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  1. I find myself letting people go ahead of me so I can look around.
  2. The BEST Que ever is Dueling Dragons at Islands Of Adventure in florida. http://rcdb.com/ig558.htm?picture=17 The entire que has something to look at... you actually forget you are waiting in line for a coaster. It feels like you are in a mideval museum
  3. It would be awesome if Coney would buy the Screechin' Eagle. I was too small to ride it the last time I was there.
  4. I am trying to talk them into inviting pass holders and the media into the park to view the topping off of the coaster. They are concerned about safety... I said, there are PLENTY of spots for people to watch this safely! I can only imagine the view from the tower when this takes place. It's not like anyones head is going to be in your way trying to see them top off a 230ft coaster!
  5. HEY! I have an idea. Does anyone want to meet for a KICentral Pride Night Ride on The Beast? We could pick a certain time for us to meet at The Beast entrance, introduce, then take over The Beast!...LOL This ride would take place AFTER dark. And could become an anally... I mean anual ride on The Beast on Pride Night. 10pm sound good?
  6. Where are these cables? Are they laying on the ground? Can they be seen from the coaster? Does anyone have pictures of the cables? I' not going to say I believe in ghosts, but I do believe in the possibility. An example: At my dad's house in Florida before I moved away to ohio, there were times when I would be home alone. Well, I would be sitting in my dad's recliner in which in order to get to the kitchen you had to actually walk behind it. Well, I was watching TV and you know the feeling when someone sneaks up on you? Well, I had that feeling and turned around to find no one there. I may see Tower Johnny one of these days on The Beast. The reason I say this is because I find myself scanning the woods as I ride to spot deer near the track. I also am looking for old coaster parts that may have been tossed to the ground and left. Such as on the train ride you can see old rails to the right of the tracks that the grass has started to grow over.
  7. I LOVE that ride! I rode it several times one night at a county fair while still living in Florida. I think the worst coaster I have ridden was any of the Vekoma hang and bangs. The Hangman rollercoaster at Wild Adventures is murder. Invertigo is pretty close.
  8. got my tickets last night... I wonder though, will pass holders be able to purchase the wrist bands for drinks? I hope so, I didn't get the Platinum for NOTHIN!....LOL Hmm, I must call the park sunday morning to find out. BTW... we just renewed our passes for next year!
  9. I heard that, the building of which the Diamondback Coaster model was sitting durring the announcement was going to be the Diamondback gift shop that you exit through. Take a look at the model up front, you can see where Brian put the path under the lift. It was my idea to line it with the "shrubery"! It looks awesome!
  10. I was going to say that as well....LOL I waited 5 hours to ride SheiKra opening day (they were giving out free bottled water) and by the time i got off the line was down to 2.5 hours so I waited and rode it again. I ended up riding SheiKra 3 times on opening day! Diamondback IS going to be worth a 5 hour wait, I will probably get off, go to the restroom and get a free drink(arm band) and head back for it.
  11. I'd like to know what in hell the designer was thinking when he put this in instead of leaving it banked.
  12. We will be there, AND as a bonus we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary together! Jesse(Myself) and Dennis(hat)
  13. They really didn't seem so care. I would have hated to be the tall skinny security guard who had to confront them.....LOL I hear all the same questions and comments almost everytime I am at the park. Most of them pertaining to the failure of a ride that actually never happened. I have 2 that make me cringe when I heard them... An employee on this past Monday while watching them put the track parts in: "This ride's not that good." Like he's already been on it. He says it is just like MF at Cedar Point. Since I helped install Diamondback's Mini-Me (the coasterdynamix model) this really makes me mad: "I hope the real ride isn't THAT fast!" Or if you watch, you will notice that when the coaster trains get to the top of the lift on the model, that it rolls back a bit then goes over the lift: "I hope it doesn't do that!" I had an arguement with a so called coaster fanatic about which order the track parts will go in for the turn. I pointed out what I thought and he pointed out what he thought. Well, the construction workers seemed to agree with the order I liked. You can tell by the shape of the track and where the track / support connection is located. OH! the up bend that is laid out between the water brake and the DB train barn: "That's part of the loop!" a kid said. SORRY FOR SO LONG. The best 2 things I hear when at the park are: Today: little (african american) girl had to get out of FOF to be height checked and her head wasn't to the line. Someone waiting behind the loading gates said, "Her bun makes her tall enough." Meaning the hair pulled to the top of her head was above the mark! NUMBER ONE THING I HEAR EVERYTIME I AM AT THE PARK: "DO I HAVE TO WEAR THE SEATBELT?"
  14. Just Googled the article. That's pretty darn funny! It makes me laugh when someone gets "caught with their pants down."[zing] Not very funny to the possible little children sitting outside the booth waiting though. Little Billy will never be the same.... I had to chime in here about this.... I was watching Diamondback construction from the 80's theater and happened to look into the theater and in the front row, was a couple doing the nasty!.......LOL I called security.
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