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  1. 1 minute ago, disco2000 said:

    When aren't you contemplating Skyline:P


    I normally don't when I go to Kings Island.  However, during the brisker portions of the calendar like early Spring or during the Haunt, I'm game.

    Though for Haunt, I go to the Kings Mills location outside the park.  Kind of a annual tradition for me to go there before my first Haunt visit each season. ^_^  Also helps that they're one of the better Skyline restaurants in the area. 

  2. Having ridden El Toro and a few GCI's, I give the forces nod to GCI's.  El Toro does have some good airtime, but GCI's have much more of an out of control feeling due to the fact the track keeps changing and they do the whole elements within elements designs.  I like all the GCI's I've ridden over El Toro.  Also, IMO, El Toro isn't aging particularly well, especially in the s-curve section.  

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  3. Well, the obvious bad news is I'm cancelling this trip this summer.  Depending on how soon I get back to work, I may either keep this trip and actually add SFGAm and a Chicago venture to it, or I may go back to the southeast trip I was planning to KD, BGW, Carowinds and Dollywood with a good helping of Gatlinburg in there. 

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  4. I heard a really great argument on how things like sports and amusement parks should open back up and the pressure they're under.  Not only do they have the pressure of re-opening, but they're essentially hoping for a silver bullet of a situation.  They have to do it the right way, a way where they won't get scrutiny for a bad decision which leads to more people getting sick.  The consequences of getting their re-opens wrong is actually being without them until next year/whenever the virus subsides.  

    I for one hope all these entities take their time re-opening, do it right, and make sure the decision to open back up is the right one.  Whatever form that takes, I'm game. 

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  5. How about Six Flags Great America's?

    Iron Wolf- B&M's first coaster

    Shockwave- once one of the tallest coasters in the world and tied for most inversions at 7 for a bit

    Deja Vu- One of a handful of Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerangs ever built

    Rolling Thunder, Tidal Wave and Z-Force- part of SIX's infamous ride rotation

    Or Six Flags Great Adventure-

    Great American Scream Machine- one of the tallest coasters in the world and first to 7 inversions

    Viper- First heartline coaster

    Ultra Twister- the only one of its kind in the US

    Batman and Robin: The Chiller- first racing/dueling LIM coasters

    Rolling Thunder- one of the racing coasters built in the 70s along side the likes of Racer, Racer 75, etc.

    Lightning Loops- only pair of interlocking Arrow shuttle looping coasters

  6. Racer has been getting subsequently better over the last few seasons with each bit of re-tracking.  I expect the same this season (or whenever we get to ride it again).  

    I know they probably won't repaint it to its original patriotic colors, but at least put some new chaser lights all the way down, too. 

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  7. In terms of defunct rides I didn't get to ride when I visited and they were operating (and I was able to ride through being tall enough)- Ghoster Coaster, the helicopter tour, the tallest of the FastTrak slides (the slides at the tower before the mat racers) and Flight Commander.

    In terms of currently operating rides- Sling Shot.  


  8. 36 minutes ago, KI Guy said:

    I don't know you are or what you do, but you work too hard to be giving charity to amusement parks! 

    Guys once again I don't foresee this being an issue.

    Kings Island is smart enough to keep the passholders happy. I'm sure whatever situation arises they'll make it right.


    I have used to have a medical condition where I had to battle my own immune system as what I had was considered an auto-immune disorder.  While I had surgery to remove said condition, building back your immune system takes tons of time, even if you're active in doing it plus your body doesn't store Vitamin C.  While mine is more functional than what it used to be, I still don't trust my immune system even well after what they say is a good time to relieve social distancing practices.  I'm going to continue to be strict in my own way until the 18 month time frame when there will allegedly be a vaccine.  I have to actively take steps past what people consider to be healthy practices, even when there wasn't a virus spreading.  If it means not going to parks, sporting events and the like, so be it. 

    I also spent more time in a hospital than anyone should- I get how to handle social isolation and the level of patience and persistence needed to power through it.  

    I anticipate several more spikes when between social distancing being relaxed and when the vaccine arrives. 


  9. I'm honestly thinking of just sitting out 2020 for park visits and just wait until 2021 even if parks open up, or at the very least wait until Haunt season to see if things aren't as hard pressed in terms of social distancing.  Already cancelled my CP/MIA trip.  Just thinking of all the hassles just to go isn't worth it to me.  And yes, I'm okay with biting the $200 bullet of purchasing a Platinum Pass for this year and not using it.  

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