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  1. ^The times we do try to get KICers to meet up during events like opening and closing day, things like that, its usually just me, malem, IndyGuy, pianoman, and Chris (I forget his username here now), maybe gator every once in a while, and we're lucky to get one extra KICer to show up or meet up with us during the day. KIC meet ups aren't what they used to be 7-8+ years ago.
  2. Holy crap its wanting to become Son of Beast. SOB had a similar yellow and red alternate paint scheme on the front of the original trains.
  3. The 'removed for future expansion' line sounds like a go-to line rather than anything involving actual expansion, especially considering they gave it on the second try.
  4. Wonder if anyone has gone as far as The The Beast?
  5. Well, I've been watching the gas prices go up, and I'm now close to possibly taking off the Indiana Beach portion of this trip.
  6. Could be just me, but I also feel the ride got a bit louder as well.
  7. Upon my route planning for the trip to get around having to use I-80/90 in Indiana, I stumbled upon a eureka moment. US 24, which looks to be a decent highway, runs from around Indiana Beach all the way through Ft Wayne (where I want to stay) to Toledo (where I know my way to Pt Clinton/Sandusky by memory). I've also never been that deep into Indiana before and this will be my first time going through Indianapolis. Anyone here know if the whole of Toledo highways are still under construction (was that way the last time I went through)? I'm just gonna wing it for Cleveland. Itinerary looks something like this- Sunday- Leave Cincy, Indiana Beach all day, stay in Ft Wayne (this is a lloooonnnngg day). Monday- Ft Wayne to Port Clinton, get some beach time, maybe explore downtown Port Clinton Tuesday-Wednesday- Point of Cedar Thursday- Cleveland exploring, R&R HOF
  8. Also loved the confluence of events around Beast's first round of night rides- Friday the 13th and a gorgeous full moon. I love how it makes the track glow white at night. Such a cool effect.
  9. What's this? Found by the elevator exit on Eiffel Tower.
  10. I definitely noticed an improved ride. The retracked bits felt more natural in movement, particularly the first drop and helix. The pop before the 2nd tunnel is more of a curve shaping that Gravity Group and GCI use on transitions. Not a deliberate bunny hill, but does have a small pop of air. Should be real good when it breaks in.
  11. I feel there's something poetic about The Beast giving its first night rides on a Friday the 13th this season.
  12. ^At least Cedar Point did try to put in a new one, its just they found the one designer who managed to screw up a log flume.
  13. Obviously, Don found the Ark of the Covenant.
  14. Have you not seen the pick up area at park close during the summer?
  15. Staying off this thread for a while to avoid spoilers.
  16. I don't think parts of the structure can handle constant no trims. I would need a massive overhaul beyond what they actually did. You may as well get a new coaster for that kind of redesign.
  17. The Skyride ran perpendicular to International Street. One station was the building that currently houses Snoopy Boutique in Planet Snoopy and the other was in Oktoberfest close the entrance of Adventure Express.
  18. That and wood contorts and changes for all kinds of things.
  19. ^In addition, a valley could occur with the new track needing to be broken in.
  20. ^My idea is pretty much having the entire trip revolve around Cedar Point. I want to hit CP between Monday and Thursday (2 days), allowing me to swap days with going to Cleveland and Port Clinton beach ERT in case of how weather affects things. Doing IB on a Friday or Sunday is the plan. I need to get the budget down soon, too. A small part of me is still allowing for Waldameer to be re-added. I should be booking before Mother's Day (still some loose ends on things).
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