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  1. Anyone else notice that they're going in order when releasing these? They started on King Cobra's corner of Action Zone and have worked their way up through Oktoberfest and Coney Mall... which makes me guess that we're next going to see a BLSC, Beast, or Diamondback POV next, if they're doing it intentionally. The only thing wrong with this theory is that they skipped over Flight of Fear and Firehawk... hmmm. EDIT: Well... I guess King Cobra's still technically part of Adventure Village at the time of the recordings, isn't it. EDIT again: Ha, I just realized that there wouldn't be any POVs of those two coasters since they weren't built yet in 1995. Nothing to see here, move along...
  2. The site doesn't work on any web browser for me- Chrome, Firefox, or IE. Up until about 10 minutes ago, it would redirect me to the shopping page for Firefox and IE. EDIT: Site now works in Firefox just fine. Chrome still has nothing. I don't care what IE gives me. Haha. EDIT again: Site now works everywhere. I like it! It's MUCH better than the old yellow site.
  3. I think I've finally come to the conclusion that you are in fact the Carmen Sandiego of the amusement park industry. Except you're not a girl.


  4. Or Broken by Lifehouse? (Nahhh, yours is better.) Son of Beast - For the fans out there... Pain by Three Days Grace. FTW, not meaning to pull a Terpy when he says he's running for the door.
  5. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but GCI announced where the new coaster is going... http://www.greatcoasters.com/?p=news&s=archive&id=6 China.
  6. Mystery solved: http://www.greatcoasters.com/?p=news&s=archive&id=6 No GCI for KI. But now to figure out how China is familiar to Terpy...
  7. ^^ From personal experience, I'd go with Wii Fit or, even better, Wii Fit Plus (with the balance board, of course). You can set your own pace in workouts that have a surprisingly strong probability of making you sore... in a good way. It's not the ultimate workout tool by any means (as there are long periods of being motionless as you select your next activity unless you choose one of Fit Plus's preset workout routines), but it'll certainly help that I'd say it's worth the price. Plus, the games it comes with are basically addicting (particularly Fit Plus's skateboarding) that the whole family can get into.
  8. ^ To be honest, I'm kind of lost with your logic. I honestly can't see how one ride is rough to generally everyone who rides it except for you. (I'd say literally everyone, except that is a bit of an assumption that I could see biting me in the butt if someone asks, "So, you've interviewed everyone who's ridden SoB?") Sure, there are certain ways to ride rides to make them less uncomfortable- I lean forward on Mean Streak to receive a semi-smooth ride- but that doesn't make the whole ride smooth. You're just anticipating the effects more than the other riders. So how is it that SoB, which makes my neck and chest hurt when ridden in basically any seat except 1-1, automatically behaves itself when you're around? Do you send such fear down its support beams that it knows better than to jackhammer your train? If so... you, sir, had better be around in 2010 if that ride's open. I want all the first drop's airtime of the back seat without all the neck-spraining jackhammering of the rose bowl afterwards. EDIT: I'm not saying this like I'm attacking your opinion of the ride- if you like it, so be it. All I'm saying is that roughness isn't overly subjective...
  9. well, there is lots of records, ...I believe the only park with 3 over 200ft. ... Top Thrill Dragster is over 400 feet tall, Millennium Force is over 300 feet tall, Magnum is over 200 feet tall, and Wicked Twister stands at 215 feet tall. Unless you're not counting it because it's a shuttle coaster, there are 4 coasters at Cedar Point over 200 feet. Just saying.
  10. Maybe I missed something, but what's got everyone so positive that Paramount would have removed KI's FoF? It was KD's that was SBNO towards the end of the Paramount days, not KI's. Not to mention that it was added in 1996 in the first place, when Paramount owned the park, so obviously they would have added it since they did. And who's to say that we would never have received a similar Vekoma Flying Dutchman like Firehawk, the standard FD model? California's (then Paramount's) Great America got one, which was later moved to Carowinds, both under Paramount. Expecting a Vekoma FD wouldn't have been wildly impossible unlike expecting, say, an Intamin Giga would have been under Paramount, would it?
