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  1. I stay at Red Roof frequently. Blue Ash is quiet and out of the way. But for a honeymoon? I'm not sure I'd recommend it. Beechmont is a franchise. That one I do NOT recommend. I'm still bugged by it.

    The Beechmont one is roughly 1-2 minutes from my house (I live just off Mt. Carmel Tobasco). Decent area, reeeeal shady hotel.

    Agreed. I used to manage that McDonald's there.

    Lots of trash that LIVE there.

    TPR's Banshee Bash at Kings Island on July 25th. Sold out!

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  2. Being silly for a moment - will those lockers by Banshee be able to fit my walker and/or cane?

    I assume there is space for a walker or motorized cart to be parked while the disabled person rides.

    That would be me!

    Just askin'.

    Exceptions to the no loose article rule is made for such a thing. If you NEED a cane or walker, you NEED it.

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  3. Despite holding land rights and building permits and promising to “decapitate opposition like that kid who got in the way of the Batman Ride in Georgia,” Six Flags Vice President of Development Andrew Ford said the battle is not over yet.


    This is definitely false. I grew up near that area, (Ocala actually), and made frequent visits to Weeki Wachee and the theme parks in the area.

    Six Flags does not hold a candle to Busch Gardens, Universal, or other Florida parks.

    Why of all places would they build 45 minutes from Busch Gardens?

  4. sy4yzety.jpg


    Image captured from Kings Islands Banshee cam. (Www.visitkingsisland.com/online-fun/webcams)

    Am I missing something here? All I see is our beautiful Action Zone and her brand new toy.

    The part came for DT! It's testing!!!

    I was at the park today and did not see DT testing.

    There was a crane near DT, and the lift was in the down position all day.

  5. I love BGT's pre-recorded spiels. You hear it twice. Once in English, and once in Spanish.

    "Please step into the coaster as quickly and safely as possibly. Once seated, pull the shoulder harness to your waist and lock you safety belt. Now, sit back as you experience the terror of Montu."

    "Por favor..............."

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  6. It's a very small purse, smaller than a fanny pack even. We carry my wallet, smart key with a house key and both gold passes and our id's. Is any type of carry pouches permitted?

    I have seen at least one report that even fanny packs were not allowed on Banshee; however, I cannot confirm whether or not that is true. Cargo shorts/pants are the best option.

    If it can not fit securely in a pocket, it can not go in line with you. Bags of ANY kind may not be worn on the ride. NOTHING but flip flops can be left in the station, and they take them from you so you do not have to cross the trains.

    CAPACITY. Plain and simple.

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  7. Both rides are unique and can run 3 trains each without a MCBR. However, sometimes they do block on top of the lift hill.

    Definitely worth a re-ride. But you must exit the train and rejoin the line. Both load and unload have the retractable floor that operate independently of each other, so safety reasons, you must exit the trains each time.

    I rode them a couple years ago, and they are still just as smooth as when they first open. Definitely get down there.

    I am not a fan of the movies either, but I was completely 100% impressed with Forbidden Journey. It replaced Spider-man as my number 1 dark ride. Had absolutely no idea what was going on, but I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. You have to ride Forbidden Journey.

    I love Banshee, it has taken my number 1 inverted spot from Montu. Banshee is one of those coasters that just gets better with each ride.

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  8. Agreed for the most part, there are occasional bad days there. Having two platforms greatly improves throughput for a ride though as riders get off, train cleared, people move up and get on, simple as that.

    Surprised I haven't seen a normal B&M like a Hyper have a dedicated load & unload, with their capacity already I think it could actually improve a bit more with that.

    Ever heard of Dragon Challenge?

    I believe they are the only B&M's with a load and unload station.

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  9. I visited for the first time this season on Sunday. I think the entire Action Zone looks awesome this year. The ride was thrilling, and it really just looks awesome. I was very impressed with the dispatch times for the most part. I think that the crew is still attempting to find their way with the ride, which is totally acceptable and understandable. I feel like without having a mid-course brake, knowing when to send a ride could be more challenging. I was wondering, if anyone knew, can they dispatch a ride to the hill with a train still running the course? And can the hill slow itself until it knows the track is clear? .

    There was an incident on Sunday where apparently someone took their seat belt off, or something along those lines. The ride was stopped on the lift for about twenty minutes, and after some down time the ride cycled empty for several runs. It reopened shortly after, but having to tell the GP that your new roller coaster is down isn't too ideal. I noticed that after the park closed, even into about 8:45, they continued to cycle the ride empty. I'm sure it was nothing, but interesting to see nonetheless. I can't wait to go back.

    I believe I heard that the train in the station can NOT be dispatched until the train before it passes the sensor for the trim. The computer simply will not dispatch the train. Way to go B&M! Thinking ahead!

    The lift hill slows down to allow blocking to occur.

