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  1. Not a KI dream, but I dreamed I was at SFGAm of all places (never been to that park), and for some reason, half the park was in a dome, BTR had a different layout and was grey and yellow,  and Volcano that ran completely different (still inverted Intamin with LIMs) from KD was there. 

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  2. Ones that come to mind for me- Beast's (both), AE's 2nd, Millennium Force, Diamondback, Magnum, Wild Eagle, GateKeeper, Iron Dragon, Bat, Lightning Racer, Great Bear, SDL, Comet, Knoebel's Twister (uses 2 and both use the same chain motor), Runaway Mine Train (SFGAdv), Bizarro (SFGAdv), GASM (SFGAdv, defunct), Ravine Flyer II, Steel Force, Thunderbolt and Phantom's Revenge, Fahrenheit, almost all B&M inverts.   

  3. 1 hour ago, coaster sally said:

    millenium flyers are too bulky as well as timberliners IMO.  No need for the articulation anyways.

    Bulkier than the current PTC's? Not a chance. 

    I would hope GCI could make longer trains than the 12 car trains they normally do on Flyers though if they get their hands on Beast. 

  4. Another problem with KD waiting so long to get a custom B&M is most of the models they're likely to get already exist at BGW and will inevitably be compared to such, and BGW is often just simply looked at as a better park, especially among locals.   Also, how would a hyper from any manufacture actually play out if there's a giga on the premesis? It would have to have some very unique elements to it to set it apart from Apollo's Chariot as well.  Sure, it worked in a way at Hershey, but they did a lot of other stuff around it like a new entrance.  KD's management and PR doesn't seem to have the will or creativity to pull that off at the moment. 

    I feel they need to try Knott's approach in terms of coaster selection by going with the Macks and Gerstlauers of the world.  I do feel they should at least attempt to go for a B&M inverted coaster at some point.   Also get some very unique flats in there as well.  

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