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  1. I just wanted to say thank you to those who have posted pictures of said topic. Kudos!
  2. The water for WWC is not drawn from the reservoir at all. The water naturally spills over into the lower portion of the ride via a small canal connected to the reservoir. (I once had my boat stuck in the canal and a ride operator had to use a long pole to push the boat back into queue just before the lift hill.) Pumps mounted on the top of the ride under the crows nest draw water from the basin below the lift hill. The reservoir is a holding tank during nightly shutdown when the pumps are switched off and water, through gravity, flows to the base of the ride until the pumps are switched back on. If the ride is ever randomly closed the usual culprit is a pump had failed and doesn't allow enough water to travel in the trough to allow for safe operation.
  3. Has anyone taken a picture of WWC's reservoir from the train?
  4. So I was thinking.. Kings Island's oldest water attraction-Race For Your Life Charlie Brown is now 43 years old. (If you don't count the 2001 remodel), Then White Water Canyon-it will be 26 years old. Lastly- Congo Falls (nee' Amazon Falls) is 23 years old. Who thinks it is high time for a new water attraction within the main park? These rides are aging (slowly but surely) and will be needing replaced. Yes we are getting Soak City for 2012 but what about those who don't want to venture into that area? Any ideas, people?
  5. It was May 1996. I was in the 3rd grade. All of the students who had perfect attendance for the year (all of 3-including me) had their names raffled off for a 1996 Paramount's Kings Island Season Pass. Never expected to win. Never won anything before.Last day of school my name was called, I picked it up and have been infatuated ever since. Studied the park since. Collected EVERYTHING, even have a few fact sheets (more like books) on quite a few rides present and past..information I never thought I was entitled to. I.E.- Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal's show water pump horsepower, voltage of main drive belts, pumps, etc. I became the die hard Kings Island nerd.
  6. Perhaps another stand up? Or does everyone think it is a bit passe'? Or a high capacity? Or a drop coaster? Or a coaster that does your laundry and clean your oven? (before anyone jumps me, it is a joke.)
  7. As some of you may have heard, in years past Paramount and Cedar Fair have not been successful in selling CGA off as use for parking space. The park seems to be landlocked and no new attractions are being added for the 2011 season. Does anyone have any insight as to what is going on with California's Great America?
  8. #1 - Magnum XL-200 (McSalsa) #2 - Super Himalaya (KIfan1980) #3 - Maverick (HTCO) #4 - Wicked Twister (TH13TEEN) #5 - Raptor (thekidd33) #6 - Mantis (TylerRider) #7 - Top Thrill Dragster (jcgoble3) #8 - Millennium Force (TombRaiderFTW) #9 - Power Tower (Corn4head) #10 - Skyhawk (muppetfan1999) #11 - Gemini (Airtimeluvr) #12 - Blue Streak (PhantomTheater) #13 - MaXair (beastfan26) #14 - Johnny Rockets (rcfreak339) #15 - Iron Dragon (TG93) #16 - Disaster Transport (Ogrmac) #17 - WindSeeker (Coney Islander) #18 - Mean Streak (LordSkippy) #19- WildCat (Unrealsk8er) #20 - Sky Ride (Jasper) #21 - Cedar Creek Mine Ride (DiamondbackCMH #22 - Corkscrew (stephatron) #23 - Cedar Downs Racing Derby (XGatorHead 8904) #24- Shoot The Rapids (dustyj1986)
  9. Perhaps it is just me. I believe CF will continue to go on the path they are on right now with introducing an attraction AND a facelift. Rivertown/Diamondback in 2009, Boo Blasters on Boo Hill/Planet Snoopy in 2010, WindSeeker/Coney Mall in 2011... Question is..what pairing will be next? I personally would like to see International Street given a facelift. New pavers, concrete sidewalks again (if not raised, at least flat to suggest a sidewalk). Along with lamps/hanging baskets, international flags, revamped fountains and seating options, new store(s) with a european flavor as well as new paint for all the international buildings and possibly the Eiffel Tower. New color maybe? What do you all think?
  10. I totally forgot there used to be a pond over there too! Yea... this looks more like Kings Dominion with Rebel Yell and Lake Charles in the background. Our flight commander was located directly in front of The Racer.
  11. So WCPO Cincinnati reports that Kings Island experienced a massive power outage around 6p.m. July.4th, 2010 Does anyone have any insight as to what caused this power outage, what (if any) rides/attractions were damaged or in anyone was injured. If you were at the park today and experienced this power outage, please share.
  12. Have a question for former/current Kings Island employees. I was honarbly discharged from the Navy. My rate (or job) was Machinist Mate. I recently applied for the Maintenance-General position. Anyone here ever worked this position? And if so-what are some pointers for interviewing? Should I bring copies of my DD-214 (Military Release Paper) and certifications?
  13. HAHA! Yea and the flask Julia Child was always clutching was vegetable oil... ...toothpick holders...
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