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  1. There's a SIX example I know of on the whole naming rides to failed movies.  There was supposed to be a Nick Cage led Superman movie in the late 90's, and they got SIX in on it by naming SFMM's 400 ft coaster Superman: The Escape when it (eventually) debuted.   

    That Superman movie never happened BTW. ;) 

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  2. If it would have turned out anything like Twister at Knoebels, which is a glorious lateral machine, then I'd be a-okay with it.  Most CCI's are heavy in laterals as well.  

    I wonder if it would have been RMCed or not considering KI is probably the best at taking care of wooden coasters in the entire CF chain.  Depends on how big it would have been, too.  If we're going by the John Allen line of thought concerning height, anything below 120 ft might have lasted a while.  

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  3. Dorney's timing on this couldn't have been better, seeing that the 2 major parks they're stuck between are both adding new coasters for 2020. 

    If this GG woodie gets themed, it'll be kind of on its own because none of Dorney's other rides have a hint of theming.   There's not much around the area where Possessed and the former Laser site is. 

    The thing I didn't get while I was there was why everyone was condensed around the entrance and rides like Steel Force were walk ons, and I went on a Sunday.   

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  4. ^My biggest gripe with CF is all the trees they removed in Soak City.  The original Waterworks section was gorgeous with all the added foliage.  I wish they didn't rid the area around DB from as many either. 

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  5. I'm completely skipping not only going to the park this season, but going to anything relatable if those kinds of things re-open (like going to the zoo, sporting events, etc).  I'm even contemplating giving up concerts and band until 2021 as well, or at least after the second wave dies down.  

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  6. 25 minutes ago, thatbandguy8807 said:

    In other news.... Lol I have a question for everyone. Just from what we know about the layout, what does everyone think their favorite part of the ride will be? Obviously no one has ridden it yet but what is everyone's opinion? I stated before that I didn't notice that it seems like all of the turns on this ride are close if not taken at 90° degrees. This honestly excites me because of the speed that this thing looks like it will have throughout the entire course. I think for me, my favorite part is actually going to be going into the helix right after the speed hill. I'm expecting the g forces to be pretty good going through there. I can't wait until we all start sharing our personal experiences that we have once we start riding this ride.

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    I'm digging that 2nd hill with the high banking at the top.  Air time combined with laterals is always an amazing combo.  The reverse treble clef turn around should be a close contender for me.  

    And of course, being a giga, that glorious first drop. B)  The 4 across trains also keep faster pacing than the V-trains found on DB, so it should be cruising through elements, especially later in the layout. 

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  7. On 3/3/2020 at 11:47 AM, RedRacer said:

    I'm an associate at the park and some of us associates have started calling Orion "The Big O".  Don't really know why, but we stuck with it.

    That name's already taken. ;)


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  8. It is one of the more intense rides in the park with the most inversions and lots of positive G's.  At least with Invertigo, the ride time is short, but Banshee was a pretty big step up in intensity for most locals, especially being the longest inverted coaster in the world.  I know with my friends at least, the last barrel roll and then the following helix does get to them.  Add to that the heat (at least later in the summer) and you got the recipe for motion sickness.  

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  9. Waited 4 hours and 20 minutes with Lucas including multiple temporary closings for mechanical delays and protein spills.  Wear my 1st rider shirt all the time (will not when it gets more worn out).  Also the beginning of one of my favorite seasons overall at KI.

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  10. Other tidbits about the rankings-

    -Diamondback is 4th out of 6 hyper coasters I've ridden and my 2nd highest ranked B&M behind Nitro

    - Banshee is my highest rated inverted coaster and 2nd highest for coasters with inversions (SV is highest in the later), also my 3rd highest B&M

    - Vortex is my 3rd highest ranked Arrow (2nd if you don't count the fact that Phantom's Revenge is only very partially an Arrow now)

    - Flight of Fear is about my middle ground for launch coasters and my highest ranked indoor coaster

    - Firehawk is my current favorite flying coaster

    - Beast is ranked above every GCI I've ridden and is my favorite CF woodie

    - Mystic Timbers is 3rd out of 4 for GCI's for me (hi Thunderhead and Lightning Racer! beats Wildcat though)

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  11. Here are how I rate my KI coasters within my rankings including defunct coasters (I separate wood and steel BTW)  Full rankings on my About Me page.

    Steel (out of 81 total)-

    4. Diamondback

    6. Banshee

    23. Vortex

    32. Flight of Fear

    38. Bat

    39. Firehawk

    43. Adventure Express

    55. Invertigo

    69. King Cobra

    74. Backlot Stunt Coaster

    79. Flying Ace

    80. Great Pumpkin Coaster

    Wood (out of 33)

    3. Beast

    7. Mystic Timbers

    18. Racer

    28. Woodstock Express

    32. Son of Beast w/loop

    33. Son of Beast w/o loop

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  12. You realize all the people on the front lines dealing with people everyday are constantly being exposed to the virus, right?  Medical workers, first responders and those working at the essential businesses.  Hospitals are desperate for supplies to protect their workers.  Also take into account that there are those still ignoring the stay at home orders, either through individual means or the fact that there are still states that haven't issued stay at home orders yet.  

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  13. ^That's nitpicky.  There are parallel conversations we can have that relate to this in many ways.  I think its better to have one place than have a bajillion different threads on it.  

    Also makes it easier to avoid the threads if its only 1 for those of us who don't want to read them 24/7.  Taking a break from the news is a very mentally healthy way to get through this quarantine.  I have had to limit myself from reading about it as when I get caught up in it, I get very, very depressed.   I only read the bare basics on it daily and then spend my day doing literally anything else. 

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  14. ^We know how to treat flu and have vaccines for it. We don't for COVID-19 and the later is much more contagious.   Flu also doesn't overwhelm the healthcare system like COVID-19 currently is. 

    I'm someone in the higher risk category, and the fact that there's still downplaying of this is frightening to me. 

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