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  1. We're about to see a lot of opportunities to see their rain policies in action. 2 of the next 10 days are no rain.
  2. AE also played Raider's March.
  3. Or if you're SFMM you start vertical construction a month into the main season you announced that the coaster would be new and opened. On the music topic, Adventure Express had some Indiana Jones music playing during the Paramount era. Also, Flight of Fear has it's own music playing in the spaghetti bowl.
  4. My pet peeve is being paired with someone who lacks good hygiene. At least with the B&Ms you can still have space if it's only 2-3 assigned to the row, or in DBs case- getting an even row.
  5. ^Or if you ride in the back.
  6. Bad news- I have to scratch this trip until next summer. I am now in need of a new laptop which is going to limit my budget. May do a short trip to CP instead since I have Platinum, or, just cut out Charlotte and Carowinds.
  7. Maybe they'll even bring back this.
  8. ^I know, but I definitely can see the upside as if they'd all be working. I'm happy with the results. Yes, I do miss the pedistals, but the new set up definitely has a more subtle, quaint feeling within International Street that I'm learning to appreciate. I'll be definitely enjoying some meal time fountain ERT a lot this summer, hopefully with some added Graeter's, Off the Charts, and saxophone ERT.
  9. Random Beast question- what's the length up to the base of the 2nd lift?
  10. Just caught my first fountain show. My review- two thumbs way up!
  11. Don't you know? Watermarks are the new spoiler tags, duh.
  12. The Off the Charts band is rehearsing their Carnivale music, and they are both altering lyrics as well as get in some great Latin pieces. It all sounds FANTASTIC!
  13. I want the park to remove Backlot at some point and make that entire area a new section of the park with those kinds of gap rides. I think that particular spot of land has a ton of potential if Backlot is out of the picture.
  14. I recall they got a late start going vertical from following them on social media. Like mid-late winter late. They've been doing well overseas, so I don't think its all on S&S. Though, their SFGAm coaster has been a slow-go as well.
  15. Go look up Volcano Bay and see how going 100% virtual queue worked for them. I honestly hate the idea. I want an amusement park visit to be mostly spontaneous, not totally dictated by electronics. I go to parks mostly to get away from that crap. I hardly use my phone and only do so when posting the highlights of the day on social media, which is pretty sparingly.
  16. You know, the whole idea behind the idea of a guest services is the park telling you up front that they know they don't get everything right all the time and want people to extend feedback, right?
  17. Well, some more smaller flats like the likes of Monster, Scrambler, and Zephyr would be nice, especially in Rivertown and between Backlot and Diamondback. Coaster wise and in terms of manufactures, Mack, Maurer Sohne, Zierer and Gerstlauer come to mind. A spinning coaster would be pretty cool as long as it isn't a model that spins super fast. I particularly enjoyed Laff Trakk at HP and Steel Dragon at Waldameer which are both Maurers. A long, relaxing coaster like Knott's Jaguar (Zierer) would be a nice fit. Maybe something more elaborate like a FireChaser Express type ride (Gerstlauer). I'm hesitant to say a wild mouse because I'm not a fan of how Cedar Fair operates their wild mice, making them stop in the station and over-braking them (at least going by Dorney's). A Mack water coaster would also be cool as a Congo Falls replacement.
  18. My source was a bit more interesting. The other site I used to be apart of had a bunch of European and English members before it spiraled down to nothingness, and one of those members took a tour of the Vekoma facilities in the Netherlands, and at the time, Firehawk was just announced for Kings Island and we were going over how if Nighthawk's trains and parts would work on Firehawk because we all thought Nighthawk wouldn't last at Carowinds very long and he confirmed the compatibility issue.
  19. I thought there were other differences between Firehawk and Nighthawk like the seat lifting mechanism. I could be wrong. Unfortunately, the site where I was told that got rid of their forums and is all but dead now and I don't have the patience to go through the internet to find photos of that mechanism on both. In any case, if Firehawk has bit the dust already, I expect the other 2 to follow suit shortly. Finally, Flying Dutchman are already finicky enough when using their original trains. Putting a new set of trains on one of them would be a disaster in terms of downtime.
  20. I believe Firehawk's trains are incompatible with Nighthawk's since the later was the prototype. The fact they didn't get sold to SFA is also telling. I say both the remaining Flying Dutchman coasters won't last 5 more years.
  21. I just thought of something KI doesn't have that other parks do. I think KI could use direction signs throughout the park to compliment the maps.
  22. I don't want Kings Island (or anyone) developing in all that forest at all.
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