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  1. I still lurk around these parts. Glad to see some things never change. I just want to place my bet on a rather large wood coaster project. I'd be genuinely shocked if those plans weren't legit. The City of Mason and Cedar Fair aren't going to collude in order to get a couple hundred enthusiasts' panties in a bunch. Also, on engineering drawings like that, it's common to use one big AutoCad file for a project. In order to make different sheets (or pages), you simply turn on and off layers to provide the view you want. So the argument saying that the overall layout sheet doesn't tell us anythin
  2. ^Does the ID have to be a local school? I go to college in Indiana, but I'll be at the park tonight. I was going to buy my ticket online later today for $29.99, but if there is an additional service fee, I'd be better off to get it at the gate!
  3. We were looking at Saturday, October 17th. Are Saturdays really that awful during the Haunt?
  4. I am planning on making my first Haunt trip with some friends in a few weeks. I have no idea what to expect in terms of what lines tend to fill up the most. When I visited in June, by the end of the day, I was extremely disappointed in myself for not shelling out the money for the Fast Pass. We travel a decent ways to come to the park and want to get the most out of our trip. Yet, as broke college kids, we need to watch what we spend. We were hoping to hit all of the mazes and all of the coasters at least once in the night, and probably try to get a handful of rides in both Banshee and Diamon
  5. Paula wrote on TRP: "About the legend? You know we made it up, right? (Although researching history is always a good thing, so don't stop looking on my account.) I enjoyed the heck out of researching the Pilgrims' experience on board Mayflower. It was harrowing and Thanksgiving will never, ever mean the same to me. The challenge of the Thanksgiving holiday is that architecture of the time is just not pretty, interesting, or exciting. So we didn't stay in 1620. If you remember back on May 15, we hosted a free day for coaster enthusiasts. During our Voyage walkback, a little boy noticed an ol
  6. Hyena Falls is super super out of place now. I wonder if it will be there come May.
  7. Love the KIC quotes in the announcement, especially mine I'm famous. Lol. But for real, extremely pleased with the announcement. I was expecting the launch, but not the wing coaster. Just wow. Definitely a great sign of things to come here in Santa Claus!
  8. My guess was a B&M Launcher. But I'm not so sure anymore. Very very excited for tonight. I still believe the name with be The Storm.
  9. Weather dog says its going to be a great day to visit the park tomorrow.
  10. I would definitely be thrown for a loop if it was anything other than a B&M Launcher at this point. Could you imagine how awesome it would be to Blitz around Voyage and take full use of the terrain back there? Especially once some inversions are thrown in the mix. I can hear it now: "Coming to Holiday World in 2015, The Storm!! The Storm will be the first B&M coaster in the world to be designed to feature launch. But that's not all! The Storm will feature not one, but two launches!"
  11. So let's try to catch up to speed a little bit. Construction is moving very very fast here in Spencer County. As ware aware, we have those almond shape cutouts on all of the footers, just like we have seen with recent B&M's like Banshee. Some of these footers are huge. And very very close to Voyage. Maybe 5 ft in some places. Next to Hyena Falls, there are two rows of footers that look to be an ideal place for a launch. What is even more convenient is that they are erecting what looks to be a large shed, right next to the rows of footers. My speculation: I don't believe that Pilgri
  12. The speculation on TPR has been very in depth. I had to start reading there because what little speculation we get keeps getting.. well, diverted.
  13. Are there any feasable way to make a combination coaster where Pilgrims Plunge once stood? Visited the park today, and I would be shocked if they do not reuse the PP building in some way. The splash pool is still filled, and that station is just way too nice and new to rip down. And if they were going to rip it down, I think they would have done it by now.
  14. Did anyone on here go to Holiwood Nights? I mean, surely one of us did. I have heard absolutely nothing from anyone aI would have thought if they wanted to build hype for a new coaster, they would have at least hinted at the new construction or even a tour or something idk. What's most shocking to me is that seemingly no one on here has talked about it in a TR or an update or anything of the sort.
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