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  1. Congrats @BoddaH1994!! Now I'll have to get a cheeseburger the next time I'm at Kings Island!
  2. Such a treat to sit on the Brewhouse's patio and eat awesome food like this while taking in the views of Diamondback, etc.
  3. I got the email. It looked like the terms were actually updated August 20. The only thing I could find of interest was the hand stamp needed for re-entry. I remember that was the policy awhile back, then it changed, and looks like it changed back again.
  4. Whenever I see one of those news crews at the park really in the morning like that, I always think how I would pay good money to be able sit there with a coffee and watch the fountains at that time of day.
  5. I think it's very interesting, specifically, that Chad Showalter, speaking on behalf of the park, made it very clear twice that it is two different distinct entities. I don't remember them trumpeting that fact earlier on (maybe they did, though). It can't be a real good situation for there to be some very obvious finger-pointing going on. Hopefully they can get the project back on track.
  6. So great to get back to the park! I haven't done a TR for a long time, and this was my 1st visit since Winterfest 2019, so this seemed like a good time to do one. This is always such a great feeling! Lots of cars, but it moved quickly! I always think it's worth it to walk a little further to get an end parking spot Wow, it was great to see this view again. I had no idea how ERT was working, but the girl at the entrance to MT asked to see my gold pass, and I got two quick rides in with virtually no wait. Works for me. I think Mystic Timbers is just amazing. I just can't say it enough. I know parks need rides like DB and Orion, but, wow, I'd like to see more things like MT. It is so unbelievably well integrated into it's spot. It's attractions like this that got me hooked on Kings Island so many years ago. I think if there was a park named Mystic Timbers, and the only thing in it was this ride, It would still be worth the three hour round trip to visit it. After exiting from my second ride, I caught Mr. Helbig filming the train. Very cool! Every view on this day was fantastic. Got two quick rides of The Beast with virtually no wait. So weird not seeing Vortex! I'm sure this has been discussed on here at length, but I would think the park had plans to quickly put something in this spot before the 2,000 pound monkey wrench was thrown in the middle of everything. I also think the Antique Autos are amazing. It is worth repeating many times what a good job they did on these, maybe even better than we deserved. I think you get possibly some of the best views in the whole park with this ride. This and MT, to me, have the "original" KI concept vibe to them. I feel like I'm stepping back in time. So much attention to detail. Just some more random great views of the park Nothing like a coffee break with this view I was so glad to see the Liberty Bell back. It wasn't there the last couple times I've visited. I love this area of the park. Can't ever not take a moment to appreciate the floral clock, either. Great views from the Train I hadn't seen this addition to the front of the Festhaus until this trip. Looks fantastic! A few more awesome views from around the park Thanks for reading, I hope to make it back again very soon!
  7. Camp Cedar looks like an absolutely wonderful addition. Having said that, it would not surprise me in the least if the plug on this project was completely pulled before it ever opens. I thought that before reading that reservations have been cancelled, and also before the "incident" at the park. I'm actually kind of shocked that it was ever planned in the first place.
  8. I'd just like to say, as a long time member here, with everything that has been going on in the world recently, it is really great to see some good, old-fashioned Kings Island construction rumors/speculation going on!
  9. Thanks to everyone that posted updates and pics of the park yesterday! I missed last year (first year I've missed since 2003), and can't wait to go in a couple weeks. It's so great to see views from in the park. Thanks again!
  10. I just came across this thread. That is an amazing piece!! Thanks for sharing!
  11. Had to look back at my pics! Mystic Timbers, July 23, 2019 2020 was the first season I've missed since 2003.
  12. I've always thought it would be a neat to have a thread where you share your first-ever post on KIC. Some will definitely go further back in time than others. I have to say, I have two college degrees, but I think I have learned more about the world from being on this site. I look back through some of my older posts and it's definitely some face palm material. Most of all, through good times, and some not so good times, I've always appreciated to have someplace to go where I can just talk and read about my "Fun" place. From this topic
  13. For me, hands down, is the original Antique Cars. Partly because of the ride itself, but also due to its proximity to the Eiffel Tower and International Street. The Tower is the hub of the whole park - and has definitely earned "iconic" status - and I feel that that area around it should reflect that. The Italian Job, and now BLSC, would have been fantastic in Action Zone, and would still fit perfectly to this day.
  14. This is the first season I've missed since '03, and I'm really sad that there's no Winterfest. If they light up the Tower, I may make the three hour round trip just to drive by and see it.
  15. Wow, that was a blast from the past. I rode it the first time in May of 2000, and the last time was during Haunt 2007. It was roughness on a whole other level, for sure. I still can't believe that massive structure was built, and is completely gone already.
  16. That is a truly fascinating story. Love reading that kind of stuff. Also, just as fascinating, if not more, I've always wanted to see the land that KI is sitting on before it was built. I had no idea there were satellite photos on ODOT!!! Thanks @TombraiderTy!! Usually I'm only thinking about getting home once I'm at that end of the parking lot, but a few years ago, I got out and took a few pics (2015):
  17. This. I think Vortex was a much more integral part of Kings Island than the average coaster that gets removed. I would put it along the lines of The Beast and the Eiffel Tower. I believe Cedar Fair has finally discovered the true value of nostalgia (KMAA, Winterfest, and I would argue MT). I will actually be surprised if whatever takes Vortex' spot won't be called "Vortex", or have that as part of its name.
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