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  1. Reminds me of an old saying on here: "Things are a lot more like they are now than when I got here". Actually, none of this is new. Kings Island is the hot senior girl, and KIC is the nerdy freshman boy. She calls the shots and tells us when and where and if we can call her. Sure, we could break up, but she's holding all the cards.
  2. If one of the purposes of having a "kids area" at an amusement park is to create lifelong customers, there hasn't been anything in that building that's gotten that job done in a long time.
  3. That would be a good theory for the tree removal. That could add a really cool vibe to IS at night, during any part of the season.
  4. I was talking to a friend about the IS makeover (she's not even really a Kings Island "enthusiast"). She thinks they're probably going to do video projections onto the buildings. Might be kind of cool for both WF and Haunt.
  5. Still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that something so cool is coming to a spot that has been so neglected for over 25 years.
  6. I wonder if a majority of the parts are for older rides whose parts at one time were possibly cutting-edge, but are easily reproduced now. Sort of like all the reproduction parts now available for older cars.
  7. Since I have about a three hour round trip when I visit Kings Island, I always try to keep it "safe" to limit the chances of getting something bad. I usually stick with cheese pizza that's just come from the oven. Maybe not 100%, but it would be hard to mess that up.
  8. Just thought this would be a good place to share a pic of International Street that my uncle took in 1972.
  9. I remember it absolutely crushing my ears when it first opened, very painful. It was really an immersive experience, though, much like Top Gun and Days of Thunder. You really forgot where you were.
  10. So nostalgic nowadays to watch a group of people (especially a group of parents) participating in an event without dozens of iPhones being held up in the air.
  11. I would also like to add that Coney BBQ was another fantastic addition. It is a beautiful structure (inside and out), and the way its design makes it look like it's always been there was a nice touch. Great how they added the rear seating area and tied it into Tower Gardens; it really spruced that area up nicely.
  12. Since they already completely clear the shops out to prepare for Winterfest, and then again before restocking for the next season, I would not be surprised to see some remodeling done inside the shops while they're empty. They could use it, they're pretty dated.
  13. After all of these years of being a Kings Island fan, the last few seasons have been like a dream come true. It's as if Kings Island personally asked me what I'd like done with the park, and they did it. First, it was Mystic Timbers. Winterfest Antique Cars returning Remodel of IS. Not that this was an area that I felt needed a remodel particularly, but after hearing about it, I am really, really excited.
  14. Shocking how different IS looks right now compared to when I was there just 18 days ago! This is extremely exciting news!
  15. Wow! Never saw this coming! Between this and the return of the Antique Cars, this will be quite the memorable season!
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