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  1. El Toro is jealous of Fury's mad ejector air today. It. Is. Hauling.
  2. Afterburn is without question my favorite inverted coaster now.
  3. Fury is my new favorite B&M and my 2nd favorite steel coaster.
  4. I hate that I am still getting up early-ish like for work and that Carowinds doesn't open until 11.
  5. I just might be contributing to this thread on Thursday...
  6. Wait, what happens if its open with KDD in the park?
  7. Listen guys, this was obviously done for preventative measures.
  8. Pretty sure I had meat candy for dinner. Ribs that don't need sauce, and the mustard based sauce has a lot going on including a steak aftertaste. Hush puppies, mac n cheese were great too. Highly recommended. All this was $20.
  9. Made it to the hotel, 8th floor but facing away from Carowinds. Here's my view from the elevator.
  10. Doing good on time, got to a stone's throw of Knoxville in 3.5 hours.
  11. ^Both of which I really like, particularly Hershey's.
  12. ^I think the industry needs to see a 2nd coming of non-water park water rides. Who makes reliable flumes out there? silver2005, sucker for a good log flume (I get to ride my favorite at Dollywood )
  13. ^Heat isn't an issue. I've been taking walks (in the realm of 20+ miles since mid-May) with a lot of hills near where I live on the west side, and doing so on the hotter days on purpose to get used to the heat. The thing is, it hasn't been that humid in Cincy, at least compared to what the south can dish out. The day I'm reserved for Dollywood is looking MUCH better, now very low chance of rain.
  14. @pianoman looks disappointed that it isn't fountain ERT.
  15. So weather looks hit and miss. Charlotte looks clear, but its going to be very humid the day I go. For G-burg and PF, I'm at the mercy of the weather patterns of the Smoky Mountains, IE, lots of scattered rain. Luckily, I can change my Dollywood reservation. Will make that decision the morning I go from Charlotte to Pigeon Forge.
  16. ^Was there a question about John Matarese's coverage of Kings Island?
  17. ^KIC meet up incoming. Still think we need a RT Freestyle open/close thread.
  18. Why are so many parks sucking at operations compared to KI recently, even the good ones? I also ride stand ups early as my legs aren't happy doing them later in the day, so Vortex will likely be stop #1. Also, the way it works out, I will hit #125 at Carowinds, picking between Afterburn and Fury.
  19. Well, Gatlingburg's weather took a nose dive. Rain forecasted for every day I'm there so far, though its all below 50% so far. Though....post-rain Thunderhead seems like a good thing.
  20. Didn't Dinn/Summers also pave way for CCI?
  21. So since Carowinds hasn't expanded hours, it is more than likely I will be getting FL+ for my visit.
  22. What appears to have happened at Kings Island today is what I thought would happen at Kentucky Kingdom today, but no mas.
  23. Kentucky Kingdom TR July 5, 2021 It was a hot day in Louisville today. Got in at park opening and stayed until 5-ish. I did go on the pretense of a short trip as I thought it might be busy the day after the 4th, but aside from a mildy busy water park, it was a very pleasant visit. The longest wait I had was for a 1 train op Lightning Run (probably 25 minutes). Thunder Run got to 20 later in the day, but the other 3 were walk on. Only the raft ride as my water ride source, Mile High Falls snafued today (91 with a tad bit of humidity and no swim gear). I'm also a fan of Larson Loopers after this trip. Had a relaxing trip, took my time, had a good day. Kentucky Kingdom always wears me out quickly with how intense the ride line up is as well as the 2 hour drive to and from. Speaking of which, I need to find a way around the bridge situation for next week's venture, especially coming back. Took a TON of pictures (say...200). Only 2 slight issues- a late T3 opening and a temporary Storm Chaser ghost train. Ride count- Lightning Run- 2 Thunder Run-3 (Ran GREAT today, especially in the front half of the train) T3- 1 (its super jerky to me) Storm Chaser- 3 Kentucky Flyer-3 Eye of the Storm- 1 Raging River Rapids- 1
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