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  1. I feel KD should go the route of Knott's Berry Farm in getting rides that are more unique to the United States such as your Gerstlauers, Maurers, etc and go all out on flats like Canada's Wonderland does.
  2. I always thought of KD as kind of in its own tier between most of the smaller CF parks like DP, WoF, MiA, etc and the big ones like KI, CP, KBF, etc. Now, to me at least, its firmly in that lower tier. I hope CF can start being more creative with KD. Twisted Timbers was a start, but I think they need to put some more umph in Doswell. I feel like KD has slowly regressed under CF (speaking as someone who doesn't follow KD all that closely admittedly, just giving my $.02 giving it the eyeball test).
  3. That shaping on Orion's turn around kind of reminds me of one of Thunderbird's turn arounds (which have a great combination of laterals and airtime), just on steroids.
  4. But that in turn makes wood structures ideal for RMC revamps over steel coasters.
  5. The 2nd hill will be interesting to see how they tackle it (literally) with its proximity to RT LaRosa's. Also, in terms of RMC not re-vamping steel coasters- I would think with steel coasters (spoilers- I'm not an engineer), their supports are more specific in handling the element they support including things like the forces. Messing with things like adding inversions and different drop angles, curve and banking angles, etc would play out so well. With wooden coasters, there are more supports to spread out the energy, thus minor-ish adjustments can be made. Steel coasters have much fewer supports to work with and drastically changing what kinds of forces they are withstanding isn't so easy as with a wooden coaster, at least I suspect. Add in things like steel fatigue with older coasters and you might as well just build a new one. Granted, much of Vortex's structure does mimic a wooden coaster's to an extent, at least on the non-inversion elements, but the fact its being torn down likely due to the steel structure fatigue doesn't bode well for an RMC revamp. Also, lest we forget, RMC does make full fledged steel coasters now.
  6. Any info on dates for when they are holding auditions for the entertainment department?
  7. What differentiates wing coaster track from other B&M types sans dive coasters? I don't see a difference between wing track and the other types that are of similar dimensions.
  8. I wouldn't underestimate UC's presence in the region. They're responding to NKU's growth by investing a ton in expanding to accommodate their ever growing enrollment. A large chunk of UC grads stay in the tri-state area, too. In terms of sports, Fickell has the football program in a very good position even if he leaves and Brannen has a bright future with men's basketball. Women's basketball and baseball are taking off, too.
  9. That hill before the helix is a lot bigger than I thought it was going to be. The helix will probably be pretty massive, too.
  10. Is this a thread based on someone not knowing coaster element terminology or is this a trick question thread?
  11. Arrow- Magnum B&M- Diamondback Intamin- Millennium Force Wooden- Beast Vekoma- Firehawk
  12. I'm pretty sure all of that will come across as a foreign language to SIX management.
  13. I'm staying in Port Clinton for sure for CP and Waldameer. I love the place a ton (like as much love as I have for Gatlinburg and Hershey PA). Its smaller and less confusing to drive through than Sandusky for me. I've always stayed in Port Clinton for CP trips, whether with family or solo trips. I also like driving along the lake going to PC and the drive to and from CP. I usually stay at the Super 8 in PC. I'm absolutely doing FLP at CP mostly because I rarely go, but also especially now because I'm wary on how them introducing Gold Passes affects their attendance. I am disappointed the fantastic pizza restaurant in Muskegon I discovered closed a few weeks after I went the last time for water damage. It was rated in the top 5 of Michigan's best pizza places. I also want to spend a bit more time on Lake Michigan than I did the previous visit. Some areas around Muskegon are quite scenic. I could use advice for lodging and things to do around Indiana Beach as well as any little tidbits about the park not apparent at first glance (particularly in-park dining), especially because, like its Santa Claus, IN counterpart, appears to be in the middle of nowhere. Just to be clear- CP, MIA and Indiana Beach are staple parks on this trip. Waldameer is dependent on a few factors and a very likely visit (especially a re-visit to that amazing diner down the hill) and SFGAm is a possibility, but very, very unlikely. I would ideally want to make that a 2 day stay in Chicago and would obviously plan this trip around when the Reds go there if at all possible. Also, if ACE (the coaster club I belong to) brings back the free SIX tickets with memberships, I'd be more interested in doing SFGAm. I am also scheduling this trip around my community band schedule since with me being the likely only alto sax and with all the work I put in my sax last summer, I just put in a request to the director to throw me some solos this summer, so I would have to get to all the concerts. Won't know that until late-April or early-May.
  14. Didn't expect that speed hill to have such a nice curvature to it. It's gonna have a nice pop of air for sure.
  15. If the rate they're going continues and the weather keeps going like it is, I'm guessing they'll be finished with track work by mid-February. The only elements left are a camel back hill, the helix, and the curve up to the brakes.
  16. The DB cam is crystal clear now with the rain going on in Kings Mills at the moment. No signs of demo yet.
  17. You forgot Steel Force and Mamba.
  18. 1. Some things are allowed to be assumed 2. KI allowed O'Rourke to share demo photos of Firehawk and SOB's demo was also filmed I'm 99.99% sure there'll be photos.
  19. Off The Charts! is a staple if I go. Just see my member title and signature to know why.
  20. You really think KI won't be taking photos of The Vortex demo? C'mon.
  21. On the off chance I have more money to work with that I thought, there is an extremely slight chance I may add SFGAm to this trip. I didn't realize how close I am to Chicago going to Indiana Beach. If I could pair that with a Reds game in Chicago, I'd be even happier (and get me some legit Chicago style pizza). I would probably scratch Waldameer and do only 1 day at CP in that instance as well. That's all extremely doubtful though. If I do the original plan, I may stay in Port Clinton for both CP and Waldameer.
  22. I'll be honest- I don't see the point in making a giga coaster use terrain all that well.
  23. I usually brag about my future summer's plans this time of year, and last year I was unemployed, so not looking for that big a trip this summer. Likely doing Holiwood Nights again, mostly exclusively because Voyage got re-tracked, but I have a decent trip planned along side it. Still looking into the timing as I have to wait for my community band schedule to come out, but likely late-June/early-July or late-July/early-August, I will probably be making a return to the northern Ohio and Michigan parks with Cedar Point and Michigan's Adventure. I will be adding 1 or 2 parks this time as I also want to return to Erie to get in Waldameer again and I'm also looking into my first visit to Indiana Beach since its kind of on the way to or from Muskegon. Depending on costs and/or length of the trip, I may omit Waldameer. I need no info on 3 of the parks, but info on Indiana Beach would be helpful, mostly lodging and overlooked things to make sure to hit/eat when I'm at and around IB. I already know my game plans for Muskegon, Erie and Sandusky/Port Clinton. Just have to decide the route and park order. Part of me wants to save CP for last, but I'll forego that if the routing works better otherwise. I'll likely be doing 1 day visits to MIA, IB and Waldameer and it'll be a coin toss for if I want to do 1 or 2 days at the Point. I'm planning on FLP for CP for sure.
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