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  1. This will be a great experience that will have you coming back every year.
  2. What a great night at King's Island. My numbers could be off, but the crowd for Friday night looked like 5,000 and Saturday night looked like 25,000 in the park. Wait times on Friday was not bad. 20 mins was the longest I waited for a ride and Flight of Fear was a walk on. The mazes was another story. Field of screams was about an hour wait. Saturday was another ball game. It took a half an hour just to get in the park since the lines to get in was crazy long. Lines for The Beast was 20 mins in the beginning but jumped to 90 mins plus. Despite the crowd the mazes were great and the scareactors did a great job. Love them sliders!!!!!
  3. I use the middle train and cross my legs to fit on The Beast. I have to get in shape if I'm ever going to ride the RMC at Cedar Point
  4. I weigh in at about 260 and can just fit on The Beast, but how does the fit compare to Mystic Timbers? Do they have larger seats in some rows? Thank you ahead of time.
  5. As far as nature taking it's course this could be bad. EX-LAX RUN! I just had to.
  6. if the ride was Ford based it would have a lot of down time.
  7. Blue truck lives matter. Watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing.
  8. What if this ride took you through the Bray Wyatt compound? FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS
  9. Now on a crazy note I had a crazy thought about the sbo at the old Six flags in Ohio. Is that the Big Bad Wolf or the villain? Could this be coming to river town?
  10. There are so many clues so lets look closer. Over the river and through the woods to the train station we go. Makes me think of little red riding hood. Chickens run from foxes and wolves. The three little pigs built their houses wood, straw, and brick and the wolf tried to blow their house down. Wolves hide in the woods. Now here is a big one. Logs in the back of a ford truck. Why not a Dodge, Chevy, or GMC? You ford a stream and this links with a log ride. And this will have a wolf theme.
  11. It was at a haunt, and I had time to choose one more ride before close. Drop Tower or SOB. Both looked scary and It was a haunt event , so I picked SOB. I said to my self, " if there is no line then I will try it." Well there was no line, a walk on no less. I then teased," if I can fit into the seat I will do it." I fit oh no. Well if I can click the seat belt then I will ride. Oops it fits. I change my mind. ALL CLEAR ENJOY YOUR NIGHT RIDE ON THE SOB. When the ride was over I jumped the rail for one more ride. I forgot the park was closed and the entrance was closed off, but some other guest were in line and I heard one of the employees on the phone ask " which one jumped into line? I guess they couldn't figure it out and let us all go for the last ride. I fell in love with this ride . Note: I do not condone breaking rules, but my first ride caused me to lose all senses. The next season I rode it 37 times before it's sad closure.
  12. ​You shouldn't have buried me. I'm not dead yet. He is returning and wants his wood back! SOB 17: It will take your breath away!
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