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  1. Paging @TombraiderTy... Any chance you still have the images whose links are broken?
  2. Conversely, if shows are your thing, you're in luck--Off the Charts, Peanuts Party in the Plaza, and (for me, most importantly) Origins all start that weekend. In my experience, most seasonal parks tend to run the same way over Memorial Day weekend--Friday will be light to moderate, Saturday will be slammed, Sunday will be busy but less than Saturday, and Monday will be moderate. I don't foresee food lines being short, but a fun day is still very possible. So, to answer your original question: you're not insane, but people do tend to look at you funny from time to time.
  3. On older GCI rides with Millennium Flyers, there's one seatbelt that goes across the rider(s). It eliminates that "loose seatbelt" issue altogether. I don't know why the change was made to individual seatbelts. I also don't know why they just can't be buckled without looping around the restraint and tightened to remove slack. It accomplishes the same task without the complication of wrapping around the restraint. Holiday World does the same thing (or at least used to; I haven't been since 2014 or 2015.) Perhaps it's some kind of industry standard?
  4. The purpose: to give yourself something arbitrary to brag about to other enthusiasts. It really carries no value at all, and everyone has different rules. It just gets discussed a lot in enthusiast circles since we're typically the ones who care about this kind of stuff. All of the following topics have been known to affect someone's credit count and are frequently discussed: -Do powered coasters (ones that are constantly powered by motors, like Surf Dog) count as actual roller coasters? -Are RMC's Topper Track rides wooden credits or steel credits? -Is Kennywood's Racer one credit or two? (Part two: does your answer or reasoning change when applied to Twisted Colossus?) -Is Haunted House at Camden Park a credit? -Is Dorney's Demon Drop a credit? -How much does a ride have to change before it's considered a new credit? (Part two: how does your reasoning change when applied to regular wooden coaster retracking? Part three: are Mantis and Rougarou different credits?) And so on. To me, I'm not sure there's an objective definition for a credit. Someone here once suggested that they decide whether or not something is a credit only after they ride it, and they just go with gut feeling afterwords. That seems easiest to me.
  5. I've got to be that guy: Mystic Timbers's promo was in NoLimits, too. Your point's still valid. I just wanted to be a pain in the rear.
  6. I'm on the fence. The Disney Vekomas I've ridden run as smooth as glass. The non-Disney Vekomas I've ridden (except for most of their flying and kiddie coasters) run as smooth as broken glass. I'm curious to see what the next 10 years bring for them. Their recent designs with the new track design (from around 2010 and later) have been getting good reviews from enthusiasts, and they seem to be doing well for themselves in Asia and eastern Europe. I wonder if they'll be able to reinvent themselves in the industry.
  7. This is TOO cool--I'm excited for you just reading this post! Congrats again on getting to work your favorite ride! Good luck this summer! Definitely looking forward to part 2!
  8. Interesting ideas! I hadn't thought of it that way. The impression I had was a bit more straightforward, haha: The Miami River Lumber Company opened in the woods near KI. However, not long after, something evil took residence in the shed and caused all employees to flee and put the entire facility on lockdown. (In the middle of the frantic evacuation, one of the trucks is crashed into the entrance sign and promptly abandoned without so much as turning off the radio.) The only employees left were security people who are there to keep people away. We, as guests, are trespassing on the Miami River Lumber Co. grounds, along with the guy and girl shown in the video. (I'm assuming we consider ourselves "urban explorers"--think Adam the Woo on YouTube.) We wander the grounds (i.e., the queue) to explore, and we come across an abandoned backpack and radio. We hear... something in the shed. We push forward, eager to see what's caused everyone to head for the hills. As you approach the station, the guy and girl "see" you on the security cameras and, using the company's PA system, urge you to run--there's truly something awful lurking in the shed. They urge you to hotwire "that truck" (i.e., the coaster train) and escape. (This is the audio that plays just outside the station--it's one of the harder audio clips to make out, which is a little frustrating. It's one of the most important parts of the story!) So, you do just that. The truck roars to life, and you pull out of the station. As you do that, someone in the security office catches you on the cameras (and, I'm assuming, has found and apprehended your fellow explorers.) He tells you to stop via the PA and go home. You press on--and just before you're out of earshot, he warns you not to go into the shed. The next bit is a little fuzzy to me, so I'm probably taking some liberties here: I think the noise after the