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  1. I can't wait to go back to Banshee. Last season was awesome, and this year is going to be even better.
  2. The Beechmont one is roughly 1-2 minutes from my house (I live just off Mt. Carmel Tobasco). Decent area, reeeeal shady hotel. Agreed. I used to manage that McDonald's there. Lots of trash that LIVE there. TPR's Banshee Bash at Kings Island on July 25th. Sold out!
  3. They have all day lockers at the front gate.
  4. Exceptions to the no loose article rule is made for such a thing. If you NEED a cane or walker, you NEED it.
  5. Row 8 right hand seat is the best on the entire coaster. Not sure why people like the front so much. The front of inverted coasters are so boring. The last row on B&M inverted coasters is where it is at.
  6. Seriously? This is definitely false. I grew up near that area, (Ocala actually), and made frequent visits to Weeki Wachee and the theme parks in the area. Six Flags does not hold a candle to Busch Gardens, Universal, or other Florida parks. Why of all places would they build 45 minutes from Busch Gardens?
  7. Am I missing something here? All I see is our beautiful Action Zone and her brand new toy. The part came for DT! It's testing!!! I was at the park today and did not see DT testing. There was a crane near DT, and the lift was in the down position all day.
  8. I love BGT's pre-recorded spiels. You hear it twice. Once in English, and once in Spanish. "Please step into the coaster as quickly and safely as possibly. Once seated, pull the shoulder harness to your waist and lock you safety belt. Now, sit back as you experience the terror of Montu." "Por favor..............."
  9. You are going to complain about stapling at a Cedar Fair park? Cedar Point is the capitol of stapling.
  10. I have seen at least one report that even fanny packs were not allowed on Banshee; however, I cannot confirm whether or not that is true. Cargo shorts/pants are the best option. If it can not fit securely in a pocket, it can not go in line with you. Bags of ANY kind may not be worn on the ride. NOTHING but flip flops can be left in the station, and they take them from you so you do not have to cross the trains. CAPACITY. Plain and simple.
  11. Both rides are unique and can run 3 trains each without a MCBR. However, sometimes they do block on top of the lift hill. Definitely worth a re-ride. But you must exit the train and rejoin the line. Both load and unload have the retractable floor that operate independently of each other, so safety reasons, you must exit the trains each time. I rode them a couple years ago, and they are still just as smooth as when they first open. Definitely get down there. I am not a fan of the movies either, but I was completely 100% impressed with Forbidden Journey. It replaced Spider-man as my number 1 dark ride. Had absolutely no idea what was going on, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. You have to ride Forbidden Journey. I love Banshee, it has taken my number 1 inverted spot from Montu. Banshee is one of those coasters that just gets better with each ride.
  12. Ever heard of Dragon Challenge? I believe they are the only B&M's with a load and unload station.
  13. I believe I heard that the train in the station can NOT be dispatched until the train before it passes the sensor for the trim. The computer simply will not dispatch the train. Way to go B&M! Thinking ahead! The lift hill slows down to allow blocking to occur. The seat belt thing is bound to happen. I've actually been riding Montu a few times when someone has unbuckled their belt, and got stopped on the lift hill.
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