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  1. haha, me too! As for the poll: I'm one of the few masochists who enjoys the blue side, even on a wheel seat. I'll pick that side (if it's open) regardless of the addition of WindSeeker. I like a woodie that throws me around.. hence why Voyage and Georgia Cyclone are on my top 5 wooden coasters.. however, with ridiculously and unnecessarily large woodies like MS or SOB (tomayto tomahto), in the past I have refused to ride anywhere but row 1.. but maybe, just maybe, they will get another chance.. IMO if you can take the beating that Georgia Cyclone gives you, you can pretty much handle any wooden coaster.. I have several friends that refer to it as the Georgia Bruiser, yet somehow it's my #3 woodie.
  2. Haven't been to Hershey yet, but I completely agree with you on Indiana Beach. IB is such a unique park.. it took a piece of my heart when I wasn't looking.
  3. I just hope everyone doesn't think that way. I still buy souvenirs at parks I've been going to for years. I have so many hoodies, ride photos, snowglobes, keychains, etc from so many parks.. I also love the food at KI and will gladly drop cash at LaRosa's or for one of those amazing Dippin Dots sundaes. I do bring a cooler, but I'm ALWAYS hungry and end up eating in the park even after I've devoured my entire lunch. edit: you know, I've had a little more time to reflect on all this. My mind will most likely change on opening day when I see the park again.. I haven't seen it since October of last year. Seeing a park again after months away from it seems to have an effect on me. Last year, Kings Dominion was the first park I visited.. as the gates opened and we walked down I-Street, I was suddenly emotional. It looked so much like Kings Island, not to mention I was walking with several friends from KI.. I was wiping tears from my eyes at the sudden shock of wonderful memories with friends. Maybe I'll cave and go through this dino walk. I'm still undecided on what I think of WindSeeker as I've never been on anything like it. Who knows.. I believe I will reserve further judgment until I see it for myself, and that's my final word on the subject until KI opening day.
  4. Cedar Point at least fixes their broken rides before spending money to add a new one. Dragster has thrown how many metal shards sky high? Millennium Force's lift cable snapped in two and they had it fixed within a matter of days. Mean Streak caught on fire. Two of Magnum's trains collided and it opened the next day. All four coasters will be operational for the 2011 season. then SOB has two accidents in a three year time frame and it's closed for how many months/years? What is wrong with that picture? Yes, I'm aware that CP and KI are both adding WindSeeker, and that KI is getting a dino walk. Yes, I would have been happier because CP takes every park I've ever been to and stomps it like a bug. Yes, and I do not see how this is relevant to my post. That's the same question twice. Yes, really. Excedrin is amazing for headaches. I've also noticed that the generic works just as well as the name brand. Hope you feel better. Separately: I do not appreciate these posts from others labeling all thrillseekers and enthusiasts as penny pinching cooler carriers who refuse to spend money in the park. That's complete bull and it's generalizing. I didn't think that kind of narrow minded attitude was tolerated here. If some of you are trying to get me to stop posting here, you're doing a terrific job. There ARE ways to post your opinion without being completely judgmental about it. I'm a thrillseeker and I'm proud to be one. I probably have far more guts than some of you ever will. Get over it.
  5. I understand that this is something else to do for the people who cannot ride while their family and friends are riding, but from a thrillseeker's point of view: What is going on here? Son of Beast is SBNO and will be for God knows how long. When is something going to change? I'm not SOB's biggest fan, but it's been how long since we got an actual update? Our ERT on Beast and Diamondback is gone, and that really hit a nerve with a lot of people. I thought The Beast ERT was an addition to the walkback in the memory of Ruth Voss.. This dinosaur walk came way out from left field. That's how I see it. I've never been interested in dinosaurs or animatronics, so I won't be going through it. It's that simple. I really do not understand this marketing strategy. Has KI decided they don't want thrillseekers at the park? KI has far more than enough family rides and family attractions. I speak for all adrenaline junkies out there when I say I wanted to see something that would test my limits. I will ride flats and enjoy food and shows too, but leisurely activities are not the majority of what I want to do at an amusement park. I enjoy family-related activities as much as the next person, but those are everywhere you look in our society.. it's not many places you go these days that have attractions that leave you breathless. For the people who want to argue that "it's not all about big rides and thrills" ..that's merely an opinion. To each their own. As a business, you have to consider your audiences and appropriately offer attractions to please every customer that walks through the gates.. KI is not doing that right now. I will be there on opening day simply because friends will be there.. but otherwise, you will find me at CP.. they know what's up. Nothing better than a full hour of ERT on Maverick, Millennium Force, and Raptor every day of the season (and special ride nights for passholders!) to make the amount you paid for your platinum pass worth it.. they aren't cheap (I paid full price for mine, $165), and we have every right to complain when certain things aren't given to us as additional benefits after a wallet pinch of that magnitude.
