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  1. ^ That's the best thing I've ever seen.
  2. I've been on them all, but it's been years since I last rode Skyflyer, Slingshot, Congo Falls, Monster, or White Water Canyon. I don't love being dizzy/nauseous, and I have to be in the mood to ride the water rides.
  3. To be fair, the disease can have a two-week incubation period. We couldn't start to show signs of flattening the curve until this week. And we've seen a slight tightening of restrictions over the last two weeks, which means that we won't have an accurate sense of how current social distancing measures are helping the curve for another week or two. To @Hawaiian Coasters 325's point, though, I do feel like too much speculation, positive or negative, does drag down the already tense and dreary mood. This coaster season might be a wash, or it might not be. A second wave might come, or it might not. Optimism might let you down, or it might not. Treating anything not in the immediate future as a given is a bit overzealous--no one in the world knows exactly how the next several months are going to go. All we can do is keep our distance and wash our hands and keep making the best of where we're at right now.
  4. I don't remember coaster ages and could be completely wrong on this one, but I think Verbolten reused footers from Big Bad Wolf.
  5. Honestly... I think Action Theater's original placement was okay but very missable. When WindSeeker replaced its entry plaza, that building became barely usable, even with lots of signage pointing to Urgent Scare during Haunt. It's like they went out of their way to make it as inaccessible as possible when they decided to put WindSeeker there. I don't know what they could put back there that would fix the flow issues. In my wildest pipe dreams, that building would go away, and that space would be used for a show building for a terrain launched coaster (a la Verbolten) located in Vortex's spot. It would wrap its way around Red Racer's turnaround. All building faces visible from Beast would be painted Go-Away Green. I don't know offhand what the theme would be--maybe something mining-related, if the entrance was in Rivertown.
  6. *The Eleventh Commandment eyes you suspiciously*
  7. Good morning, everyone. You woke up to a world where the sun came up again today, where flowers are starting to bud, where blue skies are either in your present or in your near future, and where you are loved and understood by people who love and understand you. You woke up to a world that contains the sounds of laughing babies and orchestras and big crowds laughing or singing or cheering together. You woke up to a world full of color and life. You woke up to a world where Kings Island and other amusement parks exist, where people have made and someday will continue to make memories and stories together. You woke up to a world where, someday soon, Dollywood will make cinnamon bread, Carowinds will start testing Fury 325, Busch Gardens Williamsburg will be full of flowers, and Magic Kingdom will be full of those Mickey's-head-shaped-balloons-inside-a-giant-clear-balloon balloons. You woke up to a world where yourself and others are working to make the world a better place, even if not everyone necessarily agrees on how to do it or what that looks like. You woke up to a world where people create stories for the purpose of igniting imaginations, and people create poetry to help express feelings we didn't know we had and imagine experiences we've never experienced, and people create art to help us notice the beauty in things we didn't know had beauty. You woke up to a world full of both people very like you and people not like you at all, and doesn't that make things so much more interesting? Have a great day.
  8. ^ No "if." You did. Now you will pay.
  9. Engineer here. What is a "romantic partner?" Is that a kind of calculator?
  10. I'm stretching the definition of "brighten" a bit here, but something that's brought some light into my life lately is meditation. It feels really nice to set time aside for calming my mind and releasing tension in my body. Especially as someone with anxiety, being intentional about meditating will likely have some really great benefits for me. There are some useful apps like Headspace that offer guided meditations, if you're wanting to give it a shot but don't know what to do. It's okay and natural to feel kinda silly the first couple times, but hang with it.
  11. Comcast is doing something mildly classy and customer service-oriented? This really is the apocalypse.
  12. But not if they try to modernize it with screens, unless done well. *reaches over and recracks your knuckles, but, like, while scowling*
  13. That is correct. *cracks knuckles threateningly*
  14. Uh, RMCing Adventure Express definitely qualifies as messing with it, which most definitely breaks the Eleventh Commandment.
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