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  1. Ghosts can never be scientifically proven because its outside the realm of science. Ghosts are supernatural and Science can not explain or prove anything about the supernatural. Just like the question is God real? or are there such thing as demons? or the devil? or angels? Science can not prove such things. Science is a methodology, a tool used to better explain the physical universe. In science there are laws, theories, and hypothesis, and so on and so on, but basically ghosts will never be scientifically proven due to the supernatural being outside the realm of science
  2. Like what? ride The Racer? Good move! Insulting him is going to get you great respect from this community. I didn't mean to insult him. I was just saying the man loves to ride The Racer. What's wrong with that? I LOVE RIDING The Racer!!! Its a great ride! Dont insult The Racer
  3. I think that the entrance to the park is fine. How would they change it? It goes right under the international street building. Idk, maybe something right where ppl come into the park to pay and park. I think they could re-paint Flight deck for sure.
  4. I think some type of family event such as a parade, or something like that would be neat. I wonder if they will do anything different with Halloween Haunt this year? has anyone heard anything? sorry if there is already another topic on that last question, lol just give me the link. ;D
  5. yeah, true, and they have discussed something about The Beast Entrance because some guests can't always find it easily
  6. FRANK TV!!!!

  7. Oh you mean that the guy eating the food isnt Don Helbig?
  8. I have always thought they looked alike too! Maybe it's Don's long lost brother? Don Helbig is better looking than Andrew Zimmern! Maybe its his twin. LOL MT Helbig!
  9. I like those ideas and the possibilities for what will come back. I think a parade would be fun. Families would probably enjoy an idea like a parade. This is what I was meaning by something new or interesting KI will do for in the future, sounds like KI has a lot in store for its guests for the 2009 season! can't wait!
  10. Maybe flight commander? lol I do find it interesting to look at the old queue house for Flight Commander, history of the park just intrigues me.
  11. lol, that made me laugh Hm, I wonder what it will be. any ideas anyone?? lol Maybe another show will be brought back to the Festhaus. i wonder, Antique cars? lol prob not God I wish they'd bring the eagles back, sure do miss them.
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