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  1. Now to wait on the first test runs.
  2. The crane has moved off the last piece. Orion track work is finished.
  3. Paging @Hawaiian Coasters 325
  4. ^1. WCPO is the only Cincy news outlet with a helicopter 2. Its a very WCPO-like thing for them to do with said helicopter
  5. As someone with their favorite B&M being Nitro, I am digging all those hills that are banked and curved at the top. One of the big reasons I like Nitro so much is due to it having a few hills like that. They are outstanding on the outer seats with the airtime and laterals combo. I'm giddy with Orion now with it going to be taking those elements a wee bit faster than Nitro.
  6. Jumping onto Shaggy's points- I have a theory that CF has certain projects in place for rides they deem to be on their waning years and are simply prepared to go with those plans once those times come. With SOB, it was pretty obvious, with Firehawk it made sense because it was a notorious maintenance nightmare, and with Vortex, it was about the ride's lifespan. I suspect they've had that plan regarding KD's Volcano as well, and probably for Anaconda, and Nighthawk and Vortex at Carowinds.
  7. I just realized something- doesn't the new DB cam angle make the MT camera pointless now?
  8. I'm guessing they don't want to keep showing the giant empty patch of land that Vortex once stood. It does help with scouting out Soak City to see if its crowded or not though.
  9. On the whole viewing of Vortex's demo thing- lest we forget the primary focus of the camera was Diamondback. Let's be honest, the view of Vortex, sans the 2nd hill area, was pretty poor. Most GP (you know, the park's main demographic focus) only know it as the Diamondback cam and probably didn't think twice about it slightly having Vortex in frame. As for the whole 'CF is removing too much history' spiel based on them tearing down Vortex's station, parks saving ride parts for display are extremely rare and while there are a few examples of new rides using old stations (Vortex using original Bat's, El Toro using Viper's, Maverick's queue reusing the WWL station, KK reusing Greezed Lightning's station for Lightning Run), those are also quite rare. You can't blame the park for things that you didn't like the outcome of. That's just people not actually being prepared for other outcomes.
  10. Holiwood Nights update- I can't do it. Memorial Day weekend is one of the weekends I can't ask off for at work. Blah. Might do Coasterstock now. Edit: Nevermind, Memorial Day is the weekend before.
  11. I don't think they're going to do that with Vortex's corkscrews. Alton Towers' version had its corkscrews close to the ground. Vortex's are about 30 ft off the ground and it just seems impractical, especially due to how one of the corkscrews straddles the track between the loops. That would be incredibly difficult to remove without damage. CP's Corkscrew is also close to the ground and the paths are already in place to keep that as is. Also, where would you put the corkscews as a display like that?
  12. I want a ground up RMC Topper Track design somewhere in the 150-180 ft range with 3-5 inversions.
  13. I don't think they're keeping any of it.
  14. Have the tarps over Racer's 2nd largest hills been there for a while or did they just put those up? I'm guessing they're re-tracking that section?
  15. I've done some recalculations with my money stuffs, and the possibility of me trading Waldameer for SFGAm is looking better. Going to a Reds @ Cubs game is looking iffy since their only trip to Chicago in summer is in mid-July which is right around the bulk of my summer community band concert schedule, but we'll see. I might go to a game even if they're not playing the Reds. Wrigley is firmly on my bucket list of stadiums to visit. Ticket prices aren't nearly as bad as I was anticipating. I'll also definitely be needing any tips on navigating and lodging around Chicago/Gurnee, and also tips on tackling SFGAm since I've never been. In terms of itinerary and route, I'll be doing Indiana Beach first regardless of anything. Then I'll either do SFGAm or Muskegon after that (I'd do SFGAm then Muskegon in that event), then if I keep Waldameer, I'd do that, and CP will be saved for last. If I do SFGAm, I'm doing 1 day at CP. If I do Waldameer, I'll be highly considering 2 days at CP. I'm also considering hitting up downtown Cleveland and visiting the Rock and Roll HoF as well. I'm staying in Port Clinton for any of the Sandusky/Cleveland/Erie bits of this trip.
  16. I don't know what you guys are seeing (yes, I did the logo removal). I see the batwing still intact. The brake run and helix are gone though. At least, at the time of this post.
  17. Soak City for me. They could use more modern slide designs and a water coaster a la Wildebeest or Mammoth, more stuff to fill in the huge gaps of space, definitely more shaded areas (my biggest pet peeve was them cutting down so many trees when transitioning from Boomerang Bay to Soak City, particularly around the original Water Works section). Its a pretty bland water park for a park like Kings Island IMO. They should also relocate some of the slides as well to give some of them a bit of an attendance bump (particularly the two enclosed body slide towers).
  18. I feel KD should go the route of Knott's Berry Farm in getting rides that are more unique to the United States such as your Gerstlauers, Maurers, etc and go all out on flats like Canada's Wonderland does.
  19. I always thought of KD as kind of in its own tier between most of the smaller CF parks like DP, WoF, MiA, etc and the big ones like KI, CP, KBF, etc. Now, to me at least, its firmly in that lower tier. I hope CF can start being more creative with KD. Twisted Timbers was a start, but I think they need to put some more umph in Doswell. I feel like KD has slowly regressed under CF (speaking as someone who doesn't follow KD all that closely admittedly, just giving my $.02 giving it the eyeball test).
  20. Sweet, ACE added Indiana Beach to the discount list.
  21. That shaping on Orion's turn around kind of reminds me of one of Thunderbird's turn arounds (which have a great combination of laterals and airtime), just on steroids.
  22. But that in turn makes wood structures ideal for RMC revamps over steel coasters.
  23. The 2nd hill will be interesting to see how they tackle it (literally) with its proximity to RT LaRosa's. Also, in terms of RMC not re-vamping steel coasters- I would think with steel coasters (spoilers- I'm not an engineer), their supports are more specific in handling the element they support including things like the forces. Messing with things like adding inversions and different drop angles, curve and banking angles, etc would play out so well. With wooden coasters, there are more supports to spread out the energy, thus minor-ish adjustments can be made. Steel coasters have much fewer supports to work with and drastically changing what kinds of forces they are withstanding isn't so easy as with a wooden coaster, at least I suspect. Add in things like steel fatigue with older coasters and you might as well just build a new one. Granted, much of Vortex's structure does mimic a wooden coaster's to an extent, at least on the non-inversion elements, but the fact its being torn down likely due to the steel structure fatigue doesn't bode well for an RMC revamp. Also, lest we forget, RMC does make full fledged steel coasters now.
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