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  1. Here's where I'm gonna blow some of your minds in agreeing with you. With the added evidence of the eyes being lit up, I will partially agree with the notion that the park is taking a bit long to get the web cams back up. There's still no way you will still convince me the park lied, but it is odd that the wait has been lengthy. In that way, I'll give you guys a little ounce of credit. I think the cameras are still on with the messages they're sending when you click on them plus the fact there are stills of previous images.
  2. Based entirely off of how they're handling the webcams? You're kidding, right? There are many other areas that the park could screw up which that would be true. The webcams aren't one of those issues. I think most of you are stuck in the enthusiast social bubble.
  3. What do average customers have to benefit from that information?
  4. I don't get why you think I'm not relaxed. I'm simply building my points of speculation from another side of this and voicing my opinions as well. And don't act like you haven't been tense in your opinions either. You're the one defending building the case with the claims of the park lying in the first place. You can't say that isn't drama.
  5. You keep bringing it up and defending it as if you think I'm just going to take what you say at face value. I don't agree with your stances on this and I am choosing to voice that as I think you guys spreading the park lying notion are in fact spreading the bad information. I don't think you realize how much anyone can pick this stuff apart and find giant logical holes in this. I'm having you spell it out on purpose so I can show how bad this argument is. At this point, I just think we're going to agree to disagree.
  6. But why are you framing it as 'changing the story'? Both those events can happen one after the other. The park knew they'd shut down the webcams eventually for the tower plans, so they upgraded software before they turned off the power, so they did and said they did both. The part that you said you don't know all about how electrical things work makes me take your argument with a grain of salt, so all this speculation on a lie is just that- speculation. You have no proof beyond what you think you know, to which even you admit isn't enough to come to a conclusion. You guys are getting in a fuss about speculation with no solid proof. This notion should be dead in the water. And again, even if the park miffed this up- who does it affect that this would hurt the park. Only enthusiasts are watching the cams and keeping up with this stuff to even have a single iota of what is going on. You guys are just stirring up a drama pot at this point.
  7. You can point out flaws in an argument and remain calm. They aren't mutually exclusive.
  8. And its not like the maintenance crews routinely go up and down stairs all the time. Oh wait... I think I made my point in there being a lot of holes in these lie accusations towards the park. No one can really string all these separate parts together it seems.
  9. Even if the park did make a miscalculation on this, what does this really affect? How many people outside enthusiasts, which aren't even 1% of their demographics, does this really bother? A vast majority of non-enthusiasts are okay with those explanations. There's a lot of unfounded anger from you guys with this as you really aren't seeing the large picture, mainly because there is no large picture because we're doing all this over a few webcams, which are pretty low on the park's priority list. I guarantee if you take this to an average person or the media, they'll scoff at the notion.
  10. 1. Does the tower have separate power sources for the elevator and lighting since the lighting is additional? 2. Can't they go up the elevator, turn off the power, do what they need to, turn on the power, go down the elevator, etc? EDIT: 3. Aren't there stairs?
  11. And....what? You guys need to walk this whole thing from point A to point B for me, because so far, these arguments hold no water. Go for long posts, make all of what you guys think are the 'logical' connections. I got the time.
  12. So why can't both be true at the same time? Like they got a software update in before they shut off power to work on the Winterfest lighting. That seems very plausible.
  13. Someone explain this park lying thing to me because I genuinely don't understand where you guys are coming from. Nothing the park has said has lead me to believe they are falsifying anything.
  14. Don't you guys have anything else of interest to do while waiting for the cams to go back up? Is asking for patience too hard to ask for? These 2 questions are both rhetorical and genuine questions. I get wanting to watch Orion go up, but I also get I could be doing anything else when I know I can't watch them besides berate the park and the mods.
  15. Even if I were a regular, I probably wouldn't have it like that. I rarely get the same thing on consecutive visits anymore.
  16. ^Waiters and waitresses won't work at KI because the meal plans drastically reduce tips. If you want good Skyline while at the park, just drive the 5 minutes to the one by The Beach.
  17. Luckily, sunset will be occurring before the park closes on the 27th, so I'll be able to get some shots of it at sunset before it leaves.
  18. I last rode it with the loop mere days before the 2006 accident.
  19. ^In the morning, the line would fill the switchbacks below the station and extend out to Delirium, and on busier days, out beyond Adventure Express.
  20. Yeah, the park soaks the ways and coneys in chili, which makes the later a challenge to eat at times. I do wish the park expanded the Skyline menu a tad. I'd love to get a Greek chicken salad or wrap in the park.
  21. That's probably because even on busy days, SOB went through Raptor syndrome where lines typically died down by mid-afternoon. People rode it, got their back ache, and enjoyed the rest of the park.
  22. Also consider CP is giving away the gate with $99 gold passes. I imagine CP will see quite a few capacity days next season.
  23. I'm definitely in the Skyline crowd. Not only with the chili, but I prefer the Greek selections and the other non-chili items at Skyline over Gold Star. The CBR (Chicken Bacon Ranch) wrap that they promote every once in a while is fantastic. Love the burrito selection at Skyline, too. And though I like a few other chili places better like Camp Washington and Dixie, Skyline does coneys the absolute best. I prefer CW and Dixie on ways though, and Dixie is, IMO, the best by itself. Also Extreme Cheese. My overall list goes something like this- Dixie Camp Washington Skyline Gold Star Empress Blue Ash Price Hill My favorite Skyline restaurants are 4th Street downtown Cincy, Clifton, Kings Mills, Glenway, Bridgetown, Oakley, and Newport.
  24. ^I remember that well enough, I just shiver thinking how long it would have been if the lower switchbacks were open and having that line stretch out to the original Tiques. And I think Bat has a long queue just out of sheer location.
  25. Looks pretty average for a Sunday on the webcams.
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