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  1. Thats the funniest thing I have read all day ! Where did you hear that ?
  2. Yes they took out and entire drop and yes it is an equivalent to a pile of dung, Its obvious that there are worse cosaters then Minebuster and it is faaaaaaar from being a mirror image of the Shooting Star.
  3. Minebuster has been butchered soo much it isn't even funny. Originally it was just out in a field with no ride neighbours, but now it has waterslides & bridges going over it. Now it only has one large drop but it used to have two, I wonder which maroon at Paramount decided to do that -.- Now Minebuster is a pile of dung, but it used to be a wonderful experience.
  4. Ugh, CW is my home park and the line jumpers are some times uncontrolable, they seem to have no idea that there are people who are in front of them. Other than the line jumping CW is a wonderful place, If you go again and someone line jumps infront or near you just tell them off, they will usally be so embarrased they will go back to the end of the line, or if that doesn't work try to hail a security guard.
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