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  1. Hi, anyone stayed at the red roof inn in mason before?? if so please post your reviews. thanks!
  2. Does Kings Island still have starlight tickets or the buy one day get the day before after 5pm free? thanks!
  3. Is it really crowded Memorial Day weekend? We are thinking about visiting May 29th and 30th Thanks!
  4. hi, we just booked the Super 8 for this saturday and sunday night and it is about $89.99. we stayed there last year and really liked it, so we came up with a little more money so we could stay there and not a cheaper hotel. jan
  5. just curious if anyone has ever stayed at the Motel 6 in Mason? i know it is cheap to stay there and you get what you pay for but we are on a budget right now.
  6. just checking to see if parking is still $10? and can you leave and come back without paying another $10? thanks!
  7. hi, my daughter is about 47 1/2" and really wants to be able to ride the bigger rides. Are they really strict on that? jan
  8. ok thanks everyone! hope i didn't cause any problems. jan
  9. i posted a question about the discount tickets online yesterday and now i don't see the post. i just had a question about it. jan
  10. hi, are sunday's really crowded? we are thinking about going tomorrow. jan
  11. we were wanting to go this weekend because of my daughter's birthday and to be one of the first 10,000 to ride the Diamondback. we cannot go next weekend because of prior commitments or we would go then. if we don't get to make this saturday we are planning a trip in june anyway. jan
  12. wow Gigi!! your dad is luck! We are hoping to be able to go this saturday but money is really tight right now. We live 4 hours away so we would need money for hotel, gas, food, etc. My daughter's birthday is saturday too!! so i thought it would be a nice birthday present. I will just have to wait to later this week to see if we can go. If we can get the tickets at Kroger for $25.99 that would save us $21 total as my other daughter will be going also. Hope to see everyone there! Jan
  13. thanks! how much are the discount tickets at krogers? jan
  14. hi, i checked with my local Krogers and they don't have discount tickets yet. Are there any places near Kings Island selling them discounted? thanks!
  15. hi, i remember the King Cobra. I rode it a few times when i was in high school, maybe 1992? the best part was riding in the front, it was weird standing up. The Vortex and the King Cobra was the best ride there for me at that time. I didn't get to ride The Beast, after waiting in line about an hour it started storming jan
  16. thanks everyone for your input i think we will go ahead and plan a trip opening day. i know it will be very crowded but we really want to come! does anyone know what time the parking lot gates open? hope to see you there Beast08!! jan
  17. hi, i am planning a trip for opening day. that is my daughters birthday and thought it would be fun to spend the day at KI. Do you think there will be so many people there that lines for rides will be hours long? i know the diamond bck will probably be and we are hoping to ride it at least once. we live 4.5 hours away and would hate to drive that far and only be able to ride a few rides. i was considering getting gold passes but noticed that there will be no ERT on that day i wish they were open on the 19th so we could make it a 2 day stay but oh well. what time do you suggest we arrive? what time does the parking lot open? jan
  18. can the tickets for the backyard bbq be purchased at the door or do they have to be purchased in advance online?
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