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  1. I'm going to go today and I'm bringing my camera. I havn't used it in the park yet so I can't wait!
  2. No way it is going anywhere. With Spirit Song and Hanity the park will not even think of the possibility of sending it on its way.
  3. Wow, let's complain about everything now a days. If I had a prosthetic limb I would make it my responsibility to read the rider safety guide at every ride entrance before getting in a long line. I stand by the upper management on this one.
  4. There should be no problems at all as long as the customer keeps a copy of their receipt. If they do then any problem can be easily fixed. I always get a receipt for everything just in case. To jcgoble3, upgrading is an easy process and as long as your current pass works, then your platinum should be fine once upgraded. Just ask the admissions associate to check the pass after it is upgraded and ask for a receipt.
  5. Either get one of those draw string bags and hope that no one takes anything. (I have never gotten anything stolen but have seen a lot of people come up into Guest Services asking if a bag was turned in because it wasn't there when they got back to the station). My favorite thing are my shorts that have a pair of zipper pockets. I feel completely safe putting everything in there and don't have to worry about it during my ride.
  6. One thing I love about the map is the location of Flight Deck. They removed it from the bottom corner and more over to where SOB actually is. It was very annoying when working a concert over at Timberwolf and having people trying to walk through the gates without a ticket because they were just trying to get to Flight Deck. Now it is clearly marked over next to Thunder Alley. I think it looks really nice and for some reason WindSeeker just sticks out and looks very inviting.
  7. Get the attention it deserves. I love that area of the park. It just has a fun feeling and now it is going to look even better.
  8. Head for my baby Flight Deck of course! Oh my the pretzel loop. Only one I have been on is Superman: Ultimate Flight at SFGAdv and everytime it came to the pretzel loop I felt scared. The enormous pressure on your body is a weird feeling. It is fun but always something that kind of freaks me out a little. Plus the loading is always so slow that you sit in the final break run hanging there and your neck starts to hurt a little. Where as on the Vekoma's the final break run is in the laying down position and a little more comfortable. That is if you are not claustrophobic.
  9. I always remember being too afraid to try the tallest of these 4 slides. So I knew it was going to be torn down before the next season so I hiked all the way to the top, and screamed all the way down. I was so brave as a kid. Thanks for posting!
  10. Ahh, gotcha. Going to be very crowded back that way this year! Thanks! RD Probably part of the reason they re did the walking surface back there.
  11. Dude I havn't been on here in forever, what's crackin

  12. wow It's been forever

  13. After not posting for what feels like about a year, this is very nice to come back to. I'm actually proud of KI! What is this feeling coming about me! I take a ride on The Crypt about everytime I visit the park because the line is almost always short, it's indoors, and I actually find it entertaining. Yes, the indoor ferris wheel holds a place in my heart. Excited to see what the outcome is on opening day. And since I am no longer working at the park I will actually be able to enjoy an opening day again!!
  14. Rode it plenty of times back when it was Superman and was my number one coaster for quite some time (as you can tell by my coasterfanatics username in my coaster count banner). The airtime on that thing is absolutely amazing.
  15. You dislike the ink because it stays on longer? It's impossible to make everyone happy I suppose. Hopefully the ink will grow on you?
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