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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. I guess that is a better name than say, Shot Over The Rapids, or Flung Over The Rapids.
  2. If that drawing is accurate, which you never know. Also looks like some nice additions to those who will enter from the parking lot season pass gate.
  3. While I do agree with many of these points, I thought of something interesting with the Peanuts debate. Also remember what the original theme was of ride now called Boo Blasters on Boo Hill? Scooby Doo, which debuted in the early 70's I believe. While there are still reruns of Scooby on television today, so too can you see the Peanuts specials every major holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Valentines Day). My point being, that both Paramount and Cedar Fair have used cartoons that debuted many years ago. But I have seen children of all ages who love Scooby, Snoopy, any one in
  4. I did not go this year, but did attend twice last year, and I really did enjoy the park, but it is a half-day park, at most. The coasters are all really nice, but after that, it was a real drop off. I guess only time will tell if there is any truth behind this protest. But, regardless, if there is enough public response to it that either a) keeps people from attending or keeps potential employees from applying and current employees from returning, it could be the begining of the end.
  5. I don't know if i would call Scooby Doo and the Haunted Castle a cardboard cutout style attraction for babies, and especially not Boo Blasters. Personally, I think Boo Blasters can be frightening to some younger ones, and even when it was Scooby Doo, with some of the scenes.
  6. As said, i will really miss PA, it was a unique ride, but Cedar Point has over the years removed older attractions to bring in newer ones. DA seems to have been a good success at KI, and Cedar Point being in an area where there are a lot of vacationers, with numerous things to do on the Lake, i think that it should be able to succeed as well. Just because there are two dino attractions only a couple hours apart, I don't think it will cause any more competition then is already there.
  7. I believe that the track of King Cobra was scrapped a couple of years ago, and the trains were sent to Dominion for its TOGO standup for parts.
  8. It is things like this, that makes the family owned parks extra special. While family owned parks seemingly are dwindling, its great to see Holiday World thriving.
  9. It seems that there are only trim brakes on 2 of the hills. Compared to a mid-course that could bring it to a crawl, I would much rather have the 2 trims.
  10. i have seen cups from years back this year. Beast 25th aniversary cups, and Flight of Fear as well.
  11. AE's last hill being theamed as it is, its better then a un-theamed lift hill to just get you back to the station. Ninja at SFMM does this, which personally i think is a really disipointing end to the ride.
  12. While on the topic of lockers in Boomerang Bay, it is also important to know that the Bay closes at 7 even when the park closes at 10. After 7 when the gate there is closed you are not able to get items from lockers or out the gate to the parking lot. So make sure when you get lockers over there you get the items out before 7.
  13. Those who visit the park, especially for the first time, would much rather know a simplistic map of where attractions and shops and shows are compared to where trees are in relation to them.
  14. That is correct that with the opening of Diamondback, the ACE walkback instead became the coaster club/gold pass ERT on Diamondback and Beast. Another interesting thing to note is that the walkback was not for passholders, but members of coaster clubs (though there were many times that the membership cards were not checked). Though there were times during the walkback if the ride crew was ready there was a chance to have a ride or two before the general public arrived. And also if Beast was not going to open on time, I do remember having the walkback go to Son of Beast, Face/Off and Tomb Raide
  15. I would actually think the Days of Thunder uniform was from the attraction of that name, which is now Thunder Alley. The go-carts located in Action Zone.
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