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  1. Not at all! That was a logical counterargument. But yeah, I was mainly thinking about proximity to the fireworks. Fireworks debris could be an issue. Or, similar to what @fyrfyter said, perhaps there are codes or laws regarding proximity to fireworks that they have to follow.
  2. The real question here: will Orion have to close for fireworks like Beast does, or will the fireworks location change? Orion's even closer to the launch spot than Beast.
  3. Speaking of quotes from this thread that aged like milk...
  4. I knew you wouldn't let me down.
  5. ^ GhostRider and Boss are great!
  6. I actually just rode YS on Saturday. I didn't specifically pay too much attention to how much play there was in the restraints, but I didn't notice any major differences from Banshee.
  7. I have been dying to know the story behind the derailment for years. All I've ever seen has been that fuzzy satellite image with "1973 derailment" on it. Thank you so much for sharing, @kimv1972!
  8. I've ridden it at Fun Spot Orlando (when they still had one--I don't think it's there anymore?) It looks very nauseating, but it's a ton of fun. Zamperla Air Races are really great rides, and I'd love to see one come our way.
  9. I think it might be a comparison thing. For many years around here, Red was pretty consistently praised as being the smooth side. And then Blue received that retracking, which is making Red seem rougher in comparison.
  10. ^ This guy gets it. The time I went to Wonderland, I got Fast Lane. That was still much, much too long of a wait for Time Warp. And it was like a 30 second wait. It besmirches the good name of Tomb Raiders everywhere. Linus Launcher is smooth and nauseating, and that's about it.
  11. ...High school algebra is one of your favorite movies?
  12. I was just thinking about something similar--Italian Job and Delirium are literally the only late Paramount eras addition that are still standing. You have to go back to 1999 to find the next ones (Drop Zone, Face Off). And there was a LOT of money spent between 1999 and 2005 that ended up not paying off. And Delirium is the only one whose ride experience was sustainable. Love them or hate them, Cedar Fair's coaster additions have brought the park up to the modern era (as defined by timelines of other major parks) and will likely be around for a long while. This. I am *completely* making this up as I go, but if there is any validity to that, perhaps the height restriction is not uniform across the park? I've heard Kentucky Kingdom has that situation, though it was from enthusiasts and not from anyone official.
  13. I'm suddenly having flashbacks to The Interpreter saying years ago that if KI wanted to build a giga, they'd first have to start by digging a hole. If I remember correctly, it was explained later that this had something to do with height restrictions due to the park being close to an airport or a runway or something. And now I feel like I get why Orion wasn't taller, and I don't feel like it's a coincidence that it drops into a small valley to reach 300 feet. Anyway, stats aren't super relevant for me, honestly. It does remind me of Leviathan, which I wasn't overwhelmed by, but that's not going to keep me from riding it. I really like the turnaround and that subsequent little hop, and I'm glad our giga has a signature element like that to distinguish it from the others. If we do take stats into account, though, I don't know that I've ever ridden a coaster that was 200 feet tall or more that was objectively bad. And having this one a little over an hour from home is something to get excited about regardless. I do also have to say that (The Real) Mike Koontz's words at the announcement about what the park has done over the last few years brought something to mind I want to take a moment to appreciate. I don't know if this is his doing, corporate's doing, or a combination of both, but for me, little touches like Area 72 and giving everything in the area a coherent paint job (plus whatever theming they bring) adds a lot of soul that the park has lacked during the Cedar Fair era for me. Restoring the Glockenspiel, revamping International Street, giving the far end of Coney Mall a coat of paint and details that make it feel coherent, hosting a limited-time event with a parade that people actually make a point of seeing, giving Mystic Timbers actual dynamic theming... I really like what's going on. Even if the little theme of "we scientists have actually been testing riders' limits to prepare for this moment" from last night doesn't get carried into Area 72, that's a touch of imagination that I haven't felt at the park in a long time. I really, really like that. P.S. Curmudgeonly old man warning: I'm also really hoping the KI coaster community will finally chill out and go back to enjoying whatever the park adds instead of rolling their eyes because it's not what the park "deserves" or "needs in its lineup" or whatever. Get off my lawn.
  14. Ah, that makes a lot of sense. The cars also resemble Racer 75 instead of our Racer with those colored headrests. I wonder if some amount of the model came from a Kings Dominion rendering.
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