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  1. Ooh, I really like that idea. I don't know that Premier has any spinning models, but Backlot kinda does have a great layout for a spinning coaster since it has all those laterals and turns (plus the helix!) That would be a cool retheme, too. Gonna be daydreaming all day now about the MCBR and following tunnel being themed to, like, a wolf pack finding you and chasing you through the deepest part of the forest or something...
  2. No there isn't! Yeah... I'm looking forward to announcement day so this place chills the heck out again. For the newbies: traditionally, once a new coaster is announced, you'll have a few days where this place explodes. The new coaster will be hailed as one of four things: 1.) the best addition in park history and your entire state is now buying a pass, 2.) the worst addition in park history and you're publicly burning your pass, 3.) begrudgingly okay but really should have been [insert industry trend that fits your idea of the "hole in the park's lineup"] bUt Kings Island wIlL aLwAyS bE bEhInD bEcAuSe Cedar Point, or 4.) disappointingly and tragically not related to Son of Beast in some obscure way. That'll linger for about a week, and then the 1's, 2's, more irrational 3's, and a smattering of 4's will generally disappear or simmer down and this place will go back to being civil and fun again.
  3. If it's a renewal, I believe you should be okay. I renewed my pass in fall of 2017 and used it in April 2018 at Knott's (before KI's season started) without issue. If it's a new pass... I want to assume you'll be okay, but Cedar Fair's pass system works in mysterious ways.
  4. Warning: you're bordering on violating the Eleventh Commandment.
  5. IAAPA is an incredibly interesting and fun, if exhausting, event to attend. If you haven't been and have the ability to go, go. If you're thinking in any capacity about working in the industry, GO. The Celebrates event on (Thursday?) evening is always a memorably great experience. I've had some of my favorite memories with industry folks made at those events. You don't often find yourself waiting 10 minutes for Flight of Passage with Vekoma employees ahead of you, a past president of La Ronde making conversation with you, and Fred Grubb and Alan Schilke behind you.
  6. I just had a flashback to the trauma of riding Desert Storm. My ribs remember.
  7. The practice being described here (apart from any rudeness) was, in my experience, part of the instructions for how to be a line separator. If you dislike the practice, please mention it to Guest Services. Please don't take out your frustrations on the ride operators. This can't be overstated: no one works at the park because they WANT to make you unhappy. For the record, I agree: it IS awkward to sit beside someone you don't know, especially if that person is a child.
  8. I feel like the delay with SC is because it's being built at Kennywood. I love KW, but they run on a schedule for building new attractions that makes Six Flags look like Cedar Fair.
  9. ^ I could be making this up, but I feel like I remember someone around here saying that the "move" happened for Scooby? Something about IPs not being able to coexist in the kids' area legally, so they avoided that by making SDatHC part of International Street. I feel like that was a fairly recent post, but like I said, I could be wrong.
  10. Listen. I know the answers to those questions. Don't ruin this for me. I'm enjoying the fantasy of this going well, okay?
  11. Yes, thank you! I don't do a ton of searching, but that 20-second limit was occasionally problematic.
  12. Indian-inspired food at Kings Island during an international festival with a parade and possibly a custom score-d nighttime show?! I think I just heard the hallelujah chorus. This is the kind of stuff I daydream about the park getting.
  13. ^ Just to add on to what he said: it's my understanding that Flight of Fear's launch system is designed so that the whole launch system turns on when the ride launches. LSMs can be programmed to only turn on the sections that are needed as the train passes over them.
  14. ^ I'm in the opposite boat--when that area looked like that, I was developing my love of parks and Tomb Raider: The Ride. I think about that big, open entrance plaza and trees nearly surrounding the building all the time, because that was from my "golden years" at the park. I'm still a little salty that the textured plaza concrete is all but gone at this point. Sorry, I'm getting into Grumpy Old Man mode...
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