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  1. And yes. Cedar Point does put a lot more theming into there rides and makes them "fit" better, as where SFMM just throws roller coasters down, and in the oddest of places. Six Flags does seem to be more quantity over quality where Cedar Fair is the not-exact opposite. I've been to both recently as well.
  2. Thank you, I love websites like those. I'll be on it for hours.
  3. This is what I know and miss; http://www.jbench68.com/images/Cities%20Lo...ati-1-1960s.jpg Sorry but "Coney Mall" never cut it.
  4. Oh Coney. All I want is the midway back... Your ideas couldn't hurt either.
  5. Maybe there was a wasp nest on it. It could be as simple as that, I like seeing little memories of old rides and old times (chippewa lake park ahem cough cough)
  6. Big Dipper, Wild Mouse (CLP) and Wild Cat, Jack Rabbit (IP). Of course
  7. They added that new wood to The Beast and it seemed to work, why don't they do that to SoB?
  8. I'm starting to think they took the sign down because they may take a year or two doing complete over haul on the coaster. Son of Beast has too many fans an potential to just tear down. Plus it would be a HUGE waste of money. Although, how long was the wait opening day? Because that may just have paid for the ride lol. I just want the loop back in, hopeless.
  9. Don't you think that they would give people a chance to ride it just one last time? I LOVE that ride (front seat only). It's so fast and that little dip where you come off the lift and dip before going down the hill, is a really cool element that not a lot of other coasters have, when you really think about it its one of the best parts of any roller coaster, it gives you the time to actually realize how high you are. I really want this ride to stay.
  10. What will be new? Sounds like a big dirt field between Flight Deck and Adventure Express, unfortunately.
  11. 1. Millennium Force 2. Kingda Ka 3. Big Dipper (CLP) 4. Maverick 5. Diamondback (back seat!) -------- 6. Riddler's Revenge 7. Nitro 8. Goliath (SFMM) 9. Son of Beast (front seat only) 10. Kumba
  12. Do you mean Diamondbacks millionth ride or an individuals millionth ride?
  13. I see what you're saying, thank you
  14. Do you think that KI is at the end of it's "at least one new ride every year" phase?
  15. a. think about sticky, gooey cotton candy all over the ride surfaces, b. think about eating not being allowed on the rides, especially after what looked to be a gum incident on Raging Bull some years back (turns out food did not cause the problem), c. think about loose articles, including cotton candy, not being allowed on the rides, d. just imagine what that cotton candy would cost...certainly not the 25 cents Cedar Fair tried in many parks in 2006... What Raging Bull incident? *Moving to NYC in two months from today!
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