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  1. In terms of theming on Millennium Force, I still get pumped hearing its station music along with the station design and those sleek trains cycling before being hauled up the first hill. Plus, seeing the ride fly around you as it finishes is cool enough for me.
  2. Conversely, the 1% are dependent on the 99% to not do things to make things worse. Speaking as a 1%-er.
  3. Of the ones I've ridden on that list, I'd put 5 of them above DB if I had to rank wood with steel.
  4. SDL is such a classic. I might be more sad that its closed over Storm Runner. I consider that a staple for the night rides I go with at HP when I end the day, on a list including GB and Comet. I got a huge soft spot for SDL.
  5. I wonder if Vekoma can make a train with better restraints like they have with their other Boomerangs, granted Invertigo's train is more unique. I'd even take a new train that would get rid of the face-to-face seating. The new trains make a HUGE difference on the normal Boomerangs.
  6. Hopefully not a long term problem. Storm Runner is my favorite steel coaster at HP and my favorite launch coaster.
  7. I'm not going to outright rank Orion since I haven't ridden it (and won't for a while), but I think it'll be at least top 10 or even top 5 material for me. I've also got SV at #1 for steel coasters with Nitro and Magnum right behind.
  8. If I had a grain of salt for each of these reactions I took to heart, I don't think I'd be able to flavor anything.
  9. Any possibility the Orion cam may go back online?
  10. It would help if the slides there used enough water to where you don't have to move yourself with your arms and legs.
  11. silver2005, who is still waiting for that carousel photo to be added to every error page on KIC.
  12. To me, KI in and of itself isn't the problem. I've knocked out the entire line up (sans PS but those wouldn't add that much) in a few hours on a dead day (that was with Vortex and Firehawk). CP is much more spread out than KI and CP's FL lines don't always merge at the station. Also, there'd be a big sprint from between MF/Rougarou and Maverick, not to mention 2 railroad crossings at CP. It would mean getting Maverick and SV back to back at CP and DB/MT/Beast at KI though. Riding both sides of Gemini and Racer could make it tougher. Also wind or inclement weather at CP. My thinking would be to start at CP and make up time at KI. Looking through Google Maps, most of the faster routes either way go through C-bus, which is construction laden at the moment.
  13. @malem , I smell a challenge once I'm back to going to parks. I think it comes down to which park to do first, a good route between the parks, finding efficient paths through the parks, and hoping the non-FL/FLP coasters are short waits. Does this include coasters in kids areas? Does ERT count?
  14. Random thoughts- The lights on the Sky Ride at night were a really cool touch. Also gotta love the Demon colors where it faded from yellow to red on the loop. Would love to see some before and after shots from some of these. I forgot how congested Rivertown was with KCKC where it was. The queue really jutted out into the midway. Also equally congested was HBL with how random the ride placement was. The 90s photos really bring back memories. I miss the big trees around the Tiques. Question- when was the tennis stadium built?
  15. I don't think they're as big a competition as some are making it out to be, at least not in a way where KK could really do that much drawing of attendance away from KI (as if KI weren't going to still be adding things) when nothing going on even hints to that kind of notion. Lots of areas have a high concentration of parks that co-exist fine and nothing about KI in relation to KK and HW shows that they're underestimating anything.
  16. Of course Thunder Run gets an off season re-tracking on a year I'm not going to amusement parks. Penciling it in for next season en route to Holiwood Nights.
  17. ^^Then all that proves KI isn't underestimating KK. The whole conversation is only really directed towards management (since no one here can affect what the park is going to add or dismantle) and they've shown no signs on not doing what is in the best interest of the park in relation to HW and KK.
  18. But nothing KI has been doing in the way and rate they've been adding things suggests they aren't still going to attract Kentuckians or any other people out of state for that matter. KI also doesn't have height restrictions, isn't landlocked, and has a far larger budget to work with annually than KK by a mile. CF isn't suddenly just going to keel over. KI isn't just going to stop adding things after Orion. Again, there are several areas with many parks in a fairly small cluster that have co-existed for a while and none of the smaller parks have 'overtaken' the bigger parks because they work within their niches, why is the KK/KI/HW cluster any different?
  19. What makes you think KI is underestimating KK, especially after just building a giga?
  20. Why is it framed as KK being some sort of threat instead of being a niche park? There are a bunch of parks a few hours from Philly that co-exist as niche parks vying for attendance, but you never hear them being compared as one overtaking the other (like Dorney somehow 'overtaking' HP or SFGAdv). KK, HW, and KI (within the context of the IN, KY, and OH area) are niche parks. They've co-existed for a while now (KK's troubles not withstanding).
  21. GhostRider was a full on CCI before GCI got to upgrade it.
  22. Those pads made them the most claustrophobic restraints ever.
  23. Almost has the same charm as MIA's. Almost.
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