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  1. Here's what the signs say btw- "Warning: Video & Audio monitoring in progress, due to the increasing occurance of mysterious and bone chilling screams, it has become necessary to close this section of the park until the cause of this evil phenomenon can be identified."
  2. Dauling Dragons uses PTC trains. Just sayin'.
  3. On the WLWT article- Since when did Son of Beast have 312 miles of track?! O.o
  4. To those complaining about it coming down to slow, imagine what would happen if the crane tried to take the whole rose bowl down in one go. It'd take forever to come down that way.
  5. ^Just look at Joker's Jinx or Poltergeist to get a look at what Flight of Fear looks like without the building.
  6. If you mean how the track is situated, that side to side motion you get is known as trick track. Its a portion that banks side to side. Its similar to the s-curve section but less curvy. In reference to the Italian Job movie, its supposed to simulate the scene near the end of the movie where they escape the tunnels via the sewer system.
  7. I beg to differ. While this site isn't like others, there are things that other sites do that could make this site better IMO. This is the premier website on Kings Island information out there and I see soooo much room for improvement. Just sayin'. Is it really too hard to ask for a little organization?
  8. Ok, speaking as someone who often visits this site, its hard for me to keep track of the different threads on one topic to keep track of what information/pictures are where. I come here often to relay news on KI to Coaster-Net, which focuses on more parks and stuff and its harder for them to keep track of Kings Island. It feels like a chore shifting through all the different topics. It would definetly make KIC more organized IMO. OH, and Coaster-Net does NOT run like TPR. We keep it organized while treating others kindly. Just go over to see what I mean.
  9. ^But there is at least conversation in that thread pertinent to this, plus the pics could be absorbed by this as well. Seems kind of a waste to lock or delete it.
  10. ^Uh...don't the pictures have pretty much EVERYTHING to do with this topic? Sounds rather pointless to have one topic for discussion and the other for pictures (which btw, the pics have already been posted on this thread, rendering the other pretty much obsolete). It sounds easier to have them one in the same. I'm a mod/staffer at COASTER-Net.com, and we try to limit the number of threads and merge mutliple threads on the same topic into one thread. Trust me, its easier for new members (or any members/visitors) to navigate.
  11. Except it is real. http://www.rcdb.com/9549.htm?p=0 What you saw was a test run.
  12. To be honest, I really don't want a giga at Kings Island. I am one who likes variety of rides in an amusement park. Regardless of how it may play out in marketing a giga, that type of ride (Intamin or B&M) does too much of what Diamondback already does, mainly having tall hills, air time, and high speeds. I want something different and unique. There are plenty of other coaster types that would compliment KI's collection far better than what a giga would in my opinion. And really, you can't complain about Kings Island having 'small rides'. Just see Alton Towers' troubles in building high, but yet, they still churn out blockbuster rides each time they make some noise. Not everything has to be the biggest and fastest. Most legitimate polls will show you some of the best coasters aren't the biggest.
  13. I think this was originally intended to have the new Timberliner trains but was changed to the PTC's at the last minute. That said, that change may make this thing unridable in coming years. Some of those angles and transitions were definitely made with the Timberliners in mind, especially the high-5 element. While it looks like a great ride, I don't have high hopes for its long term future.
  14. Wasn't a Luminosity type show in the plans originally with Action Zone, but MTV related when Paramount was still around? I think its great to see that concept brought back, hopefully with some perminancy this time. It'd be great to see some more traffic back there. Aside from people in the lines, Action Zone seems so dead.
  15. A few loose bolts on any structure/ machine sounds dramatic, but is not that unusual due to the constant vibration. SoB had SEVERE vibration that not only caused loose bolts, but numerous issues, including contributing to the support failure that resulted in guest injuries.It should be understood- loose bolts will not cause a structure to sway. They are engineered to sway. If there was no "give" in a structure, it would fall down like a house of cards. Even the Empire State building "gives" about 1.5 inches. The antenna on top of the CN Tower will sway 3.5'. I was referring to the fact that the over-swaying of the structure was the cause of the loose bolts. I realized coaster structures need to sway, but no coaster should sway enough to cause the ride to literally come apart. There has to be SOME sort of standard which SOB obviously didn't follow. One thing I was told on The Beast tour from Don was the reason structures like Texas Giant, Mean Streak and SOB become rough. Those curves taken at altitudes topping 100 ft are things a wooden structure isn't made to really withstand long term. There's tremendous forces from a multi-ton train going at 60+ mph on curves that high. Its something John Allen believed in his design techniques. Notice on his rides, high curves are taken at slower speeds. Also, the 2nd tallest hills on his ride have small curves that bleed momentum leading up to them, also to reduce stress on the higher structures (like the humps you see on Racer). Look at how Voyage has needed all that re-tracking these past few years, and its less than 10 years old (not that its a bad ride, just that the structures might be flawed a tad with high altitude curves taken at high speeds). Simply put, wood coasters aren't made to do things steel coasters can do when it comes to curved drops or ascensions. GCI's seem to get away from it as most are only 100 ft tall or so, or have structures that don't go beyond those heights. I would even guess the Intamin pre-fab woodies like El Toro with the high curves it has might suffer eventually, though we have yet to see that since most still ride very well currently (I haven't heard anyone having a bad ride on one lately). Add in the fact that RCCA' structures seem like they were randomly piling wood and the corner cutting Paramount did, and you get the disaster that was Son of Beast.
  16. Didn't a forensics investigator (Rick Schmizze) who looked over the ride after the 2006 incident find loose bolts he could unscrew by hand? I would think that would be a clear sign it swayed too much.
  17. It may be part of the Greater Cinicinnati area, but its not in the city limits.
  18. Uh...Mason is in Warren County, Cincinnati is in Hamilton county. Cincinnati and Mason have little to do with each other. I'm pretty sure Kings Island's mailing address says Mason, not Cincinnati. I for one am hoping for more of an extension of Action Zone out of this. I think there is too much land there just to simply use it for one single ride. A whole new area seems more fitting, maybe with a coaster to anchor it like we saw when Action Zone first came to be with introducing Invertigo and Drop Tower to what was Adventure Village. I mean SOB took up what, 15-20 acres? I know its a bit hilly back there, but I'm sure Kings Island could make it work somehow.
  19. Now I wouldn't say exact, 'cause Nighthawk at Carowinds has corkscrews instead of barrel rolls at the end! But all B & M flying coasters have pretzel loops. All B & M flyers have a curved drop. All flyers have in-line twists, etc. You probably haven't seen this then.
  20. Dixie Chili by a mile. I always head up Monmoth Street in Newport whenever I'm going to a movie on the Levee or a Reds game.
  21. Inside the park- The International Street LaRosa's and Skyline (I love eating on International Street in general), Outer Hanks, Feasthaus only when its blistering hot, and Potato Works. Outside the park- Skyline and Arby's
  22. The train choice kind of makes you wonder if there were any other trains being considered for the 2006/2007 rehab. What if Myrtle Beach Pavillion didn't close that year? Was it just out of coincidence that the current G-trains were chosen?
  23. Did part of the renaming process Cedar Fair had to do in getting rid of Paramount/Viacom brands include the water park? Wasn't Boomerang Bay inspired by the Crocodile Dundee movies (which Paramount created)? I realize there aren't exactly direct links to the movies in the water park, just a thought.
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