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  1. I love Montu! Also, you guys are talking coasters for best new ride... I think Falcon's Fury (Busch Gardens Tampa) might be a contender for this title. As much as I dislike Intamin, I have to say that I am as excited about FF as much as Banshee.
  2. My rule when visiting any theme park is to ride as you get to something, do not zig zag. So, my list will be in an order dependent on which way I go in the morning.
  3. Season 2 Episode 14 "Blame It on The Alcohol"
  4. You totally got that from Glee, didn't you? That is one of my favorite lines from Principal Figgins. "Performing 'Tic and also Tok' by rapper Key-dollar-sign-ha." Okay, resume Banshee related things...
  5. Nor have I been to Halloweekends at Kings Island. Most of us on here have never been to Halloweekends at Kings Island.
  6. I seen it tonight when I was at the park for training. It indeed looks awesome, and much better than it did. Much better at night though.
  7. How much worse than last year could it get?
  8. Completely 100% true. It looks so much better than it has in past years.
  9. The new coaster will bring out the crowd on opening day. Last season was pretty busy on opening day. I ended up getting a Fast Lane. (and an evac off BackLot!)
  10. I would be shocked and amazed if the "gentleman" in question and many of his minions were not at a Mason, Ohio park's Media Day. I'd say it is a near lead pipe certainty he, and they, will be. I will certainly be there as a member of ClubTPR!
  11. My post is directed at anyone who is planning on raising "just enough" to be invited to the event, and I was not being rude about it. The more the merrier by all means, but make sure you are doing it for the right reasons. Don't just raise the minimum so you are eligible to go. Like I said, some of us have been working our butts off to get donations since day 1 to raise what ever we can. Now it just seems like people are joining, just so they can be invited. If that was the case, I would have just stopped when I got to $100.
  12. Don't just raise $100 so you can attend the event Some of us have been raising money and working our butts off since the donation page went live. Remember this is NOT about riding the coaster. It is about raising money for the kids. Riding Banshee at night is the incentive you get for your hard work.
  13. RIGHT! I love Pat Carroll. She has the perfect voice for a "Banshee" themed ride. I would wait in line just to hear the safety recordings. Edit: Do you remember this? Pat Carroll as a step sister in Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. Carroll is in the blue.
  14. Whatever the name is, I am going to hear Pat Carroll's voice in my head delivering the safety rules. Could you just imagine? I would LOVE to hear her voice coming out of the speakers at Banshee!
  15. The ride is already named, Banshee. Why would they be picking a name for something that already has a name? I can see them wanting to name a statue, or a single train, but not a whole coaster that already has a name.
  16. If you call that unpleasant, do not ever go to Dollywood and ride the Dollywood Express.
  17. Sooner than you may think, but not anytime soon. That makes a ton of sense. I bet they start training this weekend or next. I may or may not know, but those who know will be trained when it is our time.
  18. Sooner than you may think, but not anytime soon.
  19. Buy the strap. Probably much safer for the glasses being strapped to your head than getting knocked around in your pocket, or getting knock to the ground by a careless person. I know I paid too much for my glasses just to break them or loose them at a park.
  20. There is a bone marrow transplant option, and they have been able to successfully prevent new born babies from contracting HIV from HIV+ parents. Know your status, and get tested. Gay or straight.
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