  11. Hahaha, what a great TR! Your reactions were priceless. The OMGs had me laughing. By the way, did you happen to see how far constructed the monorail track at Jungle Jim's is? I haven't been there in a while; last time I saw it, I think it was just beyond the stationary 'model' monorail (for lack of better description).
  12. And if any drop is a vertical drop, I can't help but wonder if there's such a thing as a horizontal drop... Or is that just called a turn?
  13. 's the only Haunt one I've ever seen. It's being used chain-wide as well (or at least for KI and CP); they just replace the voiceover part where they say 'tonight we desecrate ______' to fit whatever park they're advertising for.
  14. Maybe the Trail of Terror path? That could be really pretty during the year, back in the woods with lights everywhere... and the ToT theming removed, too, of course. I can't imagine the peaceful effect of the Starlight Experience lingering after guests are showered upon by that squirting toilet.
  15. By far, SoB. When I see the structure, I automatically think of what I like about the ride and instantly want to ride it. Too bad what I like about the ride is only everything from the station to the bottom of the first drop. And yet that's still enough to pull me in for a ride now and again. Curse you, RCCA and Mr. Stengel, and your guest-attracting designs!
  16. Not to be a pain the butt, but how so? My point was that the involved kinds of Intamin rides seem to rely strongly on exposed cables that have the possibility to snap and injure the riders, which makes my intended statement more along the lines of, "Oh, there were some Ford SUVs and a similar Ford pickup that rolled over in average driving conditions; I don't feel confident in Ford cars now." It wouldn't be a matter of the SUV being known to flip over in an accident; it'd be a matter of the car doing exactly what it was intended to do and failing nonetheless, even after thorough owner inspection and repairs. That the car would be known to flip wouldn't reflect in how I would feel about SUVs- it would change how I would view Ford's engineering since a vaguely similar vehicle, a pickup, has been known to do the same thing. And, to me, this seems no different, though I'm not swearing off rides on TTD or something now; I just couldn't help but feel not quite as excited about Intamin's cable-using rides after taking in the incidents with a cable snapping. That's all I'm saying. (No offense towards Ford fans- your cars are just the victims of the example. )
  17. ^ My thoughts exactly. I know it's not even remotely common for this sort of thing to happen, but between this incident and the fact that it's already happened once on Top Thrill Dragster, I can't help but less confident about jumping on another Intamin hydraulically-launched coaster. Not to mention another infamous Intamin cable-related incident: the Drop Tower ordeal at SFKK. I don't mean to paint Intamin designers as bad people, but at the same time, it's not exactly like you hear about this sort of thing nearly as often (if at all) with Premier, B&M, S&S...
  18. Hmm... interesting things ride ops do... Does count? After all, the first post doesn't say anything about it being necessarily at Kings Island, and I dunno about you guys, but it seems pretty interesting to me...
  19. See also: Avatar Airbender at Nickelodeon Universe. Enjoyable ride, but I couldn't help but think it shouldn't take nearly 45 minutes to get through its full queue whose size was roughly the same size as that of our Avatar: The Last Airbender. And yet it did. It's a shame, really; if they had a Halfpipe at KI, I'd sooner ride it than Invertigo, Flight Deck, Firehawk, or Backlot Stunt Coaster, in the case that all had walk-on lines. But then I'm just dreaming. A Halfpipe at KI would have disgustingly long lines; it would easily reach an hour to an hour and a half on a slow day. Firehawk looks like a B&M compared to one of these.
