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  1. I'm not there today either. But I'm going next Saturday!.. And I can't wait!! I have a Platinum Pass so I'm getting in for ERT, so I won't have to wait 5 to 6 hours! haha
  2. Looks like a lot is going on now in the queue area. Plus I see that they added more landscape on the other side of the exit ramp too. It is really starting to look very nice! I can't wait for the first ride of the season on Diamondback April 25!
  3. Looks like they are going to be working on the entrance queue today. Can't wait to see how that's going to look on the inside.
  4. Yesterday was my birthday and I loved how Don put the pictures up on the site of the train going through the splashdown on my birthday! It was a great birthday present!
  5. happy birthday, love the username! =)

  6. I'm pretty sure they are testing Diamondback right now!! This is awesome!
  7. The station area is really starting to take shape. It also looks like a lot is getting done over by The Beast entrance.
  8. Yeah you're right. I'm kind of upset too because it's not refreshing very often. =[
  9. Yes! kittenpooh says it's the green train, but it looks like gray or silver to me.
  10. I hope they put up some photos of the trains pretty soon. Just seeing the front of them sticking out from under that roof gets me all excited!
  11. Diamondback looks amazing! I can't wait to see it in person in April!
  12. Yeah I don't think they did. I just saw some guys working on the stairs on the entrance side of the station. So nothing too dangerous. And thanks...I thought of it myself.
  13. They actually did show up today to do some work on the station. After it quit snowing around 11:30am is about when they started working for today.
  14. ^ Okay. Thanks! The webcam is really making me mad. Every 5 minutes it will change but never on the shot I want.
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