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  1. ^Are you suggesting the S&S version is bad?  Because I'd argue the S&S version is more intense than what B&M would come up with.  

    The thing that makes 4D coasters work a la X2 are 2 extra rails below the running rails (the 4 in 4D is a reference that there are 4 rails, at least when it was coined when X came into being) that are connected to a mechanism that spins the seats.  The only other option would be to have a computer mounted on the trains control the spinning.  Both versions require a ton of extra engineering that I'm not sure even B&M could overcome with downtime.  That's why I think the Intamin/S&S version is the way to go in making them free-spinning.  

    Also, the S&S version does surprisingly well with capacity for its size and the single cars. 

  2. Another thing to consider is what the park experience will be like in getting return visitors/new pass holders.  I imagine the park won't open at full operations, whether it'd be opening less rides, rides having less capacity (if they go by the Japanese examples brought up here- we're talking half or less capacity on everything) to try and fit in social distancing, etc.  A lot of that will be a turn off along with the word of mouth of those happenings.  

  3. On 3/21/2020 at 7:46 PM, silver2005 said:

    ^I have a friend who's an anti-vaxer and its kinda scary how seriously she takes that position.  

    Update on anti-vaxer friend- she is now seriously asking someone infect her own family with COVID-19 so they develop a natural immunity as opposed to a vaccinated immunity. 

    My head hurts. 

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  4. ^I also why its mostly limited to autism when there are a myriad of conditions that you can get a childbirth.  Heck, the one I had is one of them and I've met parents at group meetings, and that kind of thinking is never brought up (well, only to laugh it out of the room).  

    And yes, my support group, both the one I see as well as the national group that its under, is very anti-anti-vaxer.  

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  5. 2 hours ago, Thabto said:

    I would hope with just about everything being shut down, the curve will start to drop faster. I still think there will be a rise in cases over the next 2 weeks but after that I would think there will start to be a drop. I think the next steps should be limiting the number of people going into stores at once. Walmart is still overcrowded. 

    The problem is with the lack of testing, there isn't a way to track where the virus is spreading, and thus we don't know where it may be concentrated and where it has the potential to be spreading faster, and the CDC can't respond by doing more detailed work.  I expect that curve to be going nowhere but up for a while. 

    And then you have situations like in Florida where the curve is no doubt going up.  

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  6. 22 hours ago, SonofBaconator said:

    I don't understand the complaints of vest restraints.

    "yOu DoN't GeT aIr TiMe" 

    You're not supposed to get airtime on an inverting coaster. Yes some inverting rides pull it off but I'd personally sacrifice airtime so my head doesn't bang against old OTSRs.

    If you want airtime, ride Diamondback or Mystic Timbers. 

    There should be some airtime on dive coasters though.  Valravn's big selling point is the weightlessness on the 2 vertical drops, but the problem is you're held down so tight with the vest restraints that its near non-existent.  I hope I get to Griffon or SheiKra to see if the old B&M restraints are better for a dive coaster. 

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  7. 19 minutes ago, CheetahDrew said:

    We're not talking about a restaurant, the entire season is 9 months (Including Haunt + Winterfest) Cedar Fair will not miss the opportunity to make money off of being able to open for it. Because when they do open, people are going to look for a place to go after cooped up forever. KI is the perfect place for that and CF and KI know that, they won't miss that opportunity. 

    What makes you think I'm talking about a restaurant?

  8. 31 minutes ago, King Ding Dong said:

    Hold up.   The Coke Freestyle machines must be worth something.  :P

    I certainly will be there at the liquidation auction.  :ph34r:

    Good luck paying to stock them.

    At least I can get Vanilla Coke outside the Freestyle Machines.  All the Sprite and Minute Maid flavors need to become a thing, though. 

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  9. Going into history mode for a minute on this- the first of what is considered to be the golden age of amusement parks and roller coasters ended during the Great Depression.

    Could we see a repeat of that in some form with this situation?

    I think the major chain parks will be fine.  The smaller parks are more of what I'm worried about during all this.  

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  10. While we all agree it is important to take this situation seriously, it is also important to mental health that we do things to distract ourselves from time to time.  Also remember that you are healthy now because of the precautions everyone is taking.  Its not in a panic, but simply something that is what it is.  If anything about this gets you upset, let it out.  Be honest with your emotions. 

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  11. 2 minutes ago, King Ding Dong said:

    You went there?  2 week quarantine for you and I don’t give a darn what the scan says!

    To be fair, I only venture there to get info on what parks overseas are doing since they have unprecedented quality of info of that area compared to other sites, but that's it.  

    I venture there with caution knowingly. 

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