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  1. Wow, my KIC membership is now old enough to vote! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!
  2. The sensation I most remember is from going downhill. It really felt like you were going to flip over backwards. It was a truly a wild, out of control feeling. If you're old enough to have ridden in a station wagon with the rear-facing backseat, you could relate. Watching the scenery disappear from that perspective is definitely different! Looking back, I'm completely shocked that they were ever allowed to do that.
  3. I didn't end up seeing this in person this year. They did such a good job with this.
  4. I always take note of this day every year - the first day Kings Island closes since they started daily operations in the spring. For anyone that has worked there, or knows someone that has, what's it like? I would think it would be kind of a shock to go from those hordes of people coming and going seven days a week, to nothing. I also wonder if there are a lot of people (customers) that show up not knowing they're closed.
  5. Three people injured in shooting outside Six Flags theme park in Illinois
  6. A very interesting article: https://www.foxbusiness.com/lifestyle/six-flags-ceo-parks-turned-cheap-day-care-teenagers followed up by: https://www.businessinsider.com/six-flags-ceo-draws-ire-with-classist-remarks-guest-demographics-2022-8
  7. It is unfortunate, but I have to say that it's definitely not new. I've never had more of a feeling of being in a "no man's land" at Kings Island than being in the queue for Son of Beast in the early 2000's. Something about that line seemed to bring out all kinds of sketchiness. I remember watching large groups of smoking pre-teens line jump while loudly dropping every possible curse word like there was no tomorrow. It was like being in the middle of one of those after school specials that used to be on TV!
  8. I think that might be the most underrated ride at Kings Island. The family members I was with "found" WWC when we went back in the early '90's. I can still remember getting blasted with water. I honestly didn't even notice it most visits, it used to be so hidden. It was probably around 2008 or so before I rode it again. It's like you're in another world. I used to really enjoy the long walk through the woods to get to it. I usually don't ride it because I don't want to get soaked, but it is definitely something that you can say that "they don't make 'em like that anymore" about!
  9. Here is a thread with lots of pics/info about the Kings Island Inn/resort
  10. I was messing around on YouTube, and I came across a few videos I made from the summer of 2011. I had forgotten all about them. Amazing how much Kings Island has changed since then. I even made a short one from the Kings Island Inn. And, yes, I was a little new to editing/making videos. LOL!
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