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  1. I believe there are 2 plants total. An Italian plant and Clermont Steel Fabricators B&M was impressed with Vortex at Kings Island. Which resulted in the partnership with CSF. It appears that an inverted and a flying coaster will be opening in China in 2014.
  2. My favorite show that Kings Island has done is Flashback Totally 80's. Such a great show with lots of costume changes. I would love to see more shows like this at the park. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWwLvu6k-Bg Or something like Katonga at Busch Gardens Tampa in the Kings Island Theater. Videos taken from Youtube.
  3. I think it works better here because you do not cross the train at all. You pass the bins on your way to your seat, and again on your way out. As opposed to crossing the train to the far side of the station, then coming back and taking your seat.
  4. Agree...It is time for Club Blood (and Wolf Pack) to go.
  5. Sorry for bringing this back from a page ago, but Terp you are correct. Not 100% correct.
  6. Well, duh. We were talking about the gravel within the fenced in area and the reason it is there.
  7. Top speed has nothing to do with the gravel. If you look at the photo I posted, you can see a train passing the camera area. That is gravel as well, and the train is not going 80mph there. At least one side of the Hammerhead has gravel, and the bottom of the drop off the MCBR has gravel. Most likely these places are here to prevent the need to mow beneath low track.
  8. They put gravel beneath Diamondback in the low to the ground places. My guess is so there is no need to mow grass in those low areas. Example of this at the bottom of the second drop: Photo taken from Google images..
  9. The way I said it is based off what I learned at BGT at Montu.
  10. I still think Kings Island needs one of these for media day!
  11. I used to work at BGT so I am familiar with this. Going to use Montu as an example. Usually at the back of the station on the opposite side from the control panel is a green button. (See Diamondback. The button is located on the left side of the train near row 16.) This button MUST be pushed to move the train in the station, unless the coaster is in maintenance mode. In maintenance mode, one person can operate the entire coaster from the control panel. During normal operation, the person assigned to the unload rear side of Montu, MUST hold the button down in order for the train to dispatch. The person in the control booth can push the dispatch buttons until his fingers bleed, but the train will not move unless the second button is pressed. Once pressed, the "driver" sees the indicator on his panel, then visually checks the loading area, then presses his buttons. The train advances. The incoming train will not advance into the station unless the rear dispatch button is pressed as well. (Same on Diamodnback.) This button at the back of the train works as a thumbs up in addition to the employee actually giving the thumbs up. The "driver"'s panel will light up when this button is pressed. Also, there is a mirror on both sides of the train in the front. YOu can see them above the camera in this photo.
  12. This is most likely the front row as the trains are added car by car at the back of the shed. Why would they put row 4 on the track before rows 1 - 3?
  13. The station is not done yet. I am sure it will be closer to the rendering.
  14. That may very well be true. I did not go through and count the different makers. Just B&M. I still have been on enough to know which I prefer.
  15. I timed the line at Leviathan. It is only about 40 minutes with a full queue. I get what you are saying about the brake run. There could be more after the block, but it works for CW. I mean 45 second or less dispatches. I was very impressed with CW operations. Out of 149 steel roller coasters that I have ridden, only 41 of those were B&M. So having ridden 108 steel coasters that are NOT B&M, I think it is safe to say that I have ridden quite a few more Intamin installations than B&M. So, based on my experience, I will pick a B&M with it's reliability over an Intamin's inovation any day. On a different note, Fire Chaser Express will be my 150th steel coaster!
  16. Leviathan is the coaster that Millennium Force wishes it could be. Also, people on other forums commented about how B&M only has 92 tracks and Intamin has quite a bit more. In 1907 Henry Ford said, "We don't want to make the most cars, we want to make the best cars." I believe B&M has the best "cars" in this case. Reliability is just as important to B&M as it was to Henry Ford. B&M may not have more tracks out there, but there is one thing for sure. That B&M will out perform an Intamin.
  17. Not music, but the safety spiel should most DEFINITELY be recorded by Pat Carroll in the voice of Ursula. We would just change her name to Banshee. Obviously. Check this out!
  18. The eye glass problem has a simple solution. A STRAP! The smallest station? Have you EVER been on Raptor?
  19. I noticed earlier this month that Montu has 4 cabinets with 8 cubicles for loose fitting shoes.
  20. Did I ask who the general manager at Dollywood was?
  21. So, let me get this straight. Clifford Jr is indeed being disassembled? REPAINT that terrible sanding on the track.
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