security guard warns you about the shed is supposed to be a microphone screech, as if the guard has been suddenly yanked away from the microphone by... something. And then the ride begins. Story-wise, I can't choose between three different scenarios for what role the ride itself plays: Scenario 1: Throwing caution to the wind, you take the truck for a joy ride. This is your adventure, and you'll make of it what you will. You hop hills, make sudden turns, and splash through a nearby pond until you happen upon the shed. And you try to stop, but something has taken control of your truck and draws it into the shed... (Alternatively, maybe you just think everyone's overreacting and decide to call their bluff by entering the shed yourself? Maybe it's curiosity?) Scenario 2: Fear grips you when the security guard is pulled from the microphone--you want nothing to do with this shed, and you hit the gas and begin flying through the woods to escape. You don't know which way you're going, but you have no time to think--it's fight or flight. Alas, you suddenly hit the brakes--you ended up at the shed after all! Was it your poor sense of direction, or did the woods themselves lead you here?! Before you can put the truck in reverse and escape, something takes hold and causes your truck to enter the shed... Scenario 3: Much like what's shown in the announcement video, you're meant to imagine that the woods have suddenly gotten a mind of their own and are chasing you through the woods. They lead you to the shed, and you have no other choice but to enter... Regardless of which scenario we're meant to experience, we enter the shed and discover what lies inside. I guess, for the story's sake, we technically died? The tale pretty much ends there. It might not win any awards for best storytelling, but I really love the theme of Mystic Timbers. It's simple, but it's definite. (Even better, it's not the blatant clone of Verbolten's theme that I was afraid it would be!) It makes me incredibly happy to have storytelling at KI again. And it's even an awesome ride without the theme, to boot. But with the theme, I've honestly felt myself be more excited to re-ride MT than I have any other new ride since I've been buying myself a pass, which has been every year since 2008. Mystic Timbers is a big win for KI. For me, the storytelling is a large part of why I think that. I honestly hope we see more like it in the future.
  9. I've also ridden both, although I've only ridden Prowler two or three times and Mystic Timbers ten. Mystic Timbers was my 260th coaster. I think Mystic Timbers is a fantastic ride, but Prowler has better pacing. Prowler starts out more laterals-focused and gradually ramps up the airtime until it's constantly flinging you out of your seat. There's more of a sense of progression. Mystic Timbers is maybe slower-paced right through the turn over the lift, but then it throws everything and the kitchen sink at you until the final brakes. It's kinda like Maverick in that sense--there's not a lot of rhyme or reason as to why it does what it does, but it does a lot of it and is tons of fun. I don't know that anyone can objectively call one better than the other. For me, I tend to like rides that are more pacing-focused (e.g. the Holiday World woodies, Boss, Beast, etc.) So for me, I tend to like Prowler thiiiiiiiis much more, but Mystic Timbers is still incredible. It's definitely my favorite ride in the park, and I'm really looking forward to the next time I ride it. I haven't felt this excited for a random mid-season visit to KI in a long time.
  10. I just have to say: I think it's beyond cool that KI is selling merch branded with Miami River Lumber Co. on it. That's one of several little things they've done to really make an impression on me with theming Mystic Timbers. Better yet: the Miami River Lumber Co. hats they sell actually fit my ginormous noggin. This is extremely rare. I'm so happy!
  11. I see your point, but I also have to point out that people used to say exactly the same thing about Gwazi. And then White Lightning showed up at Fun Spot and has ridden beautifully ever since. I've heard before that Fun Spot's management obsessively retracks the ride to keep it from becoming Gwazi. I don't disagree that the climate affects how rides age, but I also think priority affects them just as much, if not more.
  12. EDIT: Nevermind.
  13. Ohhhhhhhh man. That audio outside the shed gives me straight goosebumps. Oh my gosh. There's a chance this might become my new favorite coaster. There's more to see and experience before that becomes official, but that kind of detail is setting my bar very high. I might die of anticipation between now and me riding it. Side note: it sounds like there's audio on the lift hill, too? Can't make it out, though.
  14. Not that I know of. To my knowledge, the cast is usually only discovered through searching social media once the show gets closer to opening. I'm also hoping Aerial returns, though, too! Her act is one of the coolest things we've seen out of the cirque shows, in my opinion.
  15. Here we go--found the tweet. Per @Coaster101 on Twitter: If you visit the actual tweet, you can find more info about the event that was live-tweeted from.