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  1. The live actors in Boo Blasters weren't able to get close enough to the cars to slap them, as I recall. They were actually on a rope that restricted how far out from the walls they could move. That was a neat gimmick, in my opinion. EDIT: The actors themselves, not the "being tethered to a wall" thing.
  2. This doesn't ultimately matter that much, but did Cedar Fair coin the term "giga?" I definitely thought that was Intamin's term, and Cedar Fair took it and ran with it when coaster enthusiasts started applying it to non-Intamin coasters that are 300-399 feet tall. There are small plaques on Millennium Force's trains that say something along the lines of "Intamin Giga Coaster."
  3. I mean this in only a nice way: There's something incredibly hilarious to me about knowing how verbose @BB1 has been over the years and then seeing them write, "You do you." It's like watching someone dodge an out-of-control semi on foot, then immediately trip over a Roomba. Oh, and Orion.
  4. I contest. ...I don't have anything to contest; I just wanna keep the thing going.
  5. ...The Eleventh Commandment would like a word. A very, very emphatic word.
  6. Hagrid's was my 300th coaster, and I absolutely loved it. It's such a fun ride. I'm glad everyone was safe. Here's hoping they can get it up and running again soon.
  7. Would you mind sharing some of what you've already found? I'm sure I'm not the only one who's never heard of this ride before and would enjoy learning about it. Not to mention that it might help jog some memories for folks who DO know something about it.
  8. It just hit me that there IS a modern equivalent, kinda... It's Poseidon's Fury at Islands of Adventure, which I unabashedly love. It's cheesy as heck, but I love the concept of a show that you walk through, and I think it could very much be done in a better way that would be legitimately fun to experience for everyone. If Kings Island were to get something like that somehow, though, I don't know what it'd necessarily be themed to or where it'd go.
  9. So like, I don't have that much sympathy if they had their phone out. But if they didn't, can you imagine much it would suck to have made it through the whole ride and lose your phone on the brake run?
  10. I still think there's zero correlation between the Steel Vengeance posters and Cedar Fair's plans, because they're Easter eggs. The sheer number of Easter eggs in Orion's theming should be a sign that there's nothing to that besides winking at enthusiasts. But OP made me imagine a world where there's a Wonder Mountain (from Canada's Wonderland) replica located in Vortex's spot and a coaster located inside it, with occasional peeks (and peaks, heyyoooo) outside. And now I'm gonna be daydreaming about that for the rest of today. It'll never happen, but Kings Island having its own take on the Vol
  11. I had them on Wednesday. For Cedar Fair food, they aren't bad. I wasn't able to identify what was in the seasoning, although I'm speculating it's something similar to (though less flavorful than) seasoning salt and/or old bay seasoning.
  12. The Eleventh Commandment is willing to make exceptions for improvements to the ride.
  13. That's a shame, but it makes sense that the pandemic threw off parks' maintenance schedules. I loved Storm Runner when I visited Hersheypark in... 2014, I think? That one element that's half inline twist and half corkscrew is a ton of fun. You rotate quickly enough that it's basically airtime the whole time. Hopefully it's just what they said and it'll be back in 2021.
  14. I'm a simple man. I see Adventure Express merch, I buy it. In all seriousness, I've never felt compelled to be into pin collecting, but I really, really like those. I'm gonna need to find some way of showing those off.
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