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  1. Also, Intamin has other models being sold outside their giga/hyper coasters that still use the box track.
  2. I've been around coaster sites a while and for me, its easier for me to compile all my trip reports into one topic so I don't lose track of them. Along with park trip reports, I also like to do reports on the trips I do with the UC Band for bowls and tournament trips. I do have a few things to start out with. This year I have 3 other park visits planned outside of Kings Island; being Cedar Point, Michigan's Adventure, and Holiday World (the later 2 being my first time visiting). Though I've been to Cedar Point many times, I do want to leave the option to eat outside the park for this particular trip, which I've never done before. A few things on that. First, if I leave the park at Cedar Point including the parking lot, what is the procedure for re-entering the parking lot? Also, what are the best places to eat outside the park? For Michigan's Adventure and Holiday World, I just need general advice. In particular, a good day plan for both (I'll be going on weekdays for each), best places to eat in the park, and any hidden gems that need pointing out (I like to do more than just the coasters, I am a flat ride fan). I will be going to Holiday World for 2 days so I can take in as much of Splashin' Safari as I can. For food advice, it's mostly the lighter food I need advice on where to find (I know that's a stretch for amusement parks, just general light food is fine). Any advice on riding their respective coasters would be helpful as well. Thanks and I hope to have a trip report soon!
  3. silver2005

    Your Music Taste

    Let's see...for me it'd be classic rock, some modern/contemporary rock (not a big fan of rock that's too hard, Metalica, Nirvana and Alice in Chains is as hard as I go), jazz, and classical music. I also like to listen to movie scores. I'm also a bit of a musician myself, with the alto and tenor saxophones as my instruments of choice. I LOVE playing jazz. I currently play said saxophones in the UC Bearcat Bands and a community band during the summer, also run by the UC Band.
  4. That is Formula Rossa at Ferrari World in Dubai, built by Intamin, also the fastest coaster in the world. Though, it just launches nearly 150 mph right into trims. Meh.
  5. While dive machines are a different design than a typical floorless coaster (like Bizarro and Hydra), they do come with floorless trains now, so technically that'd be kind of getting a 2 for 1 deal there. Just sayin'.
  6. Every time I've been to Cedar Point, more specifically in line for Wicked Twister and Magnum for some reason, I get people pointing out and insisting that Lake Erie is really the ocean.
  7. Just to make it clear for those who may not be aware, this plant has produced track for several parks, many of which are outside the Cedar Fair chain and even some outside the United States. Off the top of my head and using recent examples, the plant helped produce Dollywood's Wild Eagle, Carowinds' Intimidator, Hair Raiser at Ocean Park in Hong Kong, the aforementioned Flying Over the Rainforest, along with a slew of others I'm sure. This track is probably for another park.
  8. Well for one, the plant is out in the middle of nowhere and second, they would need a heck of a truck to haul off with the pieces, not to mention getting them on said truck if at all.
  9. How exactly did you guys pinpoint they are supports just for a wing coaster? I can probably find about any B&M coaster and find similar supports, or even rides from other manufactures.
  10. As a former employee of the Rivertown Potato works, I can attest to how busy it can be. I had the fortunate (or unfortunate) timing of my first days being over the 4th of July weekend in 2004. That and among other weekends we had lines extending all the way across the midway. It got really bad when there's a train rush from when the water park closed for the evening (or just the train pulling up in general). There was also the fact that one who worked there came out smelling like peanut oil, which I kind of got used to. Lots of shenanigans as well to make it interesting.
  11. Ok, start at where the go karts used to be. There is a lone pine tree just above that and behind that is the slab of concrete I saw (covered by a plastic tarp in this picture).
  12. I went to Kings Island yesterday and from the Eiffel Tower, I spotted a piece of concrete that was sort of triangle shaped and pretty large. It kind of looked like a footer that could hold several supports at once, possibly indicating an elevated turn or curved drop on the ride, or even, dare I say...an inversion. The slab was just down the hill from King Cobra's old spot.
  13. LaRosa's is my go-to food most of the time. Of all 3 locations, I actually prefer the International Street location. I kind like to people-watch plus just the allure of that area plus the fountains is relaxing to me. I'll probably start eating at the Reds restaurant quite a bit as I LOVE Montgomery Inn BBQ and I'm a diehard Reds fan, not to mention its right by my favorite wood and steel coaster. I'm also a patron of Graeter's, the blue ice cream, and Rivertown Potato Works, where I used to work during the 2004 season, not good when they were hitting sewer lines to make way for Italian Job and the train rushes when the water park closed. O.o The only time I ever eat Skyline at the park is in October. I can't stand chili in hot weather.
  14. I hope some of you realize this, but this has already been planned out in its entirety, even the schedule of the construction, when to put certain things in, etc. I honestly think some of you are over-thinking things WAY too much. Whatever happens happens. What they're doing now is probably on schedule to making this a reality for April 2014. Patience is a virtue.
  15. You also have Manhattan Express in Vegas which is 203 ft tall (only a 144 ft drop) and has 2 inversions. The coaster formerly known as Steel Phantom had a 225 ft drop and 4 inversions (pre-Phantom's Revenge days). Alpengeist comes close at 196 ft. The few giant inverted boomerangs in the world are 191 ft. Obviously Son of Beast made this list and the aforementioned dive machines.
  16. The only reason we have Firehawk is from Geauga Lake's closure. Our only rides from them otherwise are Invertigo and Aerial Ace. I'm pretty sure Cedar Fair hasn't dealt with them in quite a while, plus I don't think Vekoma builds to the scale we're anticipating for the 2014 ride. @TheCrypt- I'm also in the boat of not wanting a giga coaster. I know the evidence points to one, but I'm kind of pulling for an inverted coaster or a dive machine. BTW, for those wanting floorless, dive machines come with floorless cars now.
  17. It looks like this may have future footers in the Adventure Express area. I wonder if they'll have to close it to do such work.
  18. I'm sure if Kings Island really wanted another wooden coaster, that they'd be smart enough to market it in a way that doesn't remind people of Son of Beast. This is the same park with one of the greatest wooden coasters in the world after all, and the same park which used a certain pair of wooden coasters to kick-start the 2nd golden age of coaster building. Just sayin'.
  19. Well, you'll be happy with this. http://rcdb.com/762.htm I for one think its still to early to call what this attraction will be. Sure they look similar to Diamondback's footers, but designers change their footers and things all the time.
  20. Yeah...those pillars are King Cobra's.
  21. The pillars/footers by Adventure Express are from King Cobra. I'm surprised no one mentioned this, but could the signs also have some significance in reference to Wolf Pack? Perhaps the new attraction(s) will play off that somenow? Also, I don't think SOB took up any of that spot highlighted in the photo. It is probably impossible to bring up a comparison shot as SOB would have left that spot hidden from that angle in years past.
  22. I think a Luminosity style show would be perfect for Action Zone. The area where the fake water tower used to be is a perfect area to set up a midway show like that. At least, I think it has more potential than just a slab of concrete in the middle of the park. Concerning the construction, I wouldn't mind if Kings Island pulled what Knott's did this year in adding a few rides to the area. If its a coaster,I hope they design it with future expansion around it in mind.
  23. Here's what the signs say btw- "Warning: Video & Audio monitoring in progress, due to the increasing occurance of mysterious and bone chilling screams, it has become necessary to close this section of the park until the cause of this evil phenomenon can be identified."
  24. Dauling Dragons uses PTC trains. Just sayin'.
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