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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Why "Rest in Pieces" instead of the normal "Rest in Peace"? "It's Big it's Gone" is a strange phrase..."It's Gone" means it's already gone...it doesn't say "When it's Gone", or "Will be Gone", or "soon to be removed". Does "Big" refer to the size of what's gone (or what's going to be gone), or does big refer to the fact that it's gone, like it's a big deal that it's gone? So many questions!
  2. I would like to say that I really don't think they are removing The Beast (it's really kind of unthinkable), but there were lots of rides being thrown around, and it seemed to me that the clues, if anything, were pointing more in that direction than anything else that had been mentioned. If you really read the sign, it is worded (no doubt purposely) so carefully, it's really hard to tell what it's referring to. No doubt everyone is supposed to read it and think something is being removed, but when I re-read the words a few times, I think it could be something else.
  3. I don't even like to think about it, but how could all of those clues NOT point to The Beast? SoB's tombstone behind it, claws on the urn...??? One of our own??? Not to mention all of this: https://KICentral.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33920-an-ill-fated-demise/&tab=comments#comment-803088
  4. Like the Dive-In movies at the water park during the summer, I wonder if they could show movies there on certain dates? They would sell tons of popcorn, pop, and snacks if nothing else.
  5. Wow, good find. That kind of stuff fascinates me.
  6. This screams a return of the Antique Cars (Les Taxis) to me...
  7. I was told two years ago that only certain shirts (they said my "technical" shirt was OK) could be worn on slides. Also, not to be graphic, but just as a heads up, a ring can be really dangerous. Had a friend years ago go for a dunk playing BB, his ring got caught, and I'll let you figure out the rest....
  8. I remember when we were going to get a new coaster named Mustang. Ride, Sally, Ride!
  9. Some of my Facebook friends have been sharing the "Disneyland" stories on my timeline, and I just have to roll my eyes.
  10. One of the things that hooked me on Kings Island many years ago were how they blended rides into the natural terrain of the park. Beast, AE, WWC, Viking Fury, KCKC, Congo Falls (to an extent), etc. That is why I am so impressed and happy with Mystic Timbers. The effort put in to get that ride to feel like it is a part of the landscape was just phenomenal. An awesome nod to the history of Kings Island (not to mention the fantastic way that it also interacts with WWC, the train, etc.). I would guess the park needs the thrilling, reach-to-the-sky coasters and attractions, but I really feel l
  11. Boo Blasters has the same rotating loading platform as the original Enchanted Voyage the opened in '72 with the park. It's listed as "defunct" above, as that actual attraction is no more, but the building, loading platform, and other parts remain.
  12. If you have Twitter, and don't follow "Kings Island History", you should....these are fascinating pictures of (IMHO) one of the best things at Kings Island...these pics only reinforce that notion for me...
  13. I think the more interesting question is "Will the latter do anything to have an effect on the former?" (see "Frontier World")
  14. I have checked The Golf Center's website a few times over the years, and noticed a little while back that it looked like the city had taken it over, which I thought was an interesting move. It must still be a course that people feel is too important to be bulldozed over (which happened to one of our local courses last year, what a terrible sight!).
  15. Oh, wow you get to play Muirfield? That would be a dream come true! I go up every year and just drool...LOL. Thanks again for the info!
  16. I've ridden both - SoB both with and without the loop. It and Banshee were just completely different rides and experiences that I don't really think they can be compared. Son of Beast was a jaw-dropping structure. Very imposing. I always had a real problem with the queue. It just seemed like such an afterthought to add turnstiles to part of the Top Gun queue. It did not come across as very well thought out, given the significance (both in size and investment) of Son of Beast. The biggest difference, of course is the ability to ride Banshee and still feel like you can enjoy the rest of y
  17. You make a lot of good points, and thanks for the interesting information! I believe Muirfield is Jack's "baby". It was the result of his wanting to bring an Augusta-like experience to the area where he grew up (lucky for those of us close to it), and definitely had a different mission statement than the Kings Island course. Oh, how I would like to have a time machine to visit the Kings Island "resort" of the early 70's...go to Kings Island, stay in the Kings Island Inn, and be able to visit the golf complex, the latter two at their peak.
  18. I have always wanted to play over there, but the realities of working it in during a KI trip haven't allowed it. Interesting how two different Jack Nicklaus golf developments that happened at around the same time and about 100 miles apart (Muirfield Golf Village) turned out so differently.
  19. I mostly agree with what's already been stated. Paramount seemed to just kind of drop things in without much respect to how it fit in. Cedar Fair has done a masterful job of enhancing the area(s) of the park that they install things in (although I've never been a fan of draining Swan Lake for Diamondback, as well as it's placement in the park, but it does blend in about as well as a 200+ feet tall, red, steel rollercoaster can, and they did a great job of integrating it with an existing, original KI building). Cedar Fair has also proven to do a great job with general, small details througho
  20. http://amateur-journalist.blogspot.com/2010/10/adventure-express-1991.html
  21. Am I the only one that was slightly let down entering the park this spring after having visited Winterfest?
  22. My biggest problems with the food service isn't the food necessarily, or the facilities. It's the vibe. Most of the workers perform in a manner consistent with being held against your will. Not what you're looking for when you've driven hours and spent a considerable about of $$$ to travel to a place that should be a top vacation/fun (no pun intended) destination. The other vibe killer is the other customers. I do not possess a food plan (and I don't mean to denigrate those that do), but everyone I'm in line around are singly focused on what they can get on their food plan, instead of con
  23. I'm going to blame the new entrance. I've been to Kings Island at least ten times since they've put it in, and I still am not sure where to aim, even after I've started turning left! It's amazing that one of the largest amusement parks on Earth has an entrance lane narrower than you'd find at a McDonald's. It is very confusing. Maybe there's a lot of people that just haven't figured out how to get in and they've just kept driving! In all seriousness, I've thought for years they need a grand banner/sign you drive under when you enter Kings Island drive (either from the north or s
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