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  1. I hadn't noticed that until you said something. I'm back from a long hiatus by the way. I miss the conversations here.
  2. I was there Friday as well when the storms hit. Regarding the strike that hit Drop Tower: we were hiding in Boo Blasters' exit when the hair on my arms stood straight up, super bright lightning shone through every crack in the building and I heard the loudest BANG I've ever heard in my life. It scared me so badly that my heartbeat actually slowed down. It was terrifying.
  3. I have had trouble riding Beast for the last few years because it had gotten so shaky and seemed to have lost its punch. On Friday I reluctantly decided to ride Beast because my friends were riding. It screams through all the turns and flies over all the hills like a bat out of Hades. The helix.. OH MY GOD. I returned to the station out of breath with a grin on my face, ready to ride again. It is definitely back to its former glory.
  4. Terp, one of the reasons I started posting here again is because of your refreshing posts. I'm not even joking.
  5. We've been asking for months, even years, how long it will be until someone decides to clean up the park and do something about Crypt, the food selection, among other things including Fast Lane issues and the surliness of most of the employees. Ouimet is put in the driver's seat and suddenly all of this stuff is being taken care of. He's obviously listening to us. I don't see this as any sort of coincidence or sudden epiphany from anyone who's been there for a long time while these issues have sat on the shelf and collected dust. Oh by the way: I've literally scrubbed my hand with soap and a
  6. I realize there has been a lot of controversy lately as to what Matt Ouimet was/is going to do for KI and the other CF parks. Well, I was at KI yesterday for the first time this year and I would like to share my positive experience with you. We were waiting at the front gates right before ERT, and all of the employees came out of the Guest Relations office and cheerfully greeted the crowd. Asked us if we're ready to have fun in the park, waved to us, and many of them were passing out park maps. Never in the years I've been going to KI have I seen the employees interact with the guests the way
  7. Millennium Force and Power Tower are to get similar light programs as well. All 3 rides will be part of Luminosity.
  8. I still do that. Inside the park: I like eating in the Festhaus and going for either LaRosa's or Panda Express while I watch a show. Outside the park: If I'm by myself I hit McDonalds or Wendy's, but usually I end up at Steak N Shake until the wee hours of the morning with the crew.
  9. I used to have an old LG VX8700 phone that was almost completely made of stainless steel.. it would make the detectors go berserk.
  10. If you guys thought WindSeeker's light program was cool, check out Giant Wheel.
  11. Thank you. I decided to give Gemini another chance because I was sick of sitting out while my friends rode it. I ended up mentally kicking myself because I had missed out on such a fun ride so many times and now it's a must-ride whenever I visit. So yes, my opinion has changed. Can we let it go now? Thanks.
  12. What about reserving a table at a restaurant? What about paying extra for tickets to a Reds game where you're so close to the field that you can feel the wind when they swing The Bat? What about VIP backstage passes you got to see your favorite band? What about paying extra for sprinkles on your kid's ice cream cone if the mother behind you can't afford it? What about the person in your class who gets a full ride scholarship to the college that you're saving money to go to? Isn't that all "unfair" too? Isn't that all pretty much "line jumping"? So many of us do so many things in life th
  13. I actually enjoy the ride. It's one of my guilty pleasures, but it's nothing I can't live without (if that makes any sense ). If it will improve the look of the park, then I'm all for it, but on the negative side it would knock out a good family/intermediate coaster. I rode it with a girl who was flat out terrified of coasters, and she was fine on it because it was a bobsled and she couldn't see what was going on.
  14. I know it's only PointBuzz but I thought I'd share. http://pointbuzz.com...point-2013.aspx I clicked on the forum link and it reads "He (Ouimet) also spoke at least three times about removing DT jokingly, but at the same time seriously. There was also mention of opening up the view of the beach and that CP will get $25 million in cap ex next year." Spending $25 million in 2013? Opening up the view of the beach? Hmm.. Millennium Force and Dragster both cost $25 million to build, and the only thing standing in the way of the beach is Disaster Transport. Plus the last time Cedar Point gave us
  15. Definitely Congo Falls.. it's always been a favorite ride of mine to cool off on since I started visiting KI many years ago. As far as my favorite waterpark ride, I'm going with Coolangatta Racer. I LOVE mat racer slides
  16. I am the type to visit a park on a cool cloudy day when there's a chance of rain, it's like having a fast pass to the whole park. I know that if I ever God forbid end up at a CF park on a busy Saturday or holiday weekend, and I'm not really riding with anyone, my butt is heading to the Fast Lane booth. I don't do well in large crowds anyway; I'm claustrophobic. Given all of that, I doubt I'm going to need a reason to buy a Fast Lane pass. However I do think it's great in the way that a lot of summer travelers come to CF parks. They may only have limited time on the last day of their vacati
  17. I didn't know that.. thank you! I already started my season off at Kings Dominion not only did we start off with an insane ride on I305, but we got stuck in the launch tunnel in FOF.. the train had to be manually pushed back to the loading station and we received exit passes for our group as a result.. Volcano had a huge line like whoa so we used our passes for that. after the park closed we had a campfire with Coaster Crew and made s'mores then on the way back home I got to drive through over 200 miles of the Appalachian mountains on I64 west.. it was an amazing weekend with perfect weathe
  18. oh wow.. that's amazing. The oldest map I have is a 2008 Cedar Point map. I love it when people share things like this.. there's something about park history that fascinates me.
  19. there is a giga at a park every time I'm there bwa har har. anyway. rides wise: any twisted woodies by GCI and Gravity Group, any hypers or gigas or inverts by B&M, and any gigas by Intamin will surely tickle my fancy. plus a Schwarzkopf drop weight shuttle loop for sure. I definitely agree with the park museum idea. Town Hall at CP is a wonderful place to go and see the history of the park.
  20. IMO, if the Koch family sees potential, it still has a chance. I don't care what they call it as long as Greezed Lightnin and Thunder Run reopen, lol. I LOVED Kentucky Kingdom. A lot of people wrote it off as a junk park (look at Indiana Beach and Stricker's Grove.. they're a dump too, but we still enjoy them as long as we are with friends, don't we?). I saw KK differently. It was a corporate-run park with a small park feeling.. never once did I ever run into a rude employee or one that wasn't willing to help. I had some people telling me not to go to KK, but I went and had a wonderful time,
  21. My stomach just tied itself in a knot thinking about what poor Greezed Lightnin looks like, and any fate it might suffer.. please someone take it away from there and make it better so we can ride it again </3
  22. Agreed. I always, ALWAYS get heckled for saying this, but I think the park needs to do something, anything with both SOB and Crypt before they start adding any more new attractions. Making improvements to existing areas of a park makes it look a lot cleaner than adding new attractions; it seems to me like WindSeeker and Dinosaurs Alive are distractions from existing rides that exhausted their last breath a long time ago (although I do love WindSeeker!). Tom(76257) made the point to me that perhaps some of the money made from Dinosaurs Alive will go toward finding a permanent solution for thos
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