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  1. Just to give you an idea, Bat's line on opening day was all the way through the tunnels by Wolf Pack.
  2. OOOH.. I am in this video! My name was called, and I walked in front of the camera. YaY! I'm famous! I will be signing autographs in Action Zone next weekend! J/K
  3. Then he said people can sit there, but if media comes to ride, they get priority. The enthusiast will have to wait another ride or 2. On another note, I made it into a video from Gatekeeper Media Day. I am on the outside edge behind these guys. Turn the volume down, these guys are really obnoxiously loud.
  4. Last season I was 240 ish and could BARELY get the restraint locked on Drop Tower. Everything else I was good on, and had a little "wiggle room". I have gained 10 since that ride on Drop Tower, so I would probably not fit. I would say at 215, 220 you should be fine. If you are "chesty" you may have difficulty.
  5. Was looking through the photos, and I was just thinking that there are only 2 rides left in Action Zone that need new paint. Congo Falls and Drop Tower. Wonder how fast they can paint that tower!
  6. Edit: Nothing to see here. Keep moving, people.
  7. It is 6 pm to midnight. Please read the first post for all the 411.
  8. That's okay, I want row 8 on the right hand side.
  9. B&M does not make Giga Coasters, they make Hyper Coasters. B&M classifies Leviathan as a Hyper Coaster, and as such should be addressed as a Hyper Coaster. Under the "Roller Coasters" tab. http://www.bolliger-mabillard.com/ Come on grammar police. Do your job.
  10. Preferred, Handicap, and Employee lots have been repaved.
  11. I will be bringing a Diamondback hoodie just in case is it nipply outside that morning.
  12. My nephew and myself will both be wearing our new ClubTPR shirts!
  13. Track is nearing completion: More discussions and photos of the coaster: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=66910&start=120
  14. I know were aren't supposed to post about it, but the guideline was to wear either Kings Island apparel or a plain color without logos. Forgive me if I am wrong, but a Son of Beast shirt would be "Kings Island" apparel.
  15. You would have needed to RSVP'ed by the cut off date, which has already passed. You would need to be a member of an approved Coaster Club with a current, non expired membership card. Coaster Clubs: ACE Coaster Crew Club TPR GOCC and so forth. These coaster clubs require a PAID membership.
  16. The best part about it is the take off.
  17. All park rules still apply. Some children may attend with their families in support of the event. Dress for the weather. I have been when a t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops have sufficed, but I have also been when a couple layers were need.
  18. The way it works is you receive the shirt after your ride, WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.
  19. I believe today may be the first day of crew training. That is probably who the people standing in the circle are.
  20. Coasterama, it really would not surprise me. However, I do not see the point. Unless B&M has gone back and installed seat belts on ALL of their Hyper Coaster installations. This means, Behemoth, Leviathan, Intimidator (sp?), Goliath, Hollywood Dream, Raging Bull, Nitro, Apollo's Chariot, etc, will most likely all have seat belts. "Please spay and neuter your pets and B&M Hyper Coasters."
  21. Looks like they made the front gates a bit wider. I knew something was up when I was at the Job Fair, and noticed all of the old gates and computers were completely gone. Banshee got them just as she got SOB.
  22. Are you thinking of that area right off to the right of Delirium? (From the Camera) cause If so, I'd believe you. it doesn't look fenced off. I thought I remember reading in this topic of some kind of equipment that will be used to unload a train stuck on the lift hill. I wonder if this new concrete pad area will be where the equipment will be stored/used. Why would they need evacuation equipment or the lift other than the stairs that run beneath the train? Typically, B&M Inverted Coaster have little platforms that are raised by hand into place, and are moved along the train to remov
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