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  1. 2003 Stunt Crew Grill then transfered to AZ Carts 2004 -2006 Vortex/Troika (Shake Rattle and Roll) 2006 FearFest (was going to be a Creeper till messed up my Knee then went to Psycho Path) Yes I had Knee problem that my aunt called Knee-monia (tore my meniscus)
  2. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_OO7WbmARD08/ShYI...mount+korea.jpg
  3. Thats me on the right back and what am i doing? Dont ask!!!
  4. I was born in 1987 and the ride that opened was Vortex and that's my fav. Ride at the park Posted on my iPod touch.
  5. Didnt someone say that spungebob 3d will not be showing this year aswell as no new show. or did i miss something
  6. i guess it will be the same color as the base of the structure
  7. Heck Wings Still has the paramount logo in the mens bathroom on the soap dispencer
  8. i have to agree that the "perfect" pressure is off i see it as a needed loss.
  9. Well this weekend i went down to tennessee to watch the titans (lose) play the jets (win) al though my team may have lost it was still a fun and enjoyable game except standing the whole game lol Photos from the game
  10. Lol That's funny Nice pics SonofBeast07 Post 30 + 305 (Vortexdemon05 former name) total 335!!!!
  11. OK lets give KingsIslandMaster a little break yes he needs to stop ALL CAPS. If he doesn't get the hint to stop the caps then the mods will do something. Hes new remember to be on the forums thus must listen to the rules rules are the back bone of society and with out them where will we be? Oh and did anyone notice that on the http://www.kiDiamondback.com/public/latest/gallery/ they have uploaded the same picture twice???
  12. They didn't forget them the employees have to climb the track to get up there. jk
  13. There are ways to make it work on vista, they usually have hacks on the Internet or go to something like hp.com (if its hp) or whatever it might be. They sometimes have new drivers for it to work on vista trust me it happened to me and i got it to work.
  14. Now I hate the name but like the logo (skull one only) other than that I probably will like the ride itself. oh and I hate the look of the trains. Sorry... Chris
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