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  1. Slightly off-topic, but after all these years (decades), seeing the Eiffel Tower "towering" behind the entrance gate like that still gets me every time!
  2. Those were absolutely fantastic photos. Some of the best views of the park during the early years I have ever seen. My parents took me once in 1975 when I was too little to remember (didn't start going regularly until 1992), so these views of the park always fascinate me. The early years of Kings Island were definitely its most beautiful, and I definitely think its currently much closer to its original condition than it was 15-20 years ago.
  3. I'm wondering at what point will they check your reservation - entry gate? Parking tolls? Entering the lot? Kings Island Drive? What will they do with people that drove hours to the park and have no reservation? Hopefully they have plans for some "security" in these situations (Sorry folks, park's closed unless you have a reservation!).
  4. Anyone else wondering how and when they filmed that video at KI?! That would have been a pretty extensive production. It couldn't have been too long ago that they would have had the "green light" to do this. I saw at least the Carousel opening. Looked to be a lot of covid-related safeguards already installed, looks like they've been preparing for awhile.
  5. The mask situation has become interesting just based on my local observations as various business continue to open up. Two weeks ago, 95% of everyone I saw had on a mask. A week ago, roughly half. In the last few days, I have rarely seen anyone in a mask in a store or restaurant, except for employees that are required to wear them, and most of them have been sporting the trendy "chin masks".
  6. I couldn't have said it better myself! MT feels like it had the similar amount of thought put into it as the original construction of Kings Island.
  7. I check the webcams here and there, and this is the first day I have seen any activity. Several work trucks visible at various locations. Hopefully it's a good sign!
  8. Does night time at Kings Island get much better than this?
  9. I got the survey yesterday. It is very in depth, and had some very interesting questions, along with various possible scenarios for re-opening.
  10. Interesting stuff: Forest conceals long-forgotten amusement park, a 1930s Dayton hot spot
  11. Very interesting, if true. I thought for a long time that Swan Lake would make a great setting for a coaster (that is while keeping it an actual lake; not draining it before hand).
  12. If nothing else changed about current conditions related to the Coronavirus (possibly wear a mask, do your best at social distancing, etc.), but Kings Island was "magically" able to open tomorrow (and it was up to you if you wanted to go) would you visit?
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