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  1. I haven't been on Racer 75 since the rename and Gravity Group retracking, so my perspective has involved a lot of really bumpy rides on it, but I'm just petty enough of an enthusiast that I'll pick it over Racer because it still has its last dip.
  2. One can hope they demolished the entrance as a precursor to demolishing the rest of it. I hope there's an auction to be the person who gets to give it the first hit with the wrecking ball. I'll be saving up for that moment. I mean... [awkward cough] No, I don't have any ill will towards that ride left over from my ride op days. What do you mean?
  3. I haven't been to Valleyfair or CGA. I'd personally put Kings Dominion and Cedar Point towards the top. Especially both of those parks as they were about 9 years ago. Both had (and to a lesser extent still have) a mix of good, unique types of coasters that you couldn't find many other places (Shockwave, Avalanche, Volcano, the best functioning Backlot Stunt Coaster, Disaster Transport, Wildcat, Gemini, Iron Dragon, Top Thrill Dragster, etc.) There was/is a diversity of coaster types that makes those two feel more like an experience than the rest, at least to me. The rest are all great and have some stand-out rides, but at least a handful of their lineup is a little redundant or forgettable to me. A lot of cloned rides, forceless wooden coasters, wild mice, spinning coasters, and many B&M and Morgan hypers fall into that category for me. I very much like them and would go back anytime, but Worlds of Fun*, Canada's Wonderland, and Michigan's Adventure are probably the biggest offenders. (Okay, maybe I lied about wanting to go back to that last one...) *Timber Wolf and Prowler are precious cinnamon rolls who must be protected at all costs.
  4. ^ That means a lot coming from someone named "TheRealMikeKoontz"... who has a picture of Greg Scheid as their profile picture! Imposter! You have been caught! Begone! You're not The Real Mike Koontz™!
  5. Actually, The Real Mike™ stands in opposition to everything the Dippin' Dots guy has to say. The Real Mike™ only speaks truth. It's those fake Mikes you gotta watch out for. You know what? There are going to be Antique Cars at the park this year. Know how I know? I heard it from The Real Mike™.
  6. Not to make fun of you, but this wording made me laugh. I think it's because it gave me the idea of there being a band of Mike Koontz impersonators out there in the world making wildly inaccurate rumors to enthusiasts. Like, imagine someone in one of those Mr. Six costumes walking up to someone at Kings Island, leaning in, and gently whispering, "...We're renaming Vortex to Fortnite: The Ride." Can we please agree to refer to him as The Real Mike™ this year?
  7. Forgive me for a grumpy old man post... If I'm being totally honest, I'm really indifferent to what coaster comes next. It's going to be what it's going to be. There are great coasters and not-great coasters of literally any size out there. I don't care what it is as long as it's fun. That being said, I'm kind of hoping the next coaster is over 300 feet tall. (I'm really tired of the g-word, haha.) It's not because there's some "hole" in our lineup, but because the discussion about Kings Island getting one is overtaking every corner of enthusiast discussion here and elsewhere. That level of excitement is not unusual in years where there are teaser posters (I was here in 2008, 2013, and 2016--I remember), but this is some next-level stuff. We already decided what we're owed from the park years before there being any hint of construction. That's a recipe for disappointment and outrage whenever the next announcement happens if it's not what we've rallied ourselves behind. I don't know that there's any correlation, but I feel like there was a shift in enthusiast culture in the last couple years when everyone and their dog decided to make a coaster news YouTube channel/Facebook page/Twitter/Instagram/Myspace/series of smoke signals/Broadway play. With those seemed to come this attitude of "more coasters, more height, more speed, nothing is enough!" It's become a bit like living in one of those Ride Warriors commercials from 2009. That attitude change has brought a lot of "discussion" that involves a lot of cutting comments and polarized beliefs--if the park isn't announcing a coaster, then what's the point of having an announcement, amirite? Why do parks bother with B&M when Intamin and RMC make way better rides? Why do parks bother with Intamin and RMC when B&M makes more reliable rides? Why do parks bother with wooden coasters at all when RMC makes more intense rides? Why WOULDN'T the Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Epcot be a giga? There's less and less room for nuance or opinion or appreciation for charm, and the pitch is only climbing from here. Carowinds could burn to the ground and (what feels like) the growing majority of people wouldn't mind as long as Fury was still standing. I think the conflicted response within the enthusiast world to the Antique Cars' return is very symptomatic of this change. Had they done that five or especially ten years ago, I think the response would have been more unanimously and enthusiastically positive. That's a bit sad to me. Parks are more than their coasters. But, like, that's my opinion, man. To be clear, I'm not blaming the staff here or anywhere else for any of this. I think this is bigger than them. I just really miss the days when we liked Holiday World for more than just Voyage, y'know?
  8. ^ Houdini's Great Escape at SFNE and SFGAdv are Vekoma Madhouses.
  9. My Spidey senses are telling me that that rumored parade and festival are happening. I am more excited for the upcoming season than I have been in several years.
  10. something something trim brakes something something This might be blasphemous, but I really wouldn't be even slightly upset if Beast was lovingly and GENTLY reprofiled using RMC's Topper Track in select areas to get rid of trim brakes. I don't think it needs the Steel Vengeance treatment, but I feel like airtime was meant to be at least a little present in its layout and would be if it wasn't constantly getting slowed down. (Imagine the hill after the first drop if it didn't have two sets brakes beforehand? The front of the train even gives little hops as it slows currently.) I don't want to add elements or anything; just do what needs done to make what's there work. I feel like the trains would need to be able to articulate a little more to make that happen, so I'd give it new articulating PTCs, too.
  11. Busch Gardens Williamsburg. In my opinion, it's one of the most charming parks in the country and easily the most charming seasonal park, period. Less so in the days since they removed Curse of DarKastle, but it's still wonderful.
  12. This is sounding more and more like CP's version of Ghost Town Alive from Knott's, which has been very successful, from my understanding. It's not naturally super appealing to the diehard coaster crowd, but that's because it's very much geared towards families. It's my understanding that GTA drives repeat visits for families quite a bit. It's essentially a day-long play that the audience can choose to participate in or join/leave as they like. At Knott's, the story progresses from season to season, so I would imagine that CP will see something similar if this is successful. As far as I know, there's really nothing else like it in the industry. I love that kind of imagination, so I know I'll be sure to visit at some point or another. My only worry for it is that both Paddlewheel Excursions and Dinosaurs Alive were kinda off the beaten path. Both managed to exist for years, I suppose, but I'm still a little concerned that this might get overlooked. But obviously, the park knows how to handle that issue better than I do.
  13. Right! We totally had the shed figured out from day one. That's why the drop track and backwards launch into a section of track intentionally omitted from the renderings is my favorite part of the ride.
  14. And to think... I used to like your posts. (Kidding, of course.)
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