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  1. They have some stuff with Blockbuster. I think one of them is a two-day ticket for $42.99.
  2. ... or flats either. It doesn't really seem like you went on a whole lot. You didn't go on Raptor, Wicked Twister, Magnum XL-200, or Gemini, all great coasters.
  3. I'm happy that they cancelled that. I ended up getting a ride on Drop Zone while the fireworks were going because of that.
  4. 0-120

    Best Flat

    Flying Eagles.
  5. I personally think it's better, other than the Friday's at Cedar Point. I don't really like Cedar Point's food, or food selection, very much. At King's Island you can get all kinds of stuff like burgers, wings, Skyline Chilli, LaRosa's....
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    Best Flat

    Come on people, where's the love for Shake Rattle & Roll? I voted for Slingshot, just because everytime I go to the park, I want to go on it so bad but know that I can't because it costs so much. It's really one of the best rides in the park, but unfortunently the low capacity was it's downfall, making it a PPR.
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    Best Flat

    There's been plenty of polls about your favorite coaster at the park, but I think that it's the flats that make PKI unique and fun. What's your favorite?
  8. I was wearing the blue collared shirt with red stripes. It was probably from 7-10.
  9. Well today I arrived around 2, went to Delirium, Top Gun, then walked on back towards Beast, hoping to get some rides of some other stuff along the way. Along the way decided upon going on Eagles. I thought it was fun, didn't get any snaps as usual for me. Then didn't really feel like waiting for Beast or Tomb Raider, went to the next best thing, White Water Canyon. After that, we explored The Thornberry's River Adventure. Got hungry, went back to get a burger. Then we were feeling adventurous in our newly rediscovered rides and gave a go on the Shake Rattle & Roll. Ended up going on that 4 times. Quite fun. Then I decided to go on Eagles once again, however this time, I was going solo. I actually got the snapping down and wasn't the same after that. So the rest of the time all we did was ride Eagles, and get our snapping down. It was an amazing time. It really made me respect PKI's non-marquee rides that are still great.
  10. I think that I've heard that a glass eye was found once.
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    Plus FoF's line is normally even shorter for the front seat than any others, another nice advantage.
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    You should be able to ride everything with no problem and without worrying about what to hit next. Just try and have fun.
  13. I think that Action Theatre will be torn down this season or next season.
  14. I was kind of upset about how the Japanese people naturally thought that a girl would scream more, and better. I like to think my screaming is good, too.
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