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  1. I'm not going to declare that it's inconceivable that the park would get rid of The Bat after this, but I think some posters in this thread should be made aware of Arrow Suspended coasters reopening after worse incidents within the last decade: https://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-six-flags-roller-coaster-inspection-car-derails-20140708-story.html
  2. Is that part of Diamondback's queue that's been changed into that seating area?
  3. K, and that poster will be sold at the park, yes? Please?
  4. Not doubting you, but I guess I didn't realize it was all that. I remember the celebrity display and the live animals in Slaughterhouse disappearing before opening weekend, but KIC wasn't a part of either happening, if I remember correctly.
  5. I'm so curious about what kind of show it's gonna be. Gonna go ahead and be That Guy™: do you think it'll be another Haut-Vol production?
  6. They're opening it at the closing ceremony. It'll be so awesome, it'll melt your face off!
  7. I, for one, would be delighted if Beast was turned into a CCI during this renovation. Just to play it safe, though, I'm probably not gonna hold my breath on that one.
  8. Can I, pretty pretty please with a cherry on top, make a special request to said admin team to film the rededication, if there were not already plans to do so? Completely unrelated, you're looking very dapper today, and also, [insert other schmoozings to help make that happen.]
  9. You're not alone on that. Here's the thing: The person at the queue entrance can glance at the queue at that moment and semi-accurately guess what the wait will be. That's the exact same process for what happens for the app wait times; it's just done hourly instead of on demand. To get more accurate than that, they'd either need to call EVERY ride more frequently or install a digital system of some sort, which is going to cost money. This is coming from the chain whose front-of-line system is a wristband instead of the more intricate (some would argue more fair) digital systems out there. Cedar Fair doesn't seem to be super into putting more cost into overhead than is absolutely necessary.
  10. I think they repainted the concrete. Which is weird, because the original didn't look that bad, but I ain't complaining.
  11. SHUT UP. This is amazing. There was part of me that wondered if the park would revive the Celebration show, but honestly this is just as good for me.
  12. So uh, my pipe dreams are coming true. One of my favorite things is when parks have unique food offerings. I love the idea of Sweet Spot but haven't been over the moon with it because of how much of it is not made in-house. Yes please! This year is going to be AMAZING.
  13. ^ Definitely agreed. Going completely in-house on restaurants, I imagine, would be a risky maneuver and one that could require a lot of prestige and customer confidence to work. Disney gets away with it by being Disney. I don't think any major seasonal park could follow suit.
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