    The seat belt thing is bound to happen. I've actually been riding Montu a few times when someone has unbuckled their belt, and got stopped on the lift hill.

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  10. And not having water for the crew in the Banshee station is downright stupid. When a ride op passes out with a heat illness and has to be taken to the hospital, I hope they sue the pants off of Kings Island, because that's downright stupid to deny them water. If they're that concerned about looks, then find a creative way to conceal it, or even just put it inside the drive box where it's out of guests' sight.

    Water is available to crew in Banshee station. Who told you otherwise?

  11. I had a dream about a dive machine at Kings Island. Since then, it's been reoccurring. And btw, the new dive trains are floorless.

    The only drawback (for the enthusiast) to this type of ride is that they are limited. After a cool gimmick they lose momentum quickly and the trains are too wide for many types of inversions.

    I'm not saying I'd hate one here by any means, it just feels like the coaster line up is quite good and the park could use other upgrades first.

    Banshee is pretty much a "gimmick" coaster. A Dive Machine would become a favorite ride in the Cincinnati area just as fast as Banshee has become a "new favorite."

    Am having too much fun with Banshee to even think about coasters in the future.

    Me too. It has officially replaced Montu as my number 1 Inverted Coaster.

    However, a Dive Machine would compliment Diamondback and Banshee very well, and we would have an awesome line up of B&M coasters.

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  12. I agree with a Dive Machine.

    The track size alone makes them look massive. I love driving toward BGT on Busch Blvd and see SheiKra above the buildings and trees.

    As much positive things I hear from people after they ride Banshee, I believe B&M's win at KI, and a B&M Dive Machine would be great for the park and area.

    This time, have a splash zone near the water brake.

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  13. A. Ride the first row, inside seat.

    B. Ride the back row, outside seat.

    C. Ride the front row, at night, during the fireworks.

    Get back to us!

    Terp, who is feeling a hankering to do all those things again...soon. And a Rattler....

    Row 8 right hand side! OMG!

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  14. Going alone is fun because you get to choose the rides and nobody says "Hey can we NOT ride Diamondback ten times in a row?"

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    This! When I go to the park alone, the people I'm with don't have problems with marathoning Adventure Express till the cows come home.

    Also, you can stop when you like.

    However, I have three rules when I visit with a group of people.

    1. No zig zagging. We ride when we get to a ride. (No Diamondback to Banshee to Beast to FOF crap.)

    2. One stops, we all stop. One goes, we all go. (Restroom, drinks, food, ride I dislike, etc.) Everyone gets to do what they want when they are with me. I may not like your ride, but I will ride it with you. I expect the same in return.

    3. Even numbers. So no one get's left out.

    If you go to a park using these 3 rules you will have a great day.

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  15. It starts from Right to Left, (I BELIEVE) So. like a chart like so below, might help. or it might be reversed

    4-3-2-1 (Row 1)

    4-3-2-1 (Row 2)

    4-3-2-1 (Row 3)

    4-3-2-1 (Row 4)

    4-3-2-1 (Row 5)

    4-3-2-1 (Row 6)

    4-3-2-1 (Row 7)

    4-3-2-1 (Row 8)

    Opposite of this.

    Why does the seat numbers matter?

    ** puzzled ** :blink:

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  16. Well, actually everyone entering the gates at Disney World pays for Fastpass (it's hidden in the cost and available to all guests.)

    i've been do Disney World.......when was this implemented, and how does that actually work?

    There is no extra charge. However at $90 + per person to ONE park at WDW, you are basically paying for it. ( I think WDW is actually $100+ for one park. They want people to Park Hop). In the past you walked up to a ticket kiosk, pressed a button, and it gave you a time to return. It was basically the same thing as Q-Bot systems at other parks. The difference is, is that it is available to EVERYONE, and not an extra charge. WDW has done this for years, nothing new, really.

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  17. While I skimmed through this topic, I would like to point out that people complain about the $45 admission price, they certainly would not like the prices of the Florida parks.

    $90 for Busch Gardens or SeaWorld or a single park at Universal. (all 4 charge for their Q-Bots)

    $100 at WDW per park unless you get a Park Hopper Pass.

    Kings Island and Cedar Point should charge a lot more for admission than they do.

    Fast Lane, Fast Pass, Flash Pass, etc are optional, not a requirement to enjoy the park. There is also a lot more than just rides at the park. Just walk around and check things out. There were times I went in 2013 and didn't ride anything, but still had an absolute blast.

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  18. I don't think it is just Cedar Fair's second generation B&M Hyper Coasters. I believe Steel Dragon's new B&M trains arrived with seatbelts already installed. They also have shin bars as well. SD2000 B&M trains are basically the same, except they are not V style.

    Here are Steel Dragon's restraints:


    If you look closely, they are nearly identical to Diamondback's.

    Gonna do some digging to see if Shambhala has received or will be receiving seat belts.

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