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  1. It is like any regular day at the park plus 100 times better...lol You do not have to participate in anything you do not wish to. Just go enjoy the park. You will get a LOT of rides in that 6 hour time frame.
  2. Got my renewal packet for ClubTPR today! The shirt on top is for my nephew, and the other is for me. Everything in this photo is going to my nephew except the oval fridge magnet and one of the shirts.
  3. This was introduced last year at the Action Zone location that sells ice cream. It is great!
  4. I will most likely be there as well, rain or shine! However, it is still to early to tell what the weather will be like 20 plus days away. The predictions are made based on last year around the same time. They are also just predictions. www.weather.com is a great tool when planning a theme park trip.
  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. BEST. COMMENT. EVER! Sorry, but that was really funny coming from someone with over 2,000 posts.
  6. Like when The Bat slows down on the lift hill! So many people think it has broken down. Someone told KI on the Facebook page that they needed to fix the lift...LOL Also heard another guy say as we were creeping up the first lift on Beast, "This is why it's the longest wooden coaster, because it takes so long to go up the hill." And to the person who quoted what B&M said about their coasters making it on the first time, then asking to explain Raptor. He said that it would make it the "First time." He didn't say anything about any other time!
  7. Could be E stop testing. There are a number of reasons they stopped it there. It doesn't not mean the coaster has malfunctioned.
  8. It is for filming. Montu has a "zero car" that replaces row 1 for filming. Alpengeist's is permanent. Here is Montu's front row replaced with a "zero car" for filming. Alpengeist's zero car and row 1, and Montu's row 1 and row 2 make up what is called a pilot coach. These cars move in tandem to steer the train around the track. The first car on Diamondback is a pilot coach as well. Photo credit is in the photo.
  9. People want to enforce the proper usage of certain things but not others. So I just pointed it out, that B&M calls Banshee an "Inverted Coaster", and calls Leviathan a "Hyper Coaster". B&M does not produce Giga Coasters. http://www.bolliger-mabillard.com/ Click the "Roller Coasters" link on their website.
  10. Though it is not called that by the manufacturer. It is called a Batwing. Also, "Immelmann" is a person's name and should always be capitalized. Also, B&M classifies Leviathan as a Hyper Coaster, and Banshee as an Inverted Coaster. Not "Giga" or "Invert".
  11. You will not go through an Immelmann on Banshee. Banshee has a dive loop. An Immelmann is a dive loop that is traveled in the opposite direction. The train on Banshee would need to be traveling the opposite direction in order to call this an Immelmann. Immelmann is an areal maneuver that was created by a WW1 pilot named Max Immelmann. Had photos ready to go, but apparently that is not an option anymore.
  12. This popped up on my Facebook feed today! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10152334553694274
  13. Well, mother nature seems to be running late this year in Ohio. I wouldn't count on all trees being full.
  14. As long as you are not on park property, you are fine. The guest drop off by the marque is off limits.
  15. Yes there are water dummies in the train. I also noticed that all the wheel covers have not been installed yet. Just the ones on the first row.
  16. Robb has been in India I believe. There was a whole discussion about this on the TPR forum. I received an email on 3/6 stating "Your welcome packet with your Club TPR membership card and other goodies should arrive in about 10 - 15 business days from receiving this email." So they are working on sending them out.
  17. High? Seriously? This is pretty much what they are at other parks that offer All Day Dining. This is more than reasonable. Try paying $90 for admission, THEN pay $32.99 for All Day Dining?
  18. We can't forget Thelma who rides Diamondback in her 90's
  19. Most people here have a season pass. That said, you plan to go more than once. You don't have to do everything in one day. I have been to the park, and not ridden a single thing, and still have had a wonderful time.
  20. Making sure things line up correctly in the station most likely.
  21. I love shows at parks almost as much as I like the rides. Sometimes, days are planned around showtimes.
  22. While I sat it out to ride Leviathan, Canada's Wonderland has the same show. From what I hear, it is an amazing show.
  23. Parking lot repave. From Oktoberfest to Action Zone the asphalt has been replaced with concrete. Not sure if this is any indication of something new, but all the turnstiles and gates had been removed from the front.
  24. I am not a moderator, but it needs to be said. Please direct your attention to this thread to discuss the mystery attraction, and please leave this one for Banshee updates. http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php/topic/29085-something-new-besides-Banshee-for-2014/
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