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  1. An attraction can mean ANYTHING. I think they are using their words carefully here. An attraction can be a magic show, remote control boats, a museum, a ride, etc. I doubt it will be a new ride. Why would they take the "New ride" focus off Banshee?
  2. Deleted and moved to the other thread.
  3. Night testing is not unheard of at theme parks. There is nothing to "lock up" in the bottom of the Batwing. They will be able to tell if the train does not make it back to the station. The computer will most likely shut down in the event of a valley.
  4. Two things that could be happening: A: They are moving the train back and forth between the station and transfer. B: The train is indeed making complete cycles, and b=we are only seeing it as it is entering the station due to the time laps of the web cam.
  5. They need those iron fences instead of hand rails in the queue so people can't climb on them. Children are the worst! They climb, swing, flip, balance beam, etc up and down those rails and the parents do absolutely NOTHING to keep them from doing it. Make them extra pointy too!
  6. You are partially correct. Montu's trim is generally always on, but is set at a certain speed. Typically, the trim does not grab in the morning, but does later in the day.
  7. The track seems like it is a smaller gauge than normal. Apparently it is going to have 2 seats per row with Banshee like restraints, minus the vest part. I made this using paint.
  8. They are probably adding dirt to level out what will become the queue area.
  9. As I stated in the poll asking where the yellow B&M track will be going, there are 2 B&M's going to China. One of them is the yellow coaster, and the other is....... ....a Family Inverted Coaster! Check it out! http://rcdb.com/6712.htm
  10. Club Blood was boring in 2013. It is time for something new.
  11. I think it was Flashback! Totally 70's for a season, then switched to 80's for 2 or 3 seasons.
  12. It's only 430. Testing probably will not happen until construction crews and equipment are cleared from the ride area.
  13. Look closely, Gemini. That car you are referring to has not been painted at the time this photo was taken. It is still the red, black, and silver scheme.
  14. That is a nice lineup of participating restaurants at Cedar Point. I would say that since Jukebox Diner is similar to Coasters, it will be one of the options at KI.
  15. I believe I posted the story in a trip report on here, but here is the story. In 2010 I went on a road trip with some friends to SF and WOF. Adam, Shawn, Aaron, and myself head back into the park after lunch. We decide to use our exit pass to ride this since the coasters didn't have long lines. The boats are big enough for 4 people. 2 in the front and 2 in the back. These boats are TINY. So we are ushered to the side of the boat, and was instructed to get in. Adam and Shawn in the front, me and Aaron in the back. We grab out blasters, the flume like brakes are lowered, and we HIT THE BOTTOM! Adam and I were instructed to switch seats. Now I was in front with Shawn and Adam was in back with Aaron. Brakes lowered again, we HIT BOTTOM again. Now I am thinking, I am NOT about to take the walk of shame from THIS ride with God and everyone watching! Finally, the ride attendant motioned for me to scoot toward the center. Brake lowered yet again, and we scooted off. Once we got to the ride channel the current moved more swiftly, and it was a nice ride. I noticed some scenes from our old version of SDATHC, and some different ones. Turned out to be a nice ride. The term "sinking" is used lightly. I know we did not take on water, but the fact that we hit bottom is worthy of the term.
  16. Better use the proper grammar. It should be: "I couldn't care less for SDHC" Just teasing! That attraction is not there for enthusiasts. It is a decent capacity family attraction. If you don't like it, don't ride it. I have a hilarious story about sinking a Scooby Doo boats at Six Flags St Louis.
  17. The next 2 B&M's after Banshee are being installed in China. They are the only 2 places that have confirmed B&M's at this point. Happy Valley will be getting an inverted with blue track, and Xishuangbanna Theme Park is getting the yellow flying coaster.
  18. I snapped the ones at KD once and everyone on the ride gave me dirty looks! The ones at Holiday World are too heavy to snap, but you get good height.
  19. Something else. That fog kills the grass. Can't imagine what it does to the idiots who go up to it, inhale it, then blow it out.
  20. I would go to Canada's Wonderland. (Hugging Leviathan in my avatar) Of the 7 Cedar Fair parks I have visited over the years, it is hands down the BEST. Food is amazing. Everything adds up to be about the same price as say KI or CP, but you get larger portions. I could not believe I as in a Cedar Fair park.
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