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  1. I've ridden Moonshine and the Smokey Mt Alpine. The former is a bit faster, both in ride time and actual mph speed, to me, and the later is longer (I think its the longest in the area, possibly the US). The former is really good at night being so close to the Gatlinburg strip, too.
  2. Oh I respect them a lot, I know one of the trumpet players, they're great.
  3. I have a question regarding auditions for instruments- they use a hired group for some shows, what do they do with additional horn/guitar/drum players who audition? Asking as I may indulge in auditioning on sax again.
  4. Herschend has also done wonders improving the experience at Kentucky Kingdom.
  5. ^I honestly think if you gut the building of Haunt/storage/motion chair stuff and spruce it up, it could be a decent building to work with. On a tangent with the action theater, I really wish I could find footage of the Days of Thunder and James Bond films that showed there...
  6. Don should troll Chad by posting something like that but have the information be slightly wrong where you can tell Chad doesn't do his homework, is unoriginal, and to call his bluff for copying posts.
  7. I'm shuddering at the notion of the kind of wind chill Orion would produce...
  8. Somehow I got pushed off liking them through FB's algorithms or something. Fixed now.
  9. Honest question- did KI PR forget they have a Facebook page? I haven't seen them post in months.
  10. Are there any of those portable Schwarzkopf loopers that have lap bars? I always assumed they all had OTSRs due to the intense laterals. I know Olympia Looping has them.
  11. ^They would need them for Backlots affects that worked when it first opened. Backlot had a water affect coming out of the tunnel and they definitely need the electrical stuff. I worked at Rivertown Potato Works in 2004 when it was being constructed, and the crews hit a sewer line one day that made the whole back section of KI smell really, really bad.
  12. I'm feeling good i got a visit to MIA last season, I think it's toast.
  13. I see a Togo torture device made a photobomb appearance.
  14. What about the old action theater? That has AC.
  15. I'm curious how well they do the water feature under the coaster that appears in the concept art.
  16. I hope something gets in that spot soon as I hate how quiet that part of the park is. I'm so used to hearing Vortex's noises over there.
  17. Flight of Fear- apply sand paper to the track, paint it all white and put a lighting package on the inside, maybe even some music in the spaghetti bowl or on-board music (keep the space theme) Just out of curiosity, why were the trains reduced from 6 to 5 cars on FoF?
  18. I'd go Dorney, mostly because there's tons to do around that area compared to where WoF is.
  19. I forget what they call it, but CF has a chainwide thing where they don't do it and CP's is somehow the exception. Also, those are single cars, I don't think they'll let a whole train keep moving if they don't let most of their wild mice do it.
  20. Dorney's, Carowinds', Kings Dominion's, and MIA's mice all stop and stack in the station though.
  21. Cedar Fair doesn't allow their wild mouse coasters to move in the station, there's no way they'll allow that on RMC Raptors either.
  22. I'd be careful trying to ride DB tonight. Seen it run little with people and got stuck myself on the final brakes.
  23. SEAS building all these coasters recently reeks of the way SIX overbuilt in the early 2000s, and not in a good way.
  24. For me, this was already the smoothest non-suspended Arrow I've been on, so I can't imagine how it'll get better than that. Its a really fun and beautiful ride for as simple it is.
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