  20. Definitely SoB for me. That drop in the front is basically the only reason I ride when it's open.
  21. With no disrespect meant to any fans out there, I'd have to say Coney Island Cincy's Pepsi Python. I know that that many trims are inevitable on a ride like that, but it was frustrating as heck to hit brakes around very nearly every turn. And what made it more frustrating was that I'd actually fear for my safety without them there, on top of the already frighteningly forceful first drop that makes it seem like you're bound to smack your head into anything at its bottom, including the supports of the lift hill overhead. So it's like... you're forced to deal with trims around every turn that don't feel like they're trimming any hazards off the riders anyway, or at least on the first drop and the quick drop before the turn back into the station. Toss on the annoying anti-rollbacks scattered through the layout, and I wasn't really quick to jump on for a re-ride. It's not like I totally hate the ride. It's merely just one of those rides that was okay but not good enough to beat out anything I'd been on before. Coney Island is one of the most charming parks I've been to; it's got a fair-like feel without the irritating, loud drunks and teenage couples making out everywhere of the local county fair. Their coaster just didn't tickle my fancy. Everything else was fantastic, and the park was spotless without having 2.5 trillion trashcans per square mile. And gigacoaster2k, as much of a Gemini fan as I am, I certainly can't blame you for not riding it after that. I know I'd be freaked out in your place.
  22. ^ That was actually rhetorical, but hey, it seems I had my facts wrong regardless. Noted! Thanks. And, on that note, I'm a bit critical myself, for my own reasons- like I said before, I've never been to a Six Flags park, but from what I deduce online, it seems like Chang is one of their main crowd-drawers. It feels the same to me like if Kings Island was to have Flight of Fear, Vortex, or Beast moved to another park- a really bad idea. But that's just me.
  23. 4 months ago I went to America, it was NOT clean and the food, trust me, was anything but gourtmet. 1 year ago, Magic Mountain, food sucked, trashy workers, and the park wasn't very clean. There's two, sorry I offended you; but many (doubt people agree with me now ON THIS FORUM, because you disagree) find all the things I mentioned terrible. I have nothing against the parks; it was a simple joke that everyone went crazy over. I'm sick of this. I was being funny and it turns out to be blown way out of proportion. (bolded for emphasis) Quite to the contrary, sir. I am by no means any more of a credible person on any Kings Island fansite than yourself, but the simple fact that it seems you can't post a single thing without complaining about something makes me want to disagree with you about the Six Flags franchise merely because you can't look at anything positively. I've never even been in a Six Flags-owned amusement park, and the Interpreter is nothing more to me than a fellow fan of Kings Island who seems to know quite a bit more and has quite a bit more experience in the amusement industry than the average Joe Schmo. Of course, I've also been incredibly hypocritical in this post myself, and I've no issues admitting that: I'm more a lurker than a member on this site, but lately it seems like my posts on nearly any forum lately have been something akin to arguing with another member regardless of my status there. I don't mean to live for calling out people on their crap; it just seems lately that that's where my posts have been landing lately. But regardless, sir, we should both learn from this lesson: people will not like either of us any better if all we do is act negatively and groan when we are corrected. I'm no expert on this site as I've only been a more or less real fan of KI for a year and a half, but it seems to me that nobody here or there corrects to be mean or pick on you. So take it at its usefulness, and please stop throwing a hissy fit when somebody hasn't had exactly the same experience somewhere that you had. If nothing else, those lurkers or members who read your posts (or at the very least myself) get tired of trying to read a casual discussion about another amusement park only to read sentence after sentence where you're all angsty because the Interpreter- who I daresay has multiples of more experience in visiting amusement parks than yourself- knows the status of Six Flags parks more precisely than you. Just take a deep breath and realize nobody's out to get you, man. Sorry to launch into a totally non-topic related spiel, everyone. I just hope I'm being helpful in what little ways I hopefully can be. Now, what's this I hear about Chang moving to SFA?
  24. ^ Someone with more industry experience than I don't have can correct me on this, but I'm not totally sure OTSRs are Cedar Fair's doing. Kingda Ka has OTSRs when it's only an iota taller and faster than TTD with its lapbars.
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