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  1. I expect that Fast Lane will be sold at a higher price this year. Frankly, this seems like another decision rooted in them selling too many Prestige passes for 2023. That, and selling too many of the all-year Fast Lanes. Gotta cut down on FL demand somehow.
  2. That's too bad. If Knoebels, Dorney, and Kennywood didn't already have their respective Whips, I'd hope for it to go their way. If KI wanted to, say, reimagine Coney Mall to be more like the Coney Island of old and kick that off by snatching this up, I sure wouldn't mind!
  3. So sorry to hear this. Ed was a crucial part of the park's history for years, across many additions. He will be missed.
  4. Yeah, it won't be Fun, Fireworks, and Fifty. It'll be Fun, Fireworks, and Fifty One.
  5. Incredibly happy with the color choices. This is what I'd hoped for when we first saw that swatch on the brake run support. That will look SO much better in Rivertown.
  6. Adam Sandy is the guy in the video. Formerly a higher-up for Ride Entertainment, the firm that handles sales for Gerstlauer and SkyCoaster, among others. Now the Sales and Marketing Director for Zamperla. As someone whose career is built on keeping promises, I expect that he chose his words very specifically. You don't toss out "200 kph" without being sure that you can do it. To be clear, IF I'm on the right track at all, I really, really, really don't think Adam is part of Cedar Point's marketing. In other words, I think this might be an interesting piece of the final picture, but it is NOT a hint. I've been around these parts long enough to know that someone's gonna take an unrelated company's video as a hint from CP's PR department, and so help me, I'm not gonna feed that monster. For the record, this isn't me pretending to know something when I don't. Because I don't know anything about what CP has planned. I'm just offering what perspective I can.
  7. Unless, of course, the mods decide to close it due to low attendance.
  8. I know exactly which prop you're talking about--it caught me by surprise in Holiday Horror and is unique enough that I usually end up taking note of it each year. I did see it this year in Cornered, and I really want to say that it was operational.
  9. Very, very interesting. I can't think of a reason why the blocks between the final brakes and the station would need to be removed. Or why the supports halfway through the brake run to just after the station would need to be removed. The launch track and brakes make sense to remove, if the rumored launch conversion is actually happening (and I speculate that it is, though I question if Zamperla or Intamin is doing the conversion.) It's basically a given that new track would need to be fabricated. I could mayyybe understand needing to replace the supports to make that happen instead of being able to make the track work with the existing supports... maybe. But removing the footers, which is what appears to have happened on the back side of the station? I don't want to stir this into a bigger deal than it actually is, but that makes me think this won't simply be a track replacement. Someone speculated elsewhere that TTD will be converted into an Ice Breaker-style multi-launch. That seems a little far-fetched to me, but the footers going away makes guesses like that seem slightly more realistic. If the park is going to THIS much bother, it makes sense that they might choose to "plus" the ride somehow as a part of rebranding it, to help distance it from being That Ride That Hurt Someone. I don't know that I'd necessarily agree that simply painting New TTD as a new ride is the best move, if that's what they choose to do--it lends itself to the GP idea that amusement parks are unsafe and run by schemers who care little about safety and will slap paint and a new name on something that has had an accident just so they can keep taking your money--but I'm not sure what a better move would be. It's a tough position to be in. Winter Chill Out is gonna be an interesting one in 2023. Even with the second day being added to it, I expect that it will sell out immediately, and people will be expecting TTD news. And surely Tony Clark knows that.
  10. I have a vague memory of someone from the park during the early stages of Diamondback's construction (maybe during Fall Freak Out '08?) saying that they didn't want the area around Diamondback to be clear-cut the way the area around Backlot was. I would argue that that still kinda ended up happening. The best time to fix that issue would have been in 2009; the next best time is now.
  11. I like the new support color so much! If they want to go ahead and make all the supports that same brown, too, instead of having different colors on the lift hill, I'd be okay with that, too. It fits Rivertown so much better and removes a bit of that Kinzel era "red track, yellow supports" sterility of the early Cedar Fair years. EDIT: It looks like they might be repainting the lift supports yellow. Ah well, the brown in place of the tan is still a win!
  12. Wow, thank you so much for sharing! This is extremely cool! If you would be okay with it and if the admins are interested, I'd love to see these saved and preserved somewhere on the site. These are some really cool pieces of history that I would really hate to revisit down the road only to find every link broken. That's happened a lot here over the years, and I hate it every time I see it. @IndyGuy4KI @malem @Dane @CoastersRZ
  13. I'd love to hear more when the time is right! Oh yeah--to be clear, I think the fact that this pin series is happening at all is really above and beyond. I don't mean to be backhanded, but prior to Mike Koontz, I kinda expected the 50th anniversary to pass by with about as much fanfare as the 40th (which is to say: without much fanfare beyond some commemorative merch.) The pin collection is a cherry on top of a fantastic and exceptional season. ...I just don't like the artistic choices around this particular release. But it's easy for me to criticize behind my keyboard when I don't know just how intrusive the rules behind this one were.
  14. ...Okay, I don't want to be a whiner, but I really had my hopes up that the TRTR pin would get the Top Gun treatment to avoid Paramount naming. The Crypt was not the same experience as Tomb Raider. I think many would argue that The Crypt was not a positive experience. I realize there was a lot of copyright to navigate with TRTR in particular, but surely there was another option than to make a pin representing that ride's worst version of itself? (Purely in jest, I have to imagine this is what it would feel like for Son of Beast fans if their pin had just been a picture of the track that replaced the loop!) Heck, even the back of the card the pin is attached to has a picture of the ride as Tomb Raider! Even a pin of something as abstract as one of the queue lanterns, one of the bowls with fire in the antechamber, or a depiction of the cave front with "2002" underneath it in the TRTR sign font would be a little more compelling for me. I mean, I'll probably still buy it since even Crypt merch has never been common... but I'm a little miffed. I was holding out on buying any pins to avoid that dastardly shipping charge until the TRTR pin became available. My hopes were admittedly up. Oh well. Such is life.
  15. For some reason, I was really sure that HW had already gone cashless...
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