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  1. None of the above. However, one of the types of coasters that I hope fills The Vortex void is a ground-up RMC Topper Track.
  2. Click on your username on the top left of the screen. There should be a drop list of options that has 'Ignored Users' that you can click. Then just type members' names in. It should autofill to select.
  3. Realize the SOB station is that of a wooden coaster that hasn't been maintained since 2009. Might be a few structural issues potentially.
  4. I think the best place for a museum would be Tower Gardens TBH, kind of like they did when they had Paramount Story there. Maybe include the area around Grand Carousel.
  5. I Street used to smell wonderful in the morning at at close with those bakeries. A fresh cinnamon roll after a Beast night ride was THE best. And yes, the stuff they had was as good as it smelled. I'm glad I got to indulge in stuff from them before they bit the dust.
  6. ^RMC can do a-plenty with that space. You could put a 170 ft RMC Topper Track there easily with some good length.
  7. Now that I've had a good look at the area, I'm ruling out a launch coaster that'll go above 70+ mph (one of my hopes) unless they go the S&S route with some sort of ultra fast acceleration (also knowing how long a launch track coasters like Storm Runner take to get to 70 mph). Also, unless its a dive coaster (I don't want a B&M period, but its still a possibility) or a Gerstlauer with a vertical lift, I'd rule out something there going for the 200 ft mark. Vortex was only 148 ft (granted, it had a pretty shallow lift hill compared to modern lifts).
  8. I will premise this by saying both coasters are really good. I will say I like Diamondback a little bit better. While Orion does really well at having nice big elements and decent speed, I feel Diamondback has a bit more meat to the bones. The pacing of hill to hill is faster on DB and it has stronger air as well. It could change with more re-rides of Orion, but for now, I slightly prefer Diamondback.
  9. If I could describe this coaster in one word, its graceful. It does have a few intense moments at the bottom of the first few drops as its doing pull outs at 90 mph, but for a larger portion of the ride, it was very smooth and graceful as it went element to element, and it still had a good sense of speed throughout. The thing I like about the 2nd and 3rd hills is that they're steep enough to lose sight of the horizon, so when you do those flashy high banked turns that high, it really gives a good sense of disorientation and a sense of flying, which helps that its painted in that awesome shad
  10. Had a great day for what is likely my only visit in 2020 and last until opening day next year in all likelihood. I was incredibly impressed with how well everything worked out given their hardships getting the park open this season. Moreso that they got pretty much all the rides open, which a few other parks have left some rides closed for various reasons. The staff was very much on their A game both in getting efficiency out of lines and food orders and keeping the virus policies in place. I think every park should model their policies on Kings Island's and Cedar Point's. Basi
  11. Due to the rain chances, I'm thinking of showing up around 3-4 pm.
  12. Just out of curiosity as this is a bit pertinent for me- how are the positive G's on Orion? Particularly, in comparison to Invertigo and Banshee?
  13. ^Why would they do the former with RT Potato Works about 40 yards away?
  14. This may sound weird, but I'm actually thinking of keeping the masks around post-pandemic for use during flu season each year. Knowing how effective they can be, I'd certainly like another level of protection against the flu, especially being that my immune system has some trouble with it at the initial start whenever I get it.
  15. On the night ride front, luckily, its getting dark as early as 8 pm so I should get quite a few in. Also hoping the chance of rain on Saturday might deter some people (plus make the woodies awesome). I also have a plan to kind of double layer my masks for the coasters. I have the standard mask I've been using plus a mask from work (that I haven't used yet, its too thin for my tastes in terms of actual virus protection) that wraps around my mouth and neck which might be better for the faster coasters. The reason being that my normal masks have their ear straps made of a thicker kind o
  16. ^^With what I've seen from the entirety of the response from the US, the 2021 might be for countries not named the USA. I am expecting 2022 for the US.
  17. I've seen even the most optimistic projections be that it'll be until 2022 at the earliest when we can start ceasing all the virus related practices like mask wearing and 6 ft spacing.
  18. After one day of no work completely devoted to just resting my muscles, I'm feeling much more optimistic about going this Saturday. I think I'll probably plan on getting to the park between 5-6 pm. Where would be the best place to redeem an online purchase of a FLP now-a-days?
  19. It doesn't really make sense to build in Michigan because Cedar Point and SFGAm have a hold on all of Michigan's market. MIA is more of a niche park. I will agree that MIA could use more love. I think they could use another 1 or 2 good family coasters and 1 higher thrill coaster (something like a Eurofighter) with some additional flats. The area by Thunderhawk could use some expansion, perhaps make it loop back around the other side of Wolverine Wildcat back to Shivering Timbers. Back to your regularly scheduled giga discussion.
  20. I wish they would have painted the trains in more creative colors than just all purple and yellow. At least have the trains match the color scheme on the track.
  21. For my personal definition, a giga is a coaster with a drop that starts from 300-399 ft up and/or has a 300-399 ft drop with no elements that go above that. For example with my similar application of a hyper coaster with the above applying to 200-299 ft, I include Phantom's Revenge in that category with its 230 ft second drop although you never go up that amount. This is just my personal definition and I don't care how others apply it.
  22. From what I understand, the term giga was coined from mimicking how bytes on a computer are grouped into megabytes, gigabytes, etc. which is why 400-499 ft coasters are sometimes referred to as tera-coasters. I believe early on when coasters like Magnum came into the world, hyper coasters were sometimes referred to as mega coasters, thus, giga was given to the 300-399 ft range.
  23. If Dorney's operation of their mouse is any indication, I don't want one. Normally, wild mice have continuous movement in the station which helps with capacity a bit. Dorney's stops the station and it takes forever to get cars through. They also trim theirs to death so the good sudden laterals and pops of air wild mice are supposed to have are negligible on Dorney's. I'd take a spinning wild mouse though.
  24. I hope I'm feeling better by next Saturday. With these last few shifts at work (mind you, I've been going hard since I got back to work in late May and haven't asked off at all), I feel like my body is hitting the wall in slow motion with how sore I am after shifts. At least I get 3 full days off before I go next Saturday for R&R. I'm literally scheduling my first day off to do as close to nothing as possible.
  25. So, I am finally off next weekend as I am taking a brief vacation. I'm feeling a bit optimistic about the virus enough to make a trip to KI to get a FLP and blitz through the coasters and bigger rides, with much attention on Orion as I've not ridden it yet. Only going for a few hours in the evening to get a DB, Banshee or Beast night ride fix as well.
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