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  1. Now it's starting to sound like Stranger Things Haha.
  2. I REALLY hope they sell these teaser posters in prints. I would love that Rotor one.
  3. I would laugh if these "mistakes" were just them screwing with us, just to watch us squirm lol. My guess for the poster today is Screaming Demon.
  4. 1. Racer lighting and overall appearance upgrade 2. Antique cars where Dinos was. 3. Overall Coney mall revamp was.
  5. I think it says Ford on the key. I really hope the cars come back!
  6. If you ride the train, you'll see it. Its right before you return to the station. Its small twigs and things.
  7. I would love to see something like Verbolten. It could be an immersive,escape The Beast themed dark ride. Plus, it could be a more "friendly " coaster
  8. I think I have seen Strand Light Palette in festhaus. I'm not sure whats used elsewhere.
  9. Just a guess, but maybe its new front gate? That's something everyone has experienced.
  10. I'm sorry if there is a topic on this already! I searched and could not find an answer. I plan to start a payment plan for my platinum passes and I was wonder if they can be used during the time you are on the plan or do you need to wait till the plan finishes.
  11. I'm a personal fan of blinding lighting effects. I guess there is kinda a danger there to certain guests. I would love to see some digital lighting, but that is really expensive and I can only see them doing some basic LED strips, with some moving luminaries, and some atmospherics( fog, haze etc...) to make those lights really pop.
  12. I believe it was a flash pot, like they use at the start of the night.
  13. I've always loved this piece, I think it would work well.
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