly in the Asian market. Could be Premier as well, at least the track looks Premier to me (or even Intamin going by some of their recent coasters).