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  1. Omg i should have known, im just asking what happened, i was concerned for the people on it i want answers not flames, i mean is it that hard to answer that thier alright or answer that u at least noticed it, i know its mechanical, and that it breaks down. I was just curious. But to those of u that actually answered my question thanks. I hope it gets fixed soon.
  2. At around 7:50 i was on the eiiffel tower and i was looking down one of thier quarter viewer-thingys and i noticed that several people were stuck on The Beast lift hill. From the looks of it they were still stuck on the ride when i was leaving the park afterwards. If anyone knows anything about this, or at least noticed it please let me know, thanks.
  3. =Frantic=


    Im going to PKI tomorrow, will any of u guys b there??? Just Wondering, thanks.
  4. What do u guys think that the best all around park is. Not based on just rides. Everything, Food, shops, coasters, employees, cleanliness, fun factor and so on.
  5. that would drive me crazy, working at carowinds and not being able to ride anything all day
  6. It sounded like a good trip, but ill agree that what u said that happened on TRTR was impossible.
  7. That is interesting. Prehaps we will in fact be seeing more changes, depending on who takes up #2 spot.
  8. Sounds like a decent TR. I cant wait till i go.
  9. Never really was paying attention when I was there. Never really saw them at all
  10. Happy B-Day Sparky, although I have not a clue who you are. Oh well, happy 21St.
  11. WOOD: The Beast, because it never gets old. Steel: Vortex, good speed, many many loops.
  12. I have been wondering, since I haven't been to PKI yet this season, how is Boomerang Bay? Is it fun, does it suck. And if you liked it, please tell me the best rides. Thanks.
  13. I dont recall seeing it opened last year when I went.
  14. It would take me a LONG time to get over it. I would just releive my grief by watching Return Of The King Widescreen.
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