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  1. ^Wow, that's a super deep cut by Don there. Bravo Don, Bravo.
  2. Well, obviously, they need to get Tom Holland as an employee. He surely knows how to save boats.
  3. I say make a SOB flame type thing for Vortex only more 80s in design with lots of neon or LED lights. One other thing I'll miss at night is seeing Vortex's chaser lights.
  4. Does the 11th Commandment allow for wannabes?
  5. I'm pretty sure its more like Beast accidentally ate Vortex in its sleep.
  6. Riddler's Revenge and Georgia Scorcher remain operating as stand-ups, too. Also Shockwave at Drayton Manor and a bunch of Togo's in Japan and including the coaster formerly known as Skyrider at Canada's Wonderland operating in Italy.
  7. I can still see a Topper Track RMC working as those are always ground-up designs and only are partly steel. The I-Box track on older structures is definitely plausible as a likely source of hastening structure fatigue, especially on larger wooden coasters where swaying structures are already an issue in regards to comfort. The I-Box just magnifies that with heavier track, trains, and usually higher speeds and acceleration. I wonder if NTAG and Iron Rattler have similar problems.
  8. It sounds like a mix of MF's and Wicked Twister's station music, both of which are awesome.
  9. The creepy thing for me is I rode it within the same week, if not, within a few days of this and counted myself lucky for that timing. Didn't they also reduce the trains from 6 cars per train to 5 that season?
  10. There's one glaring omission from this topic. The parking lot trams.
  11. Its moving at a pretty good clip for a test run.
  12. Vortex's spot is also well at the back of the park and further away from the residential areas around KI.
  13. Looks like I will be scratching Indiana Beach off the trip now. SFGAm got a boost in likelihood with that as well. Trip will probably go SFGAm, MIA, Waldameer, then finish with CP. Seeing the Reds in Chicago is unlikely since their only trip there in summer is right in the thick of my community band schedule. I may still try to go to a Cubs game w/o the Reds there.
  14. Your starting speed at the top of each hill between the Intamin and B&M gigas are different since one uses cable lifts and the other uses chain lifts.
  15. Saying how each element on a coaster is going to feel is completely subjective. One person may not experience everything the same with the way we're all wired differently. I take all that with a grain of salt.
  16. ^Its like poking a hornets nest. I feel an epic KDD response coming.
  17. Screw sand, they should go the Silver Star route. https://rcdb.com/1414.htm#p=15343
  18. Listen guys, the parts are being handled by top men here.
  19. I'm not sure I'd even want to play at CP. None of their remaining music locations are all that great.
  20. We have a lock on piano via @pianoman and a bona fide OSU worthy trombone player in @Ride On_17. Still need a tenor and/or bari sax, trumpet, guitar, bass (electric or double), drums/2nd cowbell, 1 or 2 singers, and a 3rd cowbell part. @IndyGuy4KI and @malem can be band managers and the rest of KIC are the groupies. There is a discussion to be made for @VortexBFForever or @stashua123 for marketing, but will be discussed at a future date. #KICmusicshenanigans
  21. ^Only if we begin our sets with this. @King Ding Dong, start practicing that choreography.
  22. Yours truly might be doing the auditions at the park in March. And I got some gooood stuff to audition with now. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2020/february/kings-island-live-entertainment-2020-audition-casting-call?fbclid=IwAR0wIfPZdQhvOY95lQ30duGr1sBaG1aOR9mbrCemSUq5qcwmgBHVSWJ9m9A
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