  6. When I first joined this forum, it was a wonderfully unbiased place in which to share your opinions. It seems this is not the case anymore. Regardless if some members are only repeating what Kat herself has said, must we point fingers? I didn't think that was tolerated here. If you have a problem with Kat, do the adult thing and contact her. Making disrespectful comments about her on a public forum is not a step to solving whatever problem you may have. I'm disappointed that the coaster won't be saved, but she is addressing the issue and taking steps to resolve it along with her apologies, and I'm content with that. I am a good friend of hers, and some of the posts I am reading here are simply ridiculous. Making assumptions will get you nowhere in life. If some of you have actually read the recent blog posts, she is returning the donations she has gotten. So for those of you who think it was a scam, you couldn't be more wrong. Showing that you have no faith in her right now is the worst thing you can do. Sometimes thing work out. Sometimes they don't. That's life.
  7. I have been to: Carowinds, Cedar Point, Stricker's Grove, Dollywood, Holiday World, Six Flags St Louis, Six Flags Great America, Six Flags over Georgia, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Jungle Jack's Landing, Coney Island (OH), and Indiana Beach. I can't really pick one park overall, so here are my ratings. Dirtiest park: tie between Cedar Point and Kings Island Rudest employees: tie between Kings Island and Stricker's Grove Worst food: Cedar Point Worst layout: Six Flags Great America Worst capacity: Indiana Beach
  8. If you see a crazy skinny brunette girl with black glasses power lapping Magnum or Millennium Force, you better say hi to me.
  9. RaptorGuy, you need to understand that these events are good for the parks. Halloween Haunt and HalloWeekends are THE most crowded days of CP's and KI's operating seasons. Huge crowds equal huge amounts of revenue for the park. If I remember correctly, this country was in a recession not too long ago. It makes me happy to see that Cedar Fair's flagship park and their sister park(s) are raking in near record attendance numbers despite the economy's slow upward climb. I choose to stay home instead of going to parks on Saturdays. I'm claustrophobic, so large chaotic crowds like that make me nervous. I just go the next day when the waits are half an hour or less. My point is that instead of making several rant posts, it may be easier to find a solution. Events like HalloWeekends and Halloween Haunt are here to stay.
  10. Confirmed this morning that CP had a crowd of over 64,000 guests yesterday. As far as people being unsure of the fact that I posted that MF had a legit 4 hour wait, I received this information from 3 separate employees that were working an open to close at CP yesterday. Also got two texts earlier this morning from 2 ride ops telling me they were just clocking out.. at 2:30 am.
  11. Well said. Cody, as far as you not being sure if the 60,000 number is true, that number came to me straight from a 3 year employee of Cedar Point who was working an open to close at the park yesterday. RaptorGuy, you need to understand that days like this are good for the park. HalloWeekends Saturdays are THE most crowded days of CP's operating season. Huge crowds equal huge amounts of revenue for the park. If I remember correctly, this country was in a recession not too long ago. It makes me happy to see that Cedar Fair's flagship park is raking in near record attendance numbers despite the economy's slow upward climb. I choose to stay home instead of going to parks on Saturdays. I'm claustrophobic so large, chaotic crowds like that make me nervous. I just go the next day when the waits are half an hour or less. My point is that instead of making several rant posts, it may be easier to find a solution. Events like HalloWeekends and Halloween Haunt are here to stay.
  12. Another update: Millennium Force's queue is completely full, and the line starts at Panda Express. I have it confirmed from 2 ride ops that it is a legit 4 hour wait.
  13. Just got a text from a friend of mine that works there.. attendance at CP today is nearing 60,000 guests, one of the highest daily attendance numbers on record.
  14. Update from my friend who is at CP: About an hour after he told me he was going, I got a text from him that simply said "Omg." The line to buy tickets was a half hour wait. Dragster's queue is completely full and the line is out of the queue all the way back to the loading station. Happy Jack's Toy Factory (which is over by Space Spiral) has a line back to Ocean Motion. For everyone who wasn't able to see the webcam earlier (and fyi, the crowd hasn't waned a bit), here are some screen shots. DragsterCam PagodaCam
  15. yeesh. This is why I try to avoid parks on Saturdays in October. Lines aren't just long, they aren't just ridiculous.. they're downright outrageous. I have a friend who is on his way to CP right now. The crowd doesn't look like it's subsided in the least. I'm trying to get a hold of him to see what the wait times are.. I'm very curious.
