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  1. I have not been this year, but for the last 2 years, that I have been to this, they have not closed any rides. I can say that I did freeze my knickers off, too! If you can go during the summer, I suggest doing that. Wild Eagle runs better in warmer weather. Same with Thunderhead. For hotels, try Expedia. Being that close to Christmas, I would say they will be pretty busy. You may have a little drive to and from the park. Roadway Inn is nice. The park is amazing this time of year. The food is awesome. Be sure to plan your meal times, Aunt Granny's can get quite a long line. However, it is worth it!
  2. Just got this in the mail today! This is the 3rd time since my welcome packet arrived, that I have received something from Club TPR
  3. Plus they would have announced it before hand. If you remember correctly, work to transform the fountain for ice skating started around the beginning of Haunt in 2005.
  4. I would say that all of these things classify as either "improvements" or "updates".
  5. The impulse buyer in me says to go for it! The logical buyer in me wonders that being the off season, if there is someone there to actually ship the items.
  6. Is that what the kids are calling it these days?
  7. Post of the week. Dear lord 13 year olds. LOL! I know right!
  8. He's joking. Bwa ha ha ha ha! Sorry, didn't mean to laugh. * snicker *
  9. Yet you still ask if it will have problems. Realistically, ANYTHING can happen. I do not foresee anything major happening with Banshee. All systems of this new version of the inverted coaster have been used on other types of B&M coasters, and seem to be doing great. The major noticeable change on this coaster is the train. I still don't think there will be a problem. With 3 other (wing) coasters within 5 to 6 hours with the same restraint system, they are but a phone call away. This is the first upgrade to B&M inverted coasters in the 11 years that they have been available to parks. I also figured out why the trains are so close to the ground! Instead of a splashdown, the train will shoot dirt 50 ft into the air as it skims the surface. It makes so much more sense now! The loop on Montu is 104 ft tall. Alpie's is 106. I doubt Banshee's is much taller. As per my previous thought about the loop. It may have been modified to one side to accommodate the queue which is between the loop and the station. Pay no attention to the red circle.
  10. I have really enjoyed my experience this past year as a member of ClubTPR, and will be renewing as soon as I am able to.
  11. If the queue was themed as a graveyard, that would be cool. Perhaps similar to Batman's courtyard queue.
  12. I also have a window cling that is in the rear window of my car. Join here: http://www.clubtpr.com/
  13. You do know Don does read and post on the forums, correct? I did say in another post that Don could possibly answer. I even quoted the post where I said it. The quote is on page 96. Adena and CSF would not know the "whys". They just bring it to life. So no, neither of those would have my answer.
  14. Refer to my previous post where I stated "complaining" wasn't necessarily the correct term as much as nit-picking over silly non-important details.As others have said: who cares, why does it even matter?? Is it really that important that it's wider? We are getting a new coaster, who cares if certain features differentiate from similar features of other B&M coasters. Are they not allowed to have variations, only cookie cutters? Just sayin'.... As someone stated above... What else do we have to talk about right now. AS you can see vertical construction has slowed down, and there isn't much to see. While we are waiting for updates on the constructions site, we can discuss ALL of the construction aspects of the coaster. Instead of making 6 threads about the same thing like others do, the conversation is contained here. I mean c'mon, how many stinking Winterfest, Bat this, or Bat that threads do we need? Another thread about the loop would be another one of those threads.
  15. Just a more direct answer from someone who knows more, that is all I require. I don't need argument from the people who that when I pointed out the difference when I first noticed it, contested it. So, I will say it now. "Told you so." A couple reasons that were speculated why the loop is spread apart. 1. Clearance. While they are new trains, I doubt they will require THAT much clearance. If they need that much space between the 2 track sections, what about the supports on the outside of those 2 track sections? There would need to be equal clearance. Also, there only needs to be clearance enough for 1 train to pass through, as two trains will never cross at that point. (Lord knows KI likes to stack their other B&M.) 2. Line up with next inversion. Other B&M's have a slight turn to them at the bottom of the valley leading into the next element. Montu, Kumba, Diamondback, etc. Montu has 3 instances after the first loop, immelman, and zero g where the track turns at the bottom of the valley. Kumba has one after the loop, and then another leading toward the cobra roll. Diamondback has 2 obvious ones. "These are all different coasters." you say. Yes, they are, but it is the same principal. "Turn the train to go this way." 3. Reduce forces. I think they have this one figured out by now. This is not the reason. One final thought... Perhaps it is like that to make room for the queue which makes more sense than any of the other possible reasons that was previously discussed. I just thought of this while reviewing the photo of the blueprints. The queue will be going between the lift and the station, according to the blueprint. I said "perhaps", so I still need to know the correct answer.
  16. For example, if I see just ONE episode of a TV show that catches my attention, I have to go back and watch the entire thing to find the answers. Banshee is just "episode 42" in my B&M conquest. It may not be important to anyone else here, but I have to find out "why".
  17. I still would like to know the reason the base of the loop is so far apart. It does not make sense. My first thought was clearance, but that is not the issue. Otherwise all the ther inverted coasters would be wide like that. Even on B&M's most recent inverted coaster, OzIris, the base of the loop is not wide. It is not because of the lift. Other B&M coasters loop around the lift and the are not that far apart. It appears that I am correct about the loop being stretched. If clearance was the reason, the track on Banshee would have the SAME clearance on each side, not just the middle. Yes, I went back to this discussion. Got a problem with it?
  18. Found it. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/Banshee/the-evidence/wail-of-the-Banshee-blog/blog-article/Banshee-construction-progress
  19. Just notices that the gate at the front of the station is in place.
  20. Where did you deduce that the floor would not drop? The floor will most likely drop like all the others.
  21. Who cares what he did? It is no ones business but his own. People need to worry about themselves. I will be renewing my Club TPR membership. I am extremely pleased with the last year being a member. Every few months they send out neat things to the members. When I signed up I got maps from Japan! Nagashima Spaland and Greenland. With sign up I got a TPR tote grip, a lanyard, member card, ink pen, and 6 maps from different parks in my welcome packet, and my favorite is my Nagashima map. I paid extra for a T-shirt. As I said before, I think the donkey thing comes from an inside joke. From what I gather, someone said "I love donkeys!" and it kind of stuck. So the question at hand is, will Kings Island require one to get a fluffy fluffy bunny filled with medicine and goo prior to riding Banshee?
  22. Nope, but you can tell just by looking at it the horizontal part of that support from track to track. Compare the photos. It is OBVIOUSLY wider.
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