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  1. Your starting speed at the top of each hill between the Intamin and B&M gigas are different since one uses cable lifts and the other uses chain lifts.
  2. Saying how each element on a coaster is going to feel is completely subjective. One person may not experience everything the same with the way we're all wired differently. I take all that with a grain of salt.
  3. ^Its like poking a hornets nest. I feel an epic KDD response coming.
  4. Screw sand, they should go the Silver Star route. https://rcdb.com/1414.htm#p=15343
  5. Listen guys, the parts are being handled by top men here.
  6. I'm not sure I'd even want to play at CP. None of their remaining music locations are all that great.
  7. We have a lock on piano via @pianoman and a bona fide OSU worthy trombone player in @Ride On_17. Still need a tenor and/or bari sax, trumpet, guitar, bass (electric or double), drums/2nd cowbell, 1 or 2 singers, and a 3rd cowbell part. @IndyGuy4KI and @malem can be band managers and the rest of KIC are the groupies. There is a discussion to be made for @VortexBFForever or @stashua123 for marketing, but will be discussed at a future date. #KICmusicshenanigans
  8. ^Only if we begin our sets with this. @King Ding Dong, start practicing that choreography.
  9. Yours truly might be doing the auditions at the park in March. And I got some gooood stuff to audition with now. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/february/kings-island-live-entertainment-2020-audition-casting-call?fbclid=IwAR0wIfPZdQhvOY95lQ30duGr1sBaG1aOR9mbrCemSUq5qcwmgBHVSWJ9m9A
  10. Just so you know the confidence of B&M, they had an interview while they were constructing Nemesis at Alton Towers, and they were asked if there was a possibility the ride would stall and B&M said straightforward that their rides don't stall. Granted, that has proven false when you add wind to the equation (most B&M valley's have been due to wind), but these guys know what they're doing. Unfortunately, I can't source it as its lost in the depths of the internet, but its a thing that happened.
  11. ^Like I haven't seen that a bajillion times. Seriously though, getting some Graeter's and listening to the band is some good stuff in the summer.
  12. Here's a thread of my TR from my epic PA/NJ trip in 2018. Did Waldameer kind of separate from the rest, but stayed in Allentown for Dorney Park, Hersheypark, Knoebels and Six Flags Great Adventure. Turned out to 5 parks in 6 days, the near Allentown being back to back (had 1 non-park day to travel from Erie to Allentown and explored downtown Philly). I do my TR threads like this not only to pool info from other members, but so other members can get tips as well. Doing one right now for my trip to northern Ohio and Michigan for a multi-park blitz. Allentown is home to Dorney, an hour from Hershey, about 90-100 minutes to Knoebels (with a GORGEOUS drive), and 60-70 minutes to SFGAdv. Great center spot to stay. Hint- don't stay at the hotel I stayed at in Allentown, aka, a hotel I've dubbed the Snyder hotel. silver2005, who wishes he backed up his data and also wishes his old laptop didn't crap out resulting in over 600 lost pictures from the trip.
  13. Drop Tower is also one of the better capacity non-coaster rides in the park along with Delirium and WindSeeker.
  14. There is one thing I think should be stressed into Vortex's replacement- it should be something that's both similar to Vortex's thrill level and have the same 48" height requirement. That's one of the reasons I want it to be an RMC Topper Track coaster that isn't super over the top like SV where it gets above the 48" mark.
  15. As long as they have some incarnation of Off the Charts and one (or more) of the band members has a saxophone in their hand, then all is right with the world.
  16. I still run with my theory that CF already knows and has a list of which rides are near their end of service life and have several proposals with each one ready to go with in the event of removals.
  17. The lines were capacity issues for sure. There were 2 restraints- 2 that were on the side that acted like a OTSR and then one at your waist and there was a bicycle seat. The entire seat also adjusted up and down to accommodate a height variations. I don't recall if it had an actual height restriction on the high side like Drop Tower and Delirium do (as in, riders being too tall to ride). The ride itself was almost like riding a slightly smoother Arrow coaster standing up. The transitions were a tad smoother, but also pretty abrupt at spots, particularly cresting any of the hills after the first drop and the trick track section. The banking in the helix was pretty high, too. It did have some jerkiness to it as well. There are only 4 stand up coasters on my resume- King Cobra, KD's former Shockwave, Mantis, and Green Lantern at SFGAdv. I will say that Shockwave and KC didn't turn my legs to Jell-O like Mantis did, though GL does have smoother transitions than even Mantis (especially after their respective MCBR's) had and GL is currently my favorite stand up. KC was pretty good in the front seat, though. That was one thing I'm glad I did before they removed it. The queue started about where the ice cream stand is in AZ. You went under the drop after the helix, under the lift, entered a switchback area with wood work similar to Beast's lower switchbacks between the brake run and station, then took stairs up to the station. The drive box was over the track (as it was on Shockwave). The exit took you through some sort of shop IIRC.
  18. Mantis was renamed from Banshee because a bunch of more religious folks got up in arms about the name, not because of the name itself, more of a public pressure thing (kinda). Also, the logo for the CP Banshee is now in use for Dorney's Steel Force for a bit of added trivia. I do have a friend who has a shirt for the CP Banshee. ACE has no stance regarding an opinion of Orion's vs MF's stats. Individuals within the group might, but not ACE as a whole. If we're being pedantic, isn't something like the Evel Knievel bus jump the first 'event' at KI? If you mean among seasonal events, yes, Winterfest did come before the Halloween events. King Cobra was the first coaster designed to be a stand up, but wasn't the first. A few TOGOs in Japan and Extremeroller (an Arrow looper along the lines of MIA's Corkscrew) once at Worlds of Fun tried stand up trains on a track designed for sit down trains before King Cobra came to be. Yup, Arrow tried stand up trains. https://rcdb.com/496.htm#p=18217 I'm skeptical KI's WindSeeker opened first. I was at CP the night theirs happened to open, and IIRC, I think KI's opened up very shortly thereafter.
  19. You are to that stand like IndyGuy4KI is to Mystic Timbers, VortexBFForever is to Vortex, and I am to Off the Charts.
  20. 1. There's a Congo Falls-esque ride at MIA that you can ride in water park attire 2. I mean relocating them within Soak City, not to another park. The spot where they used to be you would keep empty because its out of the way of the rest of the water park, I'm simply trying to create a more centralized water park with what they have, they have pa-lenty of space to move them
  21. To me, Soak City needs work in adding more modern attractions as well as just the fact that there's so much empty space that could be filled in, particularly with some shadier areas so it isn't all hot concrete we're all walking on. I would also relocate the 2 enclosed body slide towers (the 2 slides that twist around each other and the 3 slides with 2 curved slides and the center one that just goes straight down). I'd almost go so far as to relocate Congo Falls to Soak City.
  22. I wish CF parks would have more info online for park dining like most other parks do. I have a digestive tract related medical condition, and being able to plan out meals and know what's available at a park is extremely helpful.
  23. I wonder if the Skyline product placement was on purpose.
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