  16. I realize that this isn't the most substantial of topics, but I literally yelled "HOLY JESUS!" when I saw the webcams.. I couldn't let it go unshared. That is the most packed I have EVER seen CP.. I can almost bet that's a record crowd and that they are getting ready to utilize the overflow lots if they aren't already full. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm very thankful I'm not at CP right now. I feel for my friends who are working there today.
  17. LOOK AT THE Cedar Point WEBCAMS! http://www.cedarpoin...ic/fun/webcams/
  18. I will be ending the season with the final train of the year on my beloved Millennium Force.. I wouldn't have it any other way. <3
  19. After this weekend, I've decided that I like Raven more than Legend, and Voyage more than both combined. Legend has one air hill that I noticed. It may be because I'm an airtime fan, but after a while it's like, ow I have PTC train imprints (or seat divider imprints) in my left side.. yep, we're still being thrown to the left.. ow.. more being violently thrown to the left.. ow.. more being thrown to the left, seriously ow. It just seems a bit repetitive to me. It's a great coaster, but just not one I can power lap for long without clutching my left hip in pain, especially if I'm riding on the right side. Those seat dividers are brutal. Raven may be short, but like Jared said, it has the right amount of lats and air. It's a terrific coaster. Those sharp drops are amazing. IMO, it is basically HW's starter coaster as a prelude to what is coming. Voyage has exactly what I want: nonstop speed, ejector and floater air, lats, tunnels, positive Gs, craziness. Voyage has it all, and that is what appeals to me. I like a coaster that drops me into a tunnel, throws me to the side and ejects me over an airtime hill all while going at a relentless and continuous speed, and even better if it picks up speed while it goes through several different elements. Voyage does hurt me a little, but it doesn't constantly slam me into the same spot over and over again like Legend does, which is why I don't come off in pain.
  20. With all due respect, I doubt that. Tom (Tom76257) and I went to Six Flags Great America at the beginning of last month, and the line jumping at that park was unbelievable. We saw at least 3 line jumpers and sometimes as many as 7 or 8 in line for EVERY RIDE. It was ridiculous. Even with Six implementing the Flash Pass, and several people using said pass, the regular lines at SFGAm were still prone to line jumpers. I'm not sure if we just went on a bad day, but it was disheartening and frustrating to watch.
  21. Raven is fun. I love the intensity, the crazy turns, and the sharp drops. My favorite seat is the very back. Legend is great. I love the laterals, the seemingly neverending tunnels, and its relentless speed. My favorite seat is the very back, left side. Voyage: HOLY ****. I went with Voyage. I'm one of the crazies who will more than gladly power lap Voyage all day if given the chance (or the dare, lol). As much as I love Raven and Legend, Voyage just.. wow. I never fail to scream "YES!!" at the top of my lungs with one fist in the air after every single ride, no matter what seat I'm in. I lapped Voyage 24 times in less than 3 hours on Saturday night at HoliWood Nights, and I STILL wanted more!
  22. I would probably still visit KI later in the season if they ended Halloween Haunt. I love Haunt, but I can have a good time without it. Many parks have been open for years and have thrived without haunted mazes, scareactors, fog, and the like. While the Haunt atmosphere is certainly entertaining, and some of the mazes do scare me (I get targeted by the scareactors because I'm a small female lol, and I love it.. if I don't get scared in a maze, I won't come back!), it's not something that I see necessary for the survival of an amusement park. Coney Island has a pumpkin slingshot, and decorates their park with a Halloween theme. If that's all they need to draw in customers, then that's really admirable. While I agree that the fog is a tad thick (makes my eyes dry and makes me cough), it definitely adds atmosphere and gives the scareactors a great place to hide. As far as people acting like idiots and the security guards turning a blind eye to unruly guests, well, that's no surprise. That's an issue no matter what time of the season it is. As far as some of the props being disturbing: Haunt is specifically described as something not recommended for children. (I'm not calling anyone a child here.) When I see that warning, I also quietly assume that it is not intended for those who are easily offended, or have weak stomachs. There are a lot of things I like about Haunt, and a couple of things I dislike. A large chain amusement park cannot please 100% of its guests. If you choose to go, and see something you do not like, I honestly wouldn't expect it to change if hundreds of other park guests love it or don't mind it.
  23. I know Kat personally. A lot of you do too. If you really knew Kat, AT ALL, you would not question the validity of her intentions for one second. This hurts me to see some of you turn your back on her and say some of the things you are saying, when she sees many of you as friends. If she only knew.. but then again, none of the adolescent garbage on this site surprises me anymore. If you disagree with what she's doing, at least be kind about your personal opinion instead of posting for the sake of argument. Don't stoop to Robb's low level. If you want to criticize her website, how about offering her some help like an adult instead of going behind her back and posting it on here? That is all.
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