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  1. I agree it vibrated a lot, but I think that's just due to needing a paint touch up. I wouldn't qualify that as being rough though. Parts aren't a concern because S&S still churns them out. Several suspended coasters are defunct from age, but all those were either pretty aggressive compared to Bat and I have to think with BBW that with Schwarzkopf starting it and Arrow finishing it that something with the design unique to it led to it going early along with some aggressive swinging as well. Ninja is one to watch in that regard. I would say Bat's got between 5-10 years, and that might be generous.
  2. Bat goes up the lift slower due to the blocking. The train on the brakes comes off that block section slower as the bottom used to hit the centering rail too fast and led to people banging their heads on the restraints, and its less hard on the chain motors to slow than to stop then start.
  3. I was unaware of problems with Twisted Timbers and RailBlazer? What were they?
  4. You really want a windchill produced by going 90+ mph in winter? Myself? I'm already annoyed by 53 mph windchill on Timbers. You can have your hypothermia, thank you very much.
  5. After riding Nitro, the 4 across trains are my preference over the DB style on B&M hypers. They really zip through the course.
  6. Next time we get an upgrade, I would ask that it be made available that members can block entire threads.
  7. ^But you used Rougarou as an example and equivocating that with the actual track removal of Mean Streak and Disaster Transport for Steel Vengeance and GateKeeper respectively when no track was removed to make way for Mantis transforming into Rougarou. Using it in that example and the discussion on whether people count it as 1 or 2 credits are 2 different discussions.
  8. ^Physically, Rougarou is Mantis. They didn't get rid of a coaster for that.
  9. I concur with malem on the opinion about flumes. They're meant to be more good natured fun, not really all thrilling (at least not on par with a coaster), but they really aren't meant to be. And they aren't really supposed to get you all that wet on them either, that's what water rides like White Water Canyon and Congo Falls are for.
  10. I want to specify my want for an RMC Topper Track coaster in Vortex's spot. 48" height requirement that equals Vortex's (as long as it isn't too crazy, doesn't need to be), would have crazy air on par with Vortex's first drop (except EVERYWHERE), fit in 3-5 inversions, something between 150-175 ft and a good length to match. Maybe go with orange and blue rails?
  11. My list- KCKC, Tomb Raider with the original ride program, Phantom Theater, Skylab, recaR, the animatronics on KIMVRR, Sunshine Turnpike, the original Tiques and Flying Eagles.
  12. To add to Vortex's removal, it is now absent from KI's ride listings as well as listed as defunct on RCDB. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/play/rides-coasters https://rcdb.com/4540.htm
  13. I feel this is also true when those type of enthusiasts try to dissect the GP and fail miserably.
  14. While you yourself have not made the incompetence claim, many on the side you're defending have, which is part of the broad scope of the argument many who are defending the park are trying to make. They're making comments based off of all those posts complaining about the webcams, not just individuals.
  15. So is everyone here going on about KI allegedly being devious in their handling of the webcam keeping their season passes and still planning on going to the park in the future?
  16. If Orion gets a tunnel, it better be longer than Leviathan's to have much of an effect. On Levi- its in and out of there in a fraction of a second.
  17. Another bit of FoF trivia- the US Navy and NASA looked in on it due to the use of LIM tech since both could possibly utilize them.
  18. I'm not convinced those brakes before the station are block brakes though. There are rides where it seems to stop at the MCBR and doesn't, but I think those are when the train ahead is clear of the unload station. I've had rides ranging from slow but still moving through the MCBR to being stopped for as much as 10-15 seconds on the MCBR. I'll have to experiment with it next summer in timing it.
  19. It vibrates a lot, but I wouldn't call it rough. And there's not much you can do about the MCBR. The way it works, it has to stay there until the train in the unload station is clear, so if you have a slow unload like it tends to do, its likely to stop there, which is awkward in the first 2 cars. Other than that, I enjoy it a bunch still. EDIT: Crossed out due to inaccuracies, but leaving the text up due to the posts where its corrected.
  20. I think it'll be Invertigo, not over any dislike of the ride, but the fact its running on a train with more mileage than the original train it was using and the fact its only 1 of 2 Vekoma Invertigo models still in operation.
  21. To me, Steel Dragon 2000 is the steel structure equivalent to SOB in terms of massiveness (better designed obviously). Its ridiculous due to the earthquake proofing (which is why it got a nice $50 million price tag, too). I think I prefer the minimalist approach of I-305. Its a radical departure from normal supports which gives it a unique and maybe even an unorthodox look. You don't expect a coaster so tall to have so few support beams. It helps that its color scheme makes it pop more than the other gigas, too.
  22. To add to this, there are several tools on the forums which allows you to look up post history- the search engine on the forum as well as looking up individual members' post history. The later is under every members' profile page under the button to the right just under the cover photo labeled 'See their activity'. And the post history covers everything.
  23. For those not in the know about this ride, this was the first coaster to hit 100 mph (this was built right before Superman: The Escape at SFMM), so its kind of a big milestone coaster coming down here. It also got the Drop Tower attachment before Superman as well. Its kind of weird to see all these high concept rides of the late 90's all coming down together.
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