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  1. This seems like the most reasonable assumption. I'm gonna go ahead and blindly assume this has all been Big Coaster at work.
  2. Many people say that if you don't have something nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all. I'm going to use that mantra to describe my feelings on Sidewinder, regardless of how zhuzhed up it might be, for the rest of this post:
  3. Gonna need to ask for a source on this one.
  4. I worked in Rides from Haunt 2017 through summer 2018. I was hired during a job fair. That was one of the best jobs I've ever had. To date, it's the job where I have been most consistently surrounded by passionate, enthusiastic people who want to do good work. Everyone on my team was there to be safe and have fun. I miss working there often. If you're thinking of applying, do it.
  5. I know nothing, but: "Project Soul" sounds a lot to me like the name of a project whose goal is to restore character to an amusement park whose previous owners lost sight of the original vision. It'd sure align well with a 50th anniversary celebration and a bunch of rides getting repainted.
  6. It's also my understanding that there are ZERO HUSS Top Spins, of any variety, in the Cedar Fair chain anymore. Our Crypt was the first of a very quick and very quiet removal of them all. I believe Kings Dominion's was the last remaining one.
  7. [grumbles something under his breath about how Beast's entrance was perfect before SOMEone built a giant red coaster in Rivertown]
  8. So, what I'm hearing is that *you* are the Dippin' Dots guy. Tell us your secrets.
  9. I'd forgotten about that. "It's okay, at least midget wrestling is coming back" made me absolutely lose it. How I don't miss that era. HOW IS THAT VIDEO 10 YEARS OLD. I remember it being posted here like it was yesterday.
  10. That part was really confusing to me, too. I'm gonna take a stab in the dark here: I think the post is saying that, prior to this redesign, the structures of the upper track and the lower track merged into one big structure before the tunnel. That merged structure had a higher amount of sway to it as the train passed over it that caused the ride to be rough. The Gravity Group is redesigning the supports in that area to remain separate and unmerged until the tunnel itself. Separating the structures until then will allow both structures to be more rigid, which will reduce the sway and lead to a smoother ride.
  11. And to think... I liked you. Remember, kids, nothing gold can stay.
  12. That, and Pennsylvania has VERY different regulations than Ohio.
  13. ^ See, here's what I'm wondering... I couldn't tell you where I heard this because it's been too long, but I feel I've heard before that KI converted the trains from 4-bench trains to 3-bench trains in-house. If there's anything to that, I wonder if PTC would even entertain doing that kind of refurbishment.
  14. I'd be really curious to know what Pennsylvania's laws are on rides being up to ASTM code and/or ADA standards and/or other standards, whether Kangaroo was already there or not, and what change(s) will be required to get it running again. One could speculate that if the ride was carefully dismantled at the end of last year and did not have any issues meeting the standards required by law, there would be no reason to involve Premier in this process at all...
  15. I'm not sure I follow the progression between those two pictures. Was the red covered up by the primer and the checker section and green section freshly repainted?
  16. Perhaps the antique cars will be rerouted to circle the restaurant?
  17. Not to be That Guy™, but typos that sound funny when pronounced make me laugh: You can, BoddaH. You can herp. I believe in you.
  18. I love the amount of painting happening in the park this year. The park is going to be in top shape for the 50th anniversary.
  19. I find the wording of her injuries to be specific: she suffered "debilitating injuries" that RESULTED in a stroke. That wording reminds me of the wording used to describe the 2009 Son of Beast brain injury that resulted in it being shut down. Unlike Son of Beast, Adventure Express (to my knowledge) does not have a high profile history of injuring its riders. I'm certainly no expert and have no connections to decision makers at Cedar Fair or Kings Island, but I'd be surprised if this results in anything happening to Adventure Express. The only exception is if something comes to light about a specific aspect of the ride or its operation that caused the guest's injury. And honestly, if that were the case, I feel like it would have already done so... unless this actually comes to court.
  20. Do I have to ride the first four to understand the plot of #5? In all seriousness, I wholeheartedly thought HUSS had gone under and no longer existed after the Dollywood lawsuit. I'm glad that's not the case. I always thought they had unique flat ride ideas that I'd love to see take off. I feel like they've got a ton of work to do in the American market to get back any kind of presence, though--maybe even moreso than Intamin.
  21. It's possible to snap them. The park prohibits it.
  22. ^ I feel like that's effectively how they ran Blackout after the first year.
  23. I've really enjoyed the bobsled coasters I've been on. It'd be cool to see one come our way. I'm not sure where specifically in the park I'd put it... Depending on the theme, I suppose I could see it in Area 72. Or maybe even Rivertown as a spiritual successor of sorts to Kenton's Cove Keelboat Canal, if you turn your head and squint. I have no idea if there's any validity to this, but in my head, Avalanche at Kings Dominion and Adventure Express were originally destined for each other's parks. Adventure Express makes more sense for Avalanche's spot thematically, and vice versa.
  24. My favorite thing about this ad is that it doesn't try to be even remotely specific in a way that's helpful. What are these experts knowledgeable in? No idea. Everything, I guess. But we'll assure you--twice--that it will just be you and them and no one else. You can expect an answer in exactly 9 seconds. Not 10 seconds, not 8 seconds--a nice, round 9 seconds. Want some information? You've come to the right place, probably. Buckle your seatbelt, because the next 9 seconds will BLOW YOUR MIND. If these are the kinds of ads we'll get if the admins don't change the forum coding, please don't change the coding. I'm all for them.
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