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  1. I thought the other reason it was removed was to extend the brake run when they replaced the trains around that time.
  2. I wonder if they could pull a Lightning Racer kind of thing where one drive box controls both tracks.
  3. Among The Racer improvements I'd like to see would be returning to the original red, white and blue color scheme and getting LED chaser lights down the entire length. EDIT: Also red and blue neon lights around the station and queue.
  4. Blue Racer was running very well this season. In fact, I had my best ride ever on it on Haunt opening night- on a wheel seat.
  5. ^He just said they're removed, he didn't say what happened to all that stuff.
  6. A lot of us like parks for things other than coasters. I take it you like parks for their coasters and that's fine. I look at everything else as well. CP is certainly up there for me though, just not quite my favorite.
  7. Knoebels also deserves mentioning here IMO. Its super affordable and they have a ton of old school charm with a lot of classic rides. They also take care of their coasters, specifically their wood coasters, very, very well. Fantastic food on top of it. Also, Elysburg, PA is beautiful.
  8. This is an easy one for me- Dollywood. A perfect blend of a lot of elements that mesh together very well. Good ride selection and variety, great food and shows, excellent service, original and well designed theming with a little southern charm that is due to said theming, and a beautiful location.
  9. I think the better question is if anyone knows why its been pushed back so far. This isn't a good look for Premier either.
  10. Its spelled clef. silver2005, see my member title.
  11. I'd also like to think the way the supports are put in place is more to do with the structural integrity rather than head chopper effects. In any case, head choppers are vastly more effective with wooden supports than the more typical modern steel supports, IMO, unless you have a really compact course like Flight of Fear.
  12. I really want to make some music puns with all these treble clef references, but I feel they'd go over most members' heads... Though, a treble clef element would really put the 'G' in G-forces. Waiting for someone to potentially get it now.... silver2005, being cryptic.
  13. To be clear- my view on the 4 across vs the V-trains are from experience, not off of any known stats. I rode Nitro last summer and it felt like it took its course, which has similarly sized elements to Diamondback, faster than Diamondback.
  14. The way I think I see it, it appears the 3rd hill may be taller than the 2nd. It also appears that 2nd hill is about the size of Millennium Force's first overbank, which means Orion could be a-flyin' through that turn. I think that element will have a good combination of weightlessness with some decent laterals as well. Remember- this thing will be going into that element at over 90 mph and the 4 across trains hold their momentum better than the V-trains of DB.
  15. Aside from the station being old, another issue I thought of is what kind of queue expansion would be needed since most of the last coaster additions have extensive queue switchbacks. There isn't a lot of that around Vortex's station. I think the station will be torn down, too. If its a B&M coming in, then there's no chance of them reusing Vortex's station.
  16. You must have missed the Polar Bear Club meeting memo.
  17. Paramount set aside certain rows on some of the coasters to allow double rides when they first introduced Gold Passes.
  18. GCI is one of those companies where I expect they'll do their homework and proper research that'll get their hybrid off the ground properly. They have little to no snafus in their history and they build quality rides. I think they're up there with B&M in terms of quality.
  19. Do any of the CF owned Boomerangs still use Arrow trains?
  20. I don't know about you guys, but the theme is obvious with the train colors- Bearcats in Spaaaaaaace.
  21. ^I attended and covered that media day when I was a staff member at Coaster-Net, and in hindsight, its pretty telling they let us at the media day considering we were one of the smaller park news outlets at the time. I also am aware that the owners have other attractions across the country. How are those holding up in comparison, @BoddaH1994?
  22. ^No way both go. Having one fills in a niche for people who can't afford to go to KI.
  23. Channeling your inner Terpy I see. I think this is it for The Beach, too. Not only with the neighbor to the south, but even more so with Coney Island announcing they're going all in on their water park.
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