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  1. Thats out of the 10 best amusement park haunts, not out of every single haunted attraction, but i do believe uss nightmare made it in the top 10 of the other list..
  2. First rehearsal date = this sunday, im very excited
  3. I don't know about your expertise in the subject matter of getting hired at Haunt, but I can tell you from experience that when you get hired for Haunt, everything is laid out on the line and finalized that day. They do not have the time to call each and every monster and tell them what their schedule is for this night, or when their costume fitting is. For your second question, all monsters have to do a short inprov audition showcasing their voice and acting ability, in front of a panel, without props. Quick thinking, enthusiasm, and most of all, personality is required to be a Kings Island Scareactor. yea well she told me it was up in the air but i recieved an email the other day that told me i would for sure be on the trail, the ladie that interviewed me sayd id either be in the trail or manor and i wasnt interviewed infront of a panel it was just one girl who told me to scream and to make animal noises, got kinda awkward but hey, it worked out for me
  4. Who here has worked at hh in the past years and how was it?
  5. yea me too, but im sure there just preparing for this busy weekend then after labor day itll be all about the haunt, but on a different subject, what was everybodys favorite haunted house at ki? not jus from last year but of all time....mine was definately route 666, the best one theyve ever had
  6. i'm working hh too but ki is yet to contact me about costume fittings, but i think ill be working trail of terror
  7. Hmm, sounds like you guys might have it in with ki, but maybe, possibly "out west" is reffering to Knotts berry and maybe, hopefully the new maze would be something like that of the doll house? thats just a guess though..........and PS My first post!
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