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  1. Even if I were a regular, I probably wouldn't have it like that. I rarely get the same thing on consecutive visits anymore.
  2. I don't think the reasoning is as conspiratorial as most of you guys are alluding to. For the record- DB and MT cams are down, too. I think its just some sort of network/connection issue that they haven't resolved because they probably have more important things to do. Also, if it were an accident issue, it would have made the news, just sayin'.
  3. ^Waiters and waitresses won't work at KI because the meal plans drastically reduce tips. If you want good Skyline while at the park, just drive the 5 minutes to the one by The Beach.
  4. Luckily, sunset will be occurring before the park closes on the 27th, so I'll be able to get some shots of it at sunset before it leaves.
  5. I last rode it with the loop mere days before the 2006 accident.
  6. ^In the morning, the line would fill the switchbacks below the station and extend out to Delirium, and on busier days, out beyond Adventure Express.
  7. Yeah, the park soaks the ways and coneys in chili, which makes the later a challenge to eat at times. I do wish the park expanded the Skyline menu a tad. I'd love to get a Greek chicken salad or wrap in the park.
  8. That's probably because even on busy days, SOB went through Raptor syndrome where lines typically died down by mid-afternoon. People rode it, got their back ache, and enjoyed the rest of the park.
  9. Also consider CP is giving away the gate with $99 gold passes. I imagine CP will see quite a few capacity days next season.
  10. I'm definitely in the Skyline crowd. Not only with the chili, but I prefer the Greek selections and the other non-chili items at Skyline over Gold Star. The CBR (Chicken Bacon Ranch) wrap that they promote every once in a while is fantastic. Love the burrito selection at Skyline, too. And though I like a few other chili places better like Camp Washington and Dixie, Skyline does coneys the absolute best. I prefer CW and Dixie on ways though, and Dixie is, IMO, the best by itself. Also Extreme Cheese. My overall list goes something like this- Dixie Camp Washington Skyline Gold Star Empress Blue Ash Price Hill My favorite Skyline restaurants are 4th Street downtown Cincy, Clifton, Kings Mills, Glenway, Bridgetown, Oakley, and Newport.
  11. ^I remember that well enough, I just shiver thinking how long it would have been if the lower switchbacks were open and having that line stretch out to the original Tiques. And I think Bat has a long queue just out of sheer location.
  12. Looks pretty average for a Sunday on the webcams.
  13. silver2005

    Beast Brakes

    Night rides will also seem faster due to the combination of the way your eyes take in light when its dark and your brain's heightened senses when one or more of your other senses are lacking. You get added tunnel vision from the adrenaline kicking in (combined with the forces and sounds since your senses of touch and hearing are more sensitive) and it'll seem faster. Also with wooden coasters, they behave differently at night than during the day since wood, being a more natural material than steel, will expand and contract when its hot and cold. Most wooden coasters typically run smoother and maybe a tad faster in the cold and rain.
  14. Just the Fast Lane line should tell you all you need to know.
  15. Between watching CP and KI webcams today, my jaw has remained agape. I don't think good googly moogly adequately describes this.
  16. Just wait until the first year CP still has the gold passes and announces a new coaster. Some random buzzing I'm hearing from CP speculation is that 2021 might be that year.
  17. I saw several people with phones out last night, mostly on Beast and Adventure Express.
  18. A lot of it depends on what time of year and what days in the week you're going. I usually go 2 days when I do CP and I try to go in early June in the middle of the week for the more relaxing crowds where the lines are short and you can take your time. With breaks, I could probably say that 3 days would be ideal- you can get in what you want to do and take your time with breaks and you don't spend more time than you'd want, at least as an estimation. There's a lot of good beaches along Lake Erie that are good to relax at.
  19. ^That's one of the reasons I either want a RMC Topper Track or a Mack looping coaster that isn't launched. Both fill that niche.
  20. Photo request- if anyone could get a shot of a Vortex train flying up near the crest of the 2nd hill silhouetted against the sunset, I'd be very appreciative. Preferably from the angle around Juke Box and The Vortex queue by the brake run. I'll be bringing my good camera to its last day, so I may get it myself. I also want some shots of it swooping by RT LaRosa's.
  21. Given how long the line used to be on Vortex in the 90s, I'm really, really glad they never opened those up. Good googly moogly that would have been a long line.
  22. I went into a huge nostalgia trip riding Vortex last night. Part of it was that the RT LaRosa's had a really strong, pleasant smell, so swooping over it on Vortex really triggered my nostalgia a ton as that was commonplace in the 90s. I also rode it in 6-2, which, is a spot where I did my biggest marathon on it. Back when Paramount owned the park, my family went on P&G day in the late 90s (dad worked there). Paramount allowed re-rides, or at the very least, they did on P&G day, and I got 6 rides in a row without leaving my seat on 6-2 on Vortex. Got a ride in the Ron Toomer seat (5-1), 7-2, and in 1-1 as well. Its such a cool ride despite its flaws, especially how the 2nd hill looks during a sunset with a train soaring up. I'm really going to miss it.
  23. ^Aside from last minute restroom additions to Area 72, I'm crossing my fingers that Racer gets some form of noticeable TLC to kind of compliment Orion.
  24. ^That might be one of the coolest park Easter eggs ever.
  25. There's a Crocodile Dundee joke in there somewhere....
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