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  1. I will stop posting my bits in the decoding topic and post what I need to here. I think there is a lot of mistreatment of members on the forum in that thread. People keep throwing around descriptions that people are 'negative', even when bringing up simple criticisms. Just because we cover a 'fun' topic such as amusement parks doesn't omit the site from this kind of stuff happening. Throwing around a blanket statement that people are being 'negative' with no context is hurtful. Its dismissive of those who are bringing up criticisms and problems they see and the people throwing it around are just brushing it aside as if just labeling people as 'negative' is in and of itself a solution. If you can't take the time to say why people are being overly negative (no matter how obvious it may seem to you) or get reduced to smearing others, then you either don't have an argument, you are just being lazy in assuming people understand, or simply don't care. Quit pretending that everything is meant to be positive (even somewhere as quaint as an amusement park fan site) when there is stuff happening that requires more nuance to deal with. Its an incredibly naive way to deal with people who are bringing up subjects within a topic that aren't always in the flow of what most members are veering towards. Every topic can have that happen, even ones people think are supposed to be positive. All of that is ruined if we aren't treating each other well. Not everything is black and white, or in this case, positive and negative. There's a grey area people aren't addressing. Positivity can't be forced. Criticism can be used in a positive way to improve something as well (just ask any musician including yours truly). Its very short sighted to see a post you may not like and give a knee jerk reaction and start accusing people of things (admittedly, I tend to do that, too, but at least I'm acknowledging it and make that better). Emotions are hard to convey over the internet which is why context is important. Also of note is the issue of gaslighting, and I'll use my recent spat as an example. The original poster accused me of saying there wasn't any info on the ride name trademarks, even though he quoted me word for word where I said nothing of the sort, nor have I ever said or eluded to that kind of suggestion. That's taking my words out of context and misrepresenting me of what I actually said. That kind of talk is damaging to people. It makes people second guess themselves into thinking that they didn't really say what they know they said, despite obvious evidence they did (which, on an internet forum, is easily fact-check-able). Its just as bad, if not worse, as stating information and not citing a source, IMO, especially because you're hurting someone else in the process. I don't care if you think I'm overreacting. I don't care if you think I'm negative. I'm also very aware of my flaws. I'm just done just taking and seeing this kind of crap go on with no one acknowledging it. I want this site to do as well as the next member, I've made a lot of good friends here and I still enjoy talking about Kings Island, amusement parks, and the like and its something to take my mind off of some more serious matters I have to deal with in everyday life which I have to think about all the time otherwise. But I'm not going to stand for this mistreatment of members and the misuse and misinterpretations of being critical.
  2. I will call people out if I feel mistreated, which that post I quoted did. I am all too familiar with the crappy affects of gaslighting, with myself living with a chronic illness that you can't tell by just looking at me, so I can spot it from a mile away. I have zero tolerance for gaslighting. I don't care how insignificant the topic is.
  3. The week of the 4th isn't as heavy as one would believe. I've gone to KI on the 4th, and have gone to HP a few days before the 4th, and both were pleasant visits.
  4. That's fine that you found they exist, but all I was referring to is the fact no one here went to go find those in any of those cases. Nowhere did I mention that they didn't exist (which, your post is an awfully elaborate form of gaslighting putting words in my mouth). If you go back to those respective decoding threads, no one ever found the actual names using this method.
  5. I'm just confused as to the nature of this thread now that we know what we're getting. The speculation on the name, theming, etc isn't really 'decoding', but more so entirely speculation, especially with the name guessing since even with trademarked names, how many times have CF actually used those names? We didn't ever pin DB, Banshee or Mystic Timbers for the name despite many trademarked names that came out for all 3. I think we should move on to make this a construction thread since that's where were at. You guys keep complaining people being off topic when you keep going back off-topic constantly, even when those topics have their own threads which shows laziness. There's a severe lack of consistency. At the moment people actually put the numbers on the blueprint into the actual layout and showed what it is, this thread served its purpose and became obsolete IMHO.
  6. At least I'm not posting the same information over and over again. Just pointing out how to potentially stop the mobius loop of off-topic-ness due to the fact it keeps happening over and over again with no one else coming up with solutions to stop it despite the mods coming back to tell you guys to get back on topic.
  7. I don't think the emoji is enough to show how much my eyes are rolling right now.
  8. Trains? Really? 3 trains, 8 or 9 cars per train, 4 across.
  9. I would just like to point out that since this thread already figured out what the 2020 project is, that by definition, conversations are going to be off subject, so this mobius loop of people going off topic and mods trying to get people back 'on-topic' (which is now impossible) is going to continue until the announcement.
  10. Just for clarification- even if a decoding thread manages to figure out down to the T what a project is, the site will just let the then fulfilled decoding thread last until the announcement, even with actual construction happening?
  11. This thread will be re-titled when the ride's name is announced. We now know based off the blueprints and the sleuth work of members that we're getting a giga, which we also now know the layout and details of where everything is going to be placed. We have footers in the ground by the Flight of Fear building that are now starting to head towards the back of the park as they're making progress. We also have blue track at the Clermont plant, though with the confirmation that Hershey is getting the silver supports with those supports accompanying the brown track that is already on site there, we may not know the color of those for the KI giga yet.
  12. If one of those trains were going 40 mph, this would be much more tragic. We're talking derailing, very serious injuries, and possible deaths in that case, probably a total park closure, too.
  13. The old forums used to have a feature that after 2K posts, you could change it. Now it has to be done through mod approval.
  14. The search feature is your friend.
  15. Those silver supports might also be for Hershey. Grey supports have popped up there along with the track.
  16. That wasn't my point. We had conversations here about 'hey, Kings Island will never build Diamondback/Banshee because Cedar Point has Magnum/Raptor'. And yet, that prediction turned out to be dead wrong. I think KI's decisions to add rides has little to do with Cedar Point's line up, at least not as much as people here are believing. That notion needs to drop dead.
  17. We had this exact same conversation about Diamondback and Banshee being built, and yet.... Also, Mack has built bigger and faster launch coasters than Copperhead Strike before, plus they're in the hyper club as well, so it isn't too far fetched that they could build a multi-launch coaster with some decent stats.
  18. The Justice League dark rides as well as Ghostwood Estate at Kennywood are far better examples of laser shooting dark rides than Boo Blasters. Try one of those out before being judgmental on those kinds of dark rides. Boo Blasters is pretty much reduced to amateur hour.
  19. Doesn't Kings Island use that field behind Banshee as track staging, too?
  20. *Raises hand. I think it adds a nice charm to the ride. I'm almost always lip syncing or whistling to the radio. I'm also sure @IndyGuy4KI would also like to chime in on this.
  21. Are you guys really surprised that the decoding ground to a halt when you got access to the blueprints within weeks of the park opening and have been going through them with a fine tooth comb since then? Its just a waiting game until the announcement and vertical construction at this point.
  22. All this stuff that's being reported by members makes me think the park is having power problems.
  23. I have noticed that the separators have been asking me when I go as a single rider if I want to ride by myself or with someone. I'm sure the same would apply if your group had an odd number and someone in the group didn't want to sit next to a stranger.
  24. I'm guessing the old Firehawk queue will be for more